Desert Essays

  • Crossing The Desert Narrative

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    about to break? “Don’t stop, keep going because something great is waiting for us on the other side,” my mother kept reminding me while crossing the desert. Crossing the desert to come to the United States was the hardest thing I had to do. This was not optional since I was barely seven; it was necessary if we wanted to survive. While crossing the desert may seem easy, it is challenging, dangerous, and exhausting because walking long distances without water in a mountainous area can lead to injury or

  • Desert Solitaire Chapter Analysis

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    In chapter nine, “Water”, of Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness, written by Edward Abbey, the author converses with a tourist about the tourist’s claim of there being a water shortage in the park. Abbey disagrees with the tourist and describes many water-related events, such as the way Vernon Pick was able to survive in the desert, Abbey’s encounters with a desert storm, flash floods, quicksand, and pools of water formed after flash floods. In the end of chapter nine, Abbey makes the point

  • Desert Solitaire Analysis

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    Pennsylvania on January 19th of 1927. At the age of 17, Abbey left his home to make his way across America where he found his love for nature and specifically, the desert. Abbey was a seasonal park ranger at Arches National Monument, where he got the inspiration for his best-seller, Desert Solitaire. Abbey writes about living alone in the desert, to escape the cultures in today’s society. Abbey has a way of writing that is not quite comparable to any other author. I personally love hearing people talk

  • Sahara Desert Research Paper

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    the Sahel. People have to adapt to the living in the Saharan region. The Sahara desert is one of the harshest places in the whole entire world. The climate is very hot, arid, and dry. On page 300 it says, ¨The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. Its name comes from the Arabic word Sahara, which means "desert." Its climate is very hot and very dry¨. This shows that the Sahara desert is the largest desert in the

  • Research Paper On Sahara Desert

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    to adapt to the living in the Saharan region. The Sahara desert is one of the harshest places in the whole entire world. The climate is very hot, arid, and dry. On page 300 it says, ¨The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. Its name comes from the Arabic word Sahara, which means "desert." Its climate is very hot and very dry¨. This shows that the Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. Even the name of it means desert.

  • Coyote In The Sonoran Desert

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    forests, deserts and mountains of Canada, Mexico, the United States, and Central America. Coyotes are renowned for the way they well adapt to totally different habitats. They will even be found living in and around big cities. In the Sonoran desert, coyotes will be found in all habitats from desert scrub, grasslands, foothills further as in inhabited neighborhoods. Coyotes are really good at adapting to new environments, they do this by adjusting their hunting technique to

  • Spaciarum: A Short Story

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    Spaciarum was a vast, vaguely-defined expanse of desert that dominated the northern basin. A voracious wind howled across its featureless plains, swirling grit that tore away anything unfortunate enough to be caught in the open. The mighty Sol, giver of all life, was merely a faded pale disc trying to pierce the thick murk of the atmosphere. A heavy chugging sound, the heartbeat of an ancient combustion engine, grew louder; culminating in a whoosh of sand and dirt as a large vehicle rumbled past

  • The Rattler Short Story Theme

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    encounters during a walk in the desert. He chooses to slaughter the snake, resulting in the snake’s gory death. The author convinces the audience to sympathize with the snake and empathize with the narrator through the characterization of the snake, the descriptions of the tranquil environment, and the perspective of the man. The snake’s just treatment of the man, intelligence, and gruesome

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Cowboy Action Shooting

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    The gritty sand and dirt swirled around me and into my mouth as I crunched through the dry Idaho desert. It was a slightly breezy day, and the wind played with my messy ponytail. I felt excitement and anxiousness as I walked toward the old timey gallows. Beyond the gallows was a hotel, a jail, and some other buildings I couldn’t identify. My dad led the way as we moved from the parking area to the shooters. They all looked as if they had jumped straight out of an old western book. Each had a belt

  • Compare And Contrast Milo And Tock

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    The Dessert Desert As Milo and Tock continued on their journey, they came to a sign reading: The Dessert. Milo and Tock observed the Dessert from a distance before starting their approach. The Dessert seemed like it was made of dessert, the sand dunes alternated in sizes it was like they were made of nice, round, spherical ice cream scoops and the ground which would sand was flat and white, like sugar. There weren 't any plants or rock formations in sight, just a flat plain desert, then you see

  • José: A Short Story

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    know but we still have another day of walking to do”. “yes” José says looking down at the ground. “Good, lets get back to walking. Its almost dark and the safe spot is just up ahead” Jesús says, standing up ready to go. They get back to the cracked desert ground, where each footstep feels like your moving backwards from the horizon, and vultures circle overhead waiting for anything to finally

  • Symbolism In The Alchemist

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    Desert. Water. Thieves. Pyramids… Firstly, the cobra in the novel is an emblem of danger and strength. Secondly, the desert in the novel is in token of the barriers that stand between people and their aspirations. Thirdly, the water in the novel is an allegory of life’s similarity to water and love as well. Fourthly

  • Examples Of Literary Devices In The Alchemist

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    “The Alchemist” is a novel written by Paulo Coelho in 1988. Regarded as a Coelho’s best novel, it captures the elixir of life through the view of a sanguine Spanish Shepard. Set in a forsaken church in Spain at night; the young Shepard Santiago tastes the exquisite sensation of a compelling dream. He dreams that a young lady tells him about a hidden treasure near the Egyptian pyramids. After the dream recurs more than once, Santiago decides to consult an old man and an old woman who tells him that

  • Waiting For The Barbarians

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    townspeople as well. In Waiting for the Barbarians, the Barbarians are described as fisher people, desert nomads, herdsmen and settled farmers “The barbarians, who are pastoralists, nomads, tent-dwellers, make no reference in their legends to a permanent settlement near the lake” (Coetzee 1999: p. 22). They live both near the Empire’s settlement and they also live far out in the unchartered lands of the desert. They speak some languages that are understood by imperials, and some languages that are also

  • Jacobus: A Short Story

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    At long last, Jacobus moved to the desert. It was a move planned for many months after a single visit to a small desert town convinced him it was time to move. There, on a dark summer night he discovered what he had heard of, but never seen: a night sky filled with stars and constellations and galaxies spinning far above that had been invisible to him in the city. He was mesmerized by the pale wisps of stars that blew silently across the sky, glowing dimly in the persistent summer heat. He heard

  • Summary Of Nietzsche's Metamorphosis

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    To understand the metamorphosis is to understand the trials that an uberperson need to conquer to reach their ultimate transformation. The first metamorphosis described by Nietzsche is that of the camel, he writes “What is difficult? asks the spirit that would bear much, and kneels down like a camel wanting to be well loaded. What is most difficult, O heroes, asks the spirit that would bear much, that I may take it upon myself and exult in my strength?” (Nietzsche 26) Nietzsche offers a list of

  • How Is Santiago A Weak Character In The Alchemist

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    It improves so much that he is able to teach the desert, wind, and sun a lesson saying, “you are wise because you observe everything from a distance, the boy says.” but you don’t know about love”(113). Santiago tells the sun and wind about the love, something that was foreign to him before his journey

  • Essay On Colorado Rainfall

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    The average annual rainfall in Colorado is 15 inches (38 centimeters). The rainfall in Denver ranges from 8 to 15 inches annually because of the dry conditions. The average snowfall in Denver is approximately 57 inches annually. Fall in Colorado is typically dry with little precipitation. Summer are low-humidity but can get very hot during the day. The threat of thunder storms is present. Spring in Colorado is very hit or miss. In spring one could see a blizzard, hail, sleet, or a light rain. This

  • Persuasive Essay About Latin America

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    A visit to the impressive Valley of the Moon just outside the city is a must. As you stand in this amazing desert it is hard not to believe that you have somehow been magically transported to the moon. Your first sight of marvellous Brazil could be the magnificent Iguacu Falls. It will soon be time to experience the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. You can do

  • The Alchemist Analysis

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    stay at the oasis...I’ve found Fatima, and, as far as I’m concerned, she’s worth more than treasure.” (Coelho 118). Nonetheless, as a result of the Alchemist’s mystical prognostications and Fatima’s persuasion, Santiago resumed his journey into the desert with the Alchemist. Their journey, however, abruptly halted when Santiago and the Alchemist were seized into a military camp and accused of espionage against their faction. The Alchemist, in an attempt to rescue their fates, claimed that Santiago