Dam Essays

  • Hetchy Dam Pros And Cons

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    The Hetchy Dam controversy of the early 1900’s was a debate that shaped how America has dealt with the environment since. The debate featured those for the proposed dam the conservationists and those opposed the preservationists. These arguments were brought before congress to make a decision about the fate of the valley. The debate over the Hetch Hetchy dam was about whether preserving the environment the way it is or using our natural resources efficiently had more value to human society. The

  • Teton Dam Case Study

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    4(d) Teton Dam: Background: The Teton Dam was a dam on the Teton River in Idaho, United States. It was built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation, one of eight federal agencies authorized to construct dams. It was located in the eastern part of the state, between the Fremont and Madison counties. There had been interest in building a dam in the Snake River Plain for many years. The purpose was to control spring runoff and provide a more constant water supply in the summer. This place had suffered

  • History Of The Construction Of Hoover Dam

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    Construction of the Hoover Dam began in 1931. Its main purpose was for flood control, irrigation, and to provide hydroelectric power to many communities throughout the southwestern United States. There are 17 main turbines in the Hoover Dam power plant; consisting of nine on the Arizona side and 8 on the Nevada side. The generators which were to provide and generate electricity to this region were Francis-turbine generators. Since 1947, the average annual net generation for Hoover Power plant was

  • Kinzua Dam Case Study

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    the attack will be on the Kinzue Dam on the Allegheny River. Chemical agents, or Chemical Warfare of this nature typically involves contamination or the after effects of an explosive

  • Three Gorges Dam Essay

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    What are the positive and negative effects upon the environment of the three gorges dam? The three gorges dam is situated in the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping which is located in the Yiling District, Hubei province of China. It is the largest dam in the world and was started in 1994 and finished in 2009 . The dam was constructed for many reasons being flood control, power generation, transportation and tourist attraction. Although all these goals are positive there are also many negative

  • Hydropower Dams Impact On Native American Culture

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    Hydropower dams are built to generate electricity from the energy of flowing water. While these dams can provide renewable energy and water storage for communities, they can also have significant impacts on the environment and the people who live near them. For Native American communities, the construction of hydropower dams has had significant impacts on their culture and heritage. In this essay, we will examine the ways in which hydropower dams have impacted Native American culture and heritage

  • Emily Stanley And Pierre Dam Environmental Effects

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    Dams come with an array of environmental impacts which include direct impact to the surrounding ecosystem. Dams block water flow and slow the velocity of water flowing in rivers overwhelming the surrounding ecosystem (Emily H Stanley and Martin W Doyle, 2003). Sediments and debris which are critical for maintaining habitats downstream of the damn often get trapped in reservoirs which is responsible for the alteration of a river's flow and sediment transport downstream causing the extinction of many

  • Three Gorges Dam Research Paper

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    below the Three Gorges Dam are constantly in fear of their land being destroyed and submerged, and their culture being ripped away piece by piece, all caused by the rising waters of the nearly 600 foot tall dam. The Three Gorges Dam is multi billion dollar project that spans the Yangtze river, and is China 's largest project since the great wall. The dam will drive over 2 million villagers out of their homes and will demolish over 1,000 acres of farmland. The Three Gorges Dam is an overall unsustainable

  • Los Angeles Basin Analysis

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    prevention, and by 1921, the direction of the River had been moved away from the harbor. In addition, three large dams were built in the foothills to help regulate runoff. Only one of the three, Devils Gate Dam, which was constructed on Arroyo Seco, was built in the River system. Over 3700 check dams (small dams) were built in over 60 mountain canyons. This was the era of big dams in the United States and several more were built in those

  • Summary Of The American West And Its Comparing Water By Marc Reisner

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    Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water by: Marc Reisner. "When archaeologists from another planet sift through the bleached bones of our civilization, they may conclude that our temples were dams," Reisner is referring to the American quest to attempt to turn the inhospitable and dry Western America into an utopic oasis. Reisner attacks the US Bureau of Reclamation by explaining how it became "one of the most self-serving of bureaucracies." The agency that was once seen as

  • Why Is It Important To Build The Yuma Project

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    provide water to the crops and land in the Yuma County and some of the Imperial County. It took over 13 years to finalize and finish the project. This was the very first important dam that they would ever build. There were many situations that the laborers had to conquer and get over with to build this and preserve this dam. The Yuma Project was an importance of people for a long time for different groups. The project would cause a big impact throughout Yuma’s population. The Yuma History sympathizes

  • Summary: The River Parrett Flooding

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    Introduction In the period from December 2013 until February 2014 there was prolonged rain, hurricane force wind speeds and tidal surges affecting the south of England, and in particular the coastal plain and wetland area of the Somerset Levels and Moors. Somerset is located in the South West of England, South of Wales and west to London, an area prone to flooding. The River Parrett along with parts of the Axe and Brue burst their banks, covering the surrounding floodplain with water. According

  • Rivalry Between The Corps Of Engineers And The Bureau Of Reclamation

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    Devil’s canyon dam, which the Bureau of Reclamation intended to build and then there was Rampart Dam the project of the Corps of Engineers. Both dams made no sense to build and it would only cause more problems for the place. There was an idea behind why the Rampart dam should be built and it was so Alaska can turn into an industrial subcontinent. The problem with the rampart dam was that it would’ve caused an ecological disaster such as flood the Yukon Flats. At the end, the Rampart Dam did come close

  • Sedentary Neolithic Societies

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    Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, surveys the water control system of the ancient Chinese city called Liangzhu in order to understand the social and economic conditions of the city and the society that lived there. The authors argue that these dam systems were indeed built by a Neolithic culture and were not only created for the Liangzhu people to take advantage of the resources around them, but also directly contributed to their economic and social

  • Essay On Flood In Kuching

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    The most recent flood occur in Kuching, Sarawak where heavy rainfall caused some areas around Kuching to be inundated by flood waters and most roads became congested as they were impassable to traffic. The heavy downpour was still continuing around Kuching and several stalled vehicles were left on the flooded roads. Several key places were flooded including the Sarawak General Hospital, Sarawak Contingent Police Headquarters at Jalan Badaruddin, Padungan fire and rescue station, Faculty of Medicine

  • The Pros And Cons Of Yuma

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    Did the Yuma project have both positive affects and negative affects on yuma county? Yes because some of the negatives help the positives such as the flood of 1916 helped Engineers of Yuma redesign their Laguna dam and make it more reinforced. With the farming of crops Yuma needed more water to be able to maintain their crops, they would need to build dikes or levees in the rivers to control overflow. Yuma is positive because it is .01% in the whole world of agriculture agriculture supplies jobs

  • San Joaquin River Restoration

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    For the Restoration of the San Joaquin River For my essay, I will be talking about why the San Joaquin river needs to be restored and why we need to bring back the river for the animals, and the environment, stop the farmers from taking the water, and bring back the salmon to the San Joaquin. An example I have is from Monty Schmitt which claims that “When were done,we’ll have a river that can safely convey flows necessary to restore salmon and other native fish to the river. This quote is meaning

  • Observations About The River

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    What were the three most notable observations about the river and it’s surroundings that you made during lab 2? (3 points). -1). The riverbank was extremely high and sloped.2) Building were at least 50ft away due to potential flooding.3) There were large trees and shrubbery to absorb water when the levels begin to rise. For example, I was amazed by the color of the sky. For each of your notable observations, google “factors that affect’ your observation. Describe two factors that affect EACH of

  • Sacramento River Write-Up

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    Lab Write-Up The Sacramento River, a meandering river located in Northern California, appears to have changed significantly from 1998 to present day. The winding curves of the river were much more pronounced and dramatic until erosion and decomposition affected the sediment amount in the river, changing its shape. As it flows, it deposits sediment on banks that lie on the insides of curves (point bar deposits), and erode the banks on the outside of curves. The low, crescent-shaped deposit of sediment

  • Flood In Danville Case Study

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    In my community I have flood issue and properties in Danville’s floodplain are subject to three flood problems: overbank flooding, local drainage, and sewer backup. You could be faced with one, two or all three of these hazards. The major flood problem facing Danville is Flooding of the Susquehanna River. Since 1891, 56 floods have caused the Susquehanna River to exceed its channel capacity and inundate riverfront communities. Although some of the most notable floods were the result of tropical