Conceptual art Essays

  • Grande Odalisque Analysis

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    Grande Odalisque is an oil painting from 1814 by Jean Ingres. The painting is of one of the most famous harem girls in the history of art. The girl is young, nude, and beautifully lounging in a luxurious environment with a turban on her head an a peacock feather fan in her hand. This painting is currently located at the Louvre Museum in Paris and can be found in any art history textbook. The word Odalisque in the title is a French term for a woman kept as a sex slave in a Turkish, Persian, or Arab harem

  • What Is Modernism In The Great Gatsby

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    Destruction. Chaos. Loss. Exile. Annihilation. What do these things have in common? They are themes that many authors use in modern literature, or modernism. What is modernism? The term is derived from the Latin “modo”, meaning “just now” (Mastin). Used in literature, it was a deliberate philosophical and practical estrangement or divergence from the past, taking form in any various innovative movements and styles. It was a general movement in literature that stressed newness and stylistic innovations

  • The Health Care System: A Case Study

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    The health care system is undergoing radical changes and for each and every service we have specialized personnel and departments available now. Medical social workers specialized in that area of social work and part of the multidisciplinary team usually work in hospital, nursing home or hospice, have a degree in the field, and work with patients and their families in need of psycho-social help. They assess the psychosocial functioning of patients and families and intervene as and when necessary

  • What Is Richard Wright's Attitude In Mother To Son

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    African Americans had many struggles in previous generations. Many authors such as Richard Wright and Langston Hughes have different perspectives on how they approach these struggles. In works such as Black Boy and "Mother to Son", the authors provide evidence on if they interpret the struggles in a positive or negative way. Langston Hughes and Richard Wright have positive and negative views respectively towards their lives, and they use metaphors and life experiences to show it. Richard Wright

  • Japanese Cultural Identity Essay

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    Primarily, the centre of the research on Japanese cultural identity for this paper will be of two very different Japanese cultural identity groups; mixed race Japanese citizens and a selection of Japanese subcultures. Although both of these groups have a definite connection with the English language, the nature of this connection is vastly different. This connection also is heavily subjected to prejudice and other’s attitudes regarding an identity, all of which will be elaborated on in the appropriate

  • Essay On Ethnocentrism And Cultural Relativism

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    Ethnocentrism and cultural relativism are opposite viewpoints of one subject, culture. When a culture tries to evaluate another culture based on a singular viewpoint it is known as ethnocentrism. But cultures can be evaluated using individual standards since there is not one set of standards that culture fits into. I realize that most people agree with the concept of cultural relativism but there are some problems. According to an article by Henry H. Bagish entitled Confessions of a Former Cultural

  • Perception In The Dancing Dwarf

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    Perception can be misleading. What you see, isn’t what it really is. The short stories within “The Elephant Vanishes”: “The Second Bakery Attack” makes us question is everything correlated. Are things just building up to a certain climax waiting for the axe to fall? Or is everything just happening at random, without any sequences at all. As for the second short story: “The Dancing Dwarf” it demonstrated how our imagination can change the perspective of a single event, whether or not the actions are

  • Evergreen Pet Cemetery Analysis

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    text also views the situation from different perspectives. They interviewed Karen Nastasuk, someone who completed the freeze-drying procedure from her pet, but the text also discusses how taxidermists feel that the new technology interferes with their art. This contributes to the overall informative tone and the theme of the

  • Shakespeare In The Bush Language Analysis

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    Languages are complex because they are made up of many components. Some components include the culture, meaning, and interpretation. The way people understand language has to do mostly with their culture and their understanding of what is being said. Also, depending upon where someone is raised, the pronunciation of certain words can be different and therefore it influences the understanding. My goal in this paper is to demonstrate that language and culture are intertwined. There wouldn’t be cultures

  • Distinctive Voices Indira Gandhi Speech Analysis

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    Without question, voices have impacted the past, present and will continue to impact the future as a voice instills its words in the thoughts of the audience. Distinctive voices will often at times provide a new perspective to individuals. This new perspective changes the lives of individuals, sparking a fire and unite them on commonly held beliefs and values. An influential voice will echo throughout time, constantly reforming individuals positions on certain issues in society. Distinctive voices

  • Physicality In Art

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    or experiential art as a major part of their practice '. A postmodern artist expresses their physical and experiential artwork to express the changes in ideas and values since the 1970s. Physicality in art is using material objects to express their ideas and concepts in the physical environment. Experiential art is drawing the viewers into experiencing their own creative worlds.Yayoi Kusama uses physicality and experiential by creating paintings, collages, sculptures, performing arts and environmental

  • Richard Shusterman's Definition Of Art Essay

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    discussion of Richard Shusterman’s definition of art. Firstly, I illustrate how Shusterman defines art as experience and dramatization. Secondly, I provide how Danto and George Dickie define art and why Shusterman criticises their wrapper definitions. Lastly, I provide an explanation as to why Shusterman is flawed in claiming that art is ultimately experience. Richard Shusterman (2012:1) states that it is difficult to point out what is considered to be art and what is not. The problem surfaces when we

  • Reflection About Memory

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    the years pass by, I never felt more proud of where I was from. I love the Middle East and I believe that this memory was the right one to tell my story. When reviewing Antin, I felt the connection of how she wanted to portray her story using conceptual art and that is what made me conduct this work. I used a THREE-DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRIC SHAPE which is the star that explains my name. My name means the brightest star and I felt that the using the star was the way to go. The difference between my work

  • Marcel Duchamp Analysis

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    mother painted landscapes. This influenced not only Marcel Duchamp but also four of his siblings to become involved in art. His first painting dates back to when he was 15 years old, and depicts landscape in Blanville. This painting reflects his family’s love for Impressionism especially for the works of Claude Monet. After his two older brothers left home to pursue a career in art, he joined them in 1904 in Paris, to study at the Academie Julian. Because he was influenced by Impressionism at such

  • Postmodernism In The XXI Century

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    documentary approach to highlight, instead, the ability of photography of introducing conceptual thematics; thus, shifting from the representation to its interpretation. Thanks to its propriety of being an instruments apt to the conceptual mediation with the world, the use of the photographic mean allows the artists to actively participate in the rapid and constant evolution of the world. A participation

  • Joseph Lorusso Analysis

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    Joseph Lorusso: Joseph Lorusso is an international contextual artist who uses oil paint as a main medium to create beautiful artworks with blissful subject matter. His works often portray women in relaxed states, as well as many couples, with some in relaxed states and others kissing each other or staring into one another’s eyes. He paints figures and landscapes using the style of great Italian and French masters while many in today’s context have moved onto more modern styles. Lorusso’s work is

  • Art And The Dada Movement Analysis

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    Traditional features of Art and The Dada Movement Merging talent and concept, artists are regarded as skilled illustrious individuals adept at crafting works which can have a remarkable influence to raise the senses, the intelligences, and the emotions of the audience. Individuals respond emotionally and intellectually to visual images, often subconsciously identifying forms that make something look beautiful. Historically, there was a challenging process in becoming an artist. Primarily, art making was known

  • Art Market In The 20th Century

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    essay, I will firstly introduce the general account of the art market in the 20th century, including the historical background, significant development of the art market. Then, analyze its art market changes influenced by the social issues in the 20th century, including globalization, art auction and the modern art movement as well as reflecting the actual value with theoretical support. Lastly, is a brief conclusion. 20th century art is almost indefinable, and ironically we generally consider

  • Metaphors In Everyday Life

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    and so forth. Sometimes words on their own are not sufficient enough to depict a certain message. Where words can fail, visual art possesses the ability to convey powerful messages to an audience. “There is Always Hope”, a painting by Banksy, presents a single piece of work that can be interpreted in a variety of ways, whether they be socially or politically. Through this art piece, Banksy illustrates a sense of hope and optimism for the future; this hope can identify with the person viewing the work

  • Jesus Garcia Anido Influence

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    the province of Las Villas. During his childhood he made several series of drawings and even participated in several drawing competitions in which he was among the top three. In his adolescence, he studied art with private instructors. Then he joined the Institute of Design in Havana to study Arts and Design. During the five years of study at the Academy, he participated