Communitas Essays

  • Essay On Civilization In Huck Finn

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    Huckleberry Finn and Civilization Merriam Webster defines the act of being civilized as being brought “out of a savage, uneducated, or unrefined state,” (Webster) yet within The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck’s interactions with supposedly civilized society depicts civilization as both savage and hypocritical. Although the members of educated society perceive themselves to be sophisticated and refined, whereas the lowest class members are viewed as barbaric, Huck’s encounters with Miss Watson

  • Self Assessment Evaluation

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    Self-Assessment Evaluation The self-assessment evaluation signifies some essential traits and strengths whereby, critical understanding of this analysis can adequately improve my capabilities and personality in management skills. However, my present results in self-awareness are unsatisfactory to me, particularly in emotional intelligence. Personally, I am sensitive to issues, but I have learned to maintain my calm (sentiments), more so, when disappointed by an individual or a situation, which may

  • Liminality In The Devil's Playground

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    traditions and lifestyle of the Amish Church show example of Turner’s ideas of cultural and societal rite of passage, including liminality, communitas, and rituals of status reversal. Liminality is leaving the normal social life and entering a phase where their everyday notion is suspended. Furthermore, liminality is a state of inbetweenness of social status. Communitas, on the contrary, means that people are in a

  • Goffman Performance Analysis

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    Performance is an integral aspect of human culture, and is mostly understood or analysed in one of two ways. These are either through the views of Goffman, with his symbolic interactionist interpretation of every-day performance or through those of Bauman’s interpretations of ‘formal’ performance. This essay will be analysing the One Direction boy band concert in South Africa through the perspective and views of Bauman as an example of a performance. Pubic Reflexivity and society’s ability to view

  • Sacrifice In Everyman

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    play within Everyman forces the communitas to see themselves in a mirror. All in an effort to force the communitas to look at themselves in a way to see if they are following the traditional ideals of the conservative Christian way of life. The dramaturge selected the demonic characters as a way of presenting to the communitas that demonic characters fill their day-to-day lives. Through the dramatic use of dark play within Everyman the dramaturge can teach the communitas a lesson. The dramaturge

  • Seriousness Of Play

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    Victor Witter Turner (May 28, 1920 – December 18, 1983) was a British anthropologist who studied rituals and social change and was famous for developing the concept of "liminality," first introduced by Arnold van Gennep, and for coining the term "communitas." Victor Turner in his book, From Ritual to Theatre: The Human Serious ness of Play (1982), presents his personal journey of discovery from traditional anthropological studies of ritual performance to his curiosity in modern theatre, particularly

  • Stages In My Life: My Rites Of Passage

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    and going into an English school 200 km away from everything you are used to, can be very challenging. I will be making references to the articles by Charles-Arnold Van Gennep, Victor Turner and on Rites of passage and Transitions, Liminality and Communitas and the Venda girl’s initiation. According to Van Gennep there are a lot similarities between these ritual rites of passages, this involves a stage of separation from everyday life, a liminal stage of “transition” from one social status to the

  • The Rocky Horror Show Analysis

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    Performance of gender in everyday life If we consider Judith Butler’s theory of performativity it can be seen how gender performance in everyday life contributes to a gender hexis. To understand how cultural roles are embedded into physicality we need to consider Freud’s understanding of socialization as discussed in Civilisation and its discontents. The id/ego become micro versions of macro ideals and expectations. The internalisation of external codes for contact can only happen through interaction

  • Into The Woods Character Analysis

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    According to Victor and Edith Turner, a liminoid pilgrimage is a “[rite] of transition marked by three phases: separation, limen or margin, and aggregation” (p. 2). In Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods, all of the characters go to the woods and take part in those same three phases outlined by the Turners. They learn lessons on their journey and come out as changed people that barely resemble the characters in the traditional stories. In this way, Into The Woods is the musical liminoid pilgrimage

  • Feld's Theory Of Acoustemology

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    I want to investigate how using Steven Feld’s theory of acoustemology can enable the development of a fieldwork project that focuses on how and why women occupy female toilets in clubs, and if we can discern through listening if there is a temporary suspension of order through the performance of particular behaviours that create an intersubjective identity affirmation. I will be exploring how listening can open up an understanding of the inclusive ‘five-minute communities’ that are built within the