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  • My Greatest Fear Essay

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    Throughout my entire life I have been in many situations in which I have to give a speech. Whether it is for school, for a social event and even in our homes we have many situations where we have to speak. When it is with family members, it is easily to speak fluently because your ideas and thought flow naturally. However, when talking to someone new or giving a speech in front of new people, our confidence drops dramatically. A little help for this is getting prepared or even plan what are you going

  • Animals And Animals In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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    The adventure novel—Life of Pi revolves around a 17 year old Indian boy who had an inconceivable journey with a tiger on the Pacific Ocean. When Pi and his family moved to Canada, the ship sank by the catastrophe. Pi’s family died by this tragedy, but Pi survived on a small boat. Although there’re several animals on the boat, only Pi and Richard Parker survived at the end of th adventure which happened on the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, Richard Parker left Pi away, and he went to the forest without

  • Themes In S. Rajaratnam's 'The Tiger'

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    Fully developed themes yet significantly shorter and less elaborated are often classified as short story, a piece of prose fiction. S.Rajaratnam, the late Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore was famous for many short stories including The Tiger. The tiger is a story about an encounter of a pregnant lady named Fatimah with a tiger in the river. She was having a bath when she saw the tiger. Both Fatimah and the tiger did not move but merely looking into each other’s eyes. When the night began to creep

  • Theme Of Intersectionality In American Born Chinese

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    In the novel “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang (2006), it talks about three different people’s stories. The author starts off with telling a story about a monkey called the Monkey King, who lives in the jungle, seeking for higher power to become considered a god in the book. The author also tells a story about an American born Chinese boy named Jin Wang, who moves from San Francisco and struggles with fitting in at a new school. The last story the author tells is about a boy named Danny

  • Theme Of Resilience In The Movie Of Pi

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    The family decides to move from India to Canada, bringing many of the animals with them. When the freighter carrying the family hits a storm, the stage is set for the main act – Pi is left adrift on a 26-foot lifeboat, lost in the Pacific Ocean, in the company of a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker—all vying in a grim competition for survival. His faith is tested as an adolescent when his father is forced to give up the family zoo, where Pi realises he's

  • Steve Irwin Passion For Wild Life

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    Steve Irwin once stated, “I have no fear of losing my life. If I have to save a koala, or crocodile, or a kangaroo or a snake mate, I will save it.” Steve had no fear in doing what he loved. He went after his life ambitions and became what he set out to be. Steve Irwin is known all over the world as an adventurer and television star. Steve spent all his life protecting the environment and being a guardian angel to the animals around us. Steve was and still is one of the most influential wildlife

  • The Importance Of Religion In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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    Pi, a teenager who believed in Christianity, Hinduism and Islam was stuck in a lifeboat with a tiger. During his adventure, Pi’s belief and trust in God help him got through a serious of difficulties. Along with Pi’s concern and trust in the God, Pi survived the end of the novel. Although religion makes Pi feel guilty and concerned in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, religion still helped Pi to survived when he was on the sea because religion was Pi’s spiritual pillar, and it made Pi believe God could save

  • Life Of Pi In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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    Pi could survive on the ocean for many months is a miracle, and he even stayed with a tiger during the venture. He probably was eaten by the tiger, but he didn’t. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, Pi survival depended on his past experiences, Pi not only survives, he becomes stronger due to learning how to swim when he was young, believing in three religions, and stay with animals for a long time because he father used to own a zoo. Learning how to swim when Pi was young helps him to survive when he

  • Zebra Analysis

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    In the story, Zebra was a character that changed from his experiences in order to discover what he loved. For example, the text states, “Then a year ago, racing down Franklin Avenue he had given himself that push and had begun to turn into an eagle, when a huge rushing shadow appeared in his line of vision and crashed into him and plunged him into a darkness from which he emerged very, very slowly. . . .” (Potok 48) Starting from the beginning of the story, Zebra had to change. This quote shows

  • English Creative Writing: The Men Who Saved Tomorrow

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    William AllenMrs. DesLauriersAdvanced English Composition26 March 2018 The Men Who Saved Tomorrow Sitting on a hill in southern China, a man watched as planes, tattooed with the mouth of a shark, took on mighty Japan. He didn’t know it yet, but the very next day that man would write saying: “They’re fighting like Tigers. Like Flying Tigers.” On that fateful day, the legend of the Flying Tigers became one for the history books. While defending mainland China, these brave men created something that

  • Pi Fear Quotes

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    In Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, an Indian boy named Pi is stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean for 227 days with a tiger, named Richard Parker, to keep him company. While Pi is on the boat, he has to take care of himself and Richard Parker to avoid being killed by the tiger. Being all alone in the middle of the Pacific with a tiger strikes fear into Pi. He says, “...If your fear becomes a wordless darkness that you avoid, perhaps even manage to forget, you open yourself to further attacks of

  • Survival Of Life In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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    Pi could survive on the ocean for many months is a miracle, and he even stayed with a tiger during the venture. He probably was eaten by the tiger, but he didn’t. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, Pi survival depended on his past experiences, Pi not only survives, he becomes stronger due to learning how to swim when he was young, believing in three religions, and stay with animals for a long time because he father used to own a zoo. Learning how to swim when Pi was young helps him to survive when he

  • The Lady Or The Tiger Analysis

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    Lady Vs. Tiger In the story “ The Lady , or the Tiger?” By Frank R. Stockson there is a semi-barbaric king who’s way of punishing a criminal was by giving him two options which in this case were two doors. He could open either door he pleased in which one of them had a tiger and the other the lady , if he opened the one with the tiger the tiger would immediately eat him but if he got the lady he would have to marry her and make a family. This was actually a fair decision because he had no idea

  • Resilience In Homer's The Odyssey

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    There are multiple motifs and themes in the book The Odyssey. This book, written by Homer, is an epic. In this epic, Odysseus’ demonstration of leadership and skill proved that resilience and not giving up eventually leads to success. The Odyssey is the story of Odysseus trying to go home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. His leadership helps him and his crew eventually return home to their families. Throughout the book he also demonstrates skill. This helps him fight his way through the many obstacles

  • The Kite Runner Critical Analysis

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    The Kite Runner is a well crafted story about the many struggles of the main character and narrator Amir’s life concerning social class, relationships with family, and intense regret when your morals and who you think you are are threatened. The book begins in San Francisco and is narrated by an adult Amir. Throughout the story, Amir has flashbacks to his life as a kid in Afghanistan as he contemplates the struggles he went through and the choices he still deeply regrets. One of Amir’s biggest regrets

  • Theme Of Storytelling In Life Of Pi

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    point of view of Pi himself, a retelling of his own story and the events he finds most important. Almost everything is Pi’s words, save for the sparring descriptions of Pi himself as well as his house from the reporter recording Pi’s story in Toronto, Canada. This reporter is Yann Martel, the author himself, we know this from a note from the author at the beginning of the book that expands on one of the key themes of The Life of Pi, the importance of storytelling. This element comes into play both early

  • Symbolism In The Tiger In Life Of Pi

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    Animal imagery Can’t image that a young boy lives on the sea with a tiger that weight 450 pounds for 227 days on a 26 feet long lifeboat. In other version of the story, pi seems can be symbolized by Richard Parker. They have so many similarities. The tiger in life of pi symbolizes pi because they both have the desire for survival, pi doesn’t want to face himself in the experience on the sea just like Richard Parker go into the jungle without any looking back, and pi abandons his beliefs which corresponds

  • Argument For Life Of Pi

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    In the movie, Life of Pi, the main character Pi Patel makes convincing arguments for the existence of God through both natural religion and revealed religion. His argument is that God exists because that is the better story. The plot of the movie is Pi telling an author his life story, including his religious experiences before, and after the shipwreck. In this essay, I will argue that Pi makes a stronger argument for the existence of God through natural religion. The movie begins with Pi describing

  • What Is The Mongoose In The Jungle Novel

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    In part 3 of the jungle novel, a high summer flood washed up a young mongoose by the name of Rikki-tikki-tavi. When he was was on land, he was taken home by a young British boy named teddy. A mongoose was never scared, however, Rikki(Rikki-tikki-tavi) was quite curious. He spent the whole day wondering around the house, till nightfall when he gets in bed with Teddy. Teddy and Rikki were growing closer and closer becoming very close friends. They went down the next morning to get breakfast as Rikki

  • The Tiger, By Stockton's Short Story 'Olady Or The Tiger'

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    Every second of your life, your stepping into the unknown. You do not know what will happen next until it occurs. That's what happened In the short story the ¨Lady or the Tiger¨ a barbarian King has a unique way of punishment. When he finds out an underclass gentleman is in love with his daughter. Also, in the short story ¨The Most Dangerous Game ¨ A famous Hunter falls off his Yacht and he ended up on ship trap island. Furthermore, he has the problem solved because it could mean life or death.Without