Life Of Pi Dialectical Journal Essay

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Thunder and rumble, I feel the wrath of God on the ocean we are sailing. Suddenly I hear a crash, and I fly across my cage violently, the yelling of the voices on the vessel in shock and suddenly I hear the words “We’re going down!” A zoo keeper comes down the the hull of the ship and begins opening the cages of animals- the zebra, the monkeys, the hounds, all released waiting patiently for my turn the zookeeper falls over. He does not move and water comes crashing into the hull-I’m going to die. I lie down on the ground as water pours in accepting my fate. Suddenly I see something, no somebody, swim into the half flooded room, he drgs into his pocket forceful and pulls out a ring of keys and unlocks my cage. Freedom at last, I bite the boys shirt and drag him up onto the main deck, I drop him letting him choose his …show more content…

Above the rungs on the little lifeboat I see four figures a zebra, an orangutan, a ravenous hyena and my owner 's son- Pi. I lie and stay still under the rung of the lifeboat as the sun beats intensely on the boat. Pi looks afraid as the hyena is growling viciously. Out of nowhere, the hyena sprints and mangles the zebra until it lies there dead, but this hyena was thirst for blood and it devours the orangutan as well covering the boat in the metallic blood. Knowing I could not survive of this boat alone, I have to protect Pi. The hyena stands above my head growling foaming at the mouth about to lunge, the hyena takes irs first leap and I jump out with my razor sharp teeth killing the hyena in a single bite. Pi does get extremely scared and falls backwards almost going overboard. I did not want the hurt him so I take a step back and sit. He got in a fighting pose and I just sat. I then begin to slowly walk towards him, his heart begins to race as he thinks I want to pick a fight. Suddenly his hand and my head meet, and relief was released from both of us. I have just made a new

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