Douglas MacArthur Essays

  • Douglas Macarthur: A Tragic Hero

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    Many people had an impact during World War I and World War II, whether it was men, women, or children. Douglas MacArthur was one of those unsung heroes who impacted hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Douglas MacArthur once said, “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.” This statement shows his depth of personality on and off of the battlefield with all people. The statement also reflects that those soldiers and others who were on the battlefield might have lost their lives

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Douglas Macarthur Speech

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    General Douglas MacArthur was one of the bravest and most commanding general the United States has ever had. Douglas MacArthur was a military general who led troops in WWII and Korea. His Thayer Award Acceptance Address given at West Point Military School went through ethos, logos and militaristic diction to commemorate and entrust the new West Point Cadets who would one day lead our country. To change the speech to a different audience, one would have to use more pathos and common diction to make

  • America Persuasive Speech

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    6 years ago, I walked into a small restaurant with my best friend, Jillian, and her parents. Once we were seated, I looked around and saw a man dressed in a green camo uniform, constrained in a wheelchair. Upon further inspection, I realized this man was also missing his left arm. My friend’s dad, Chris, left the table, approaching the man. When he reached the table, he reached out towards the man, shaking his hand. The restaurant was pretty empty, so I could make out the words that Chris spoke

  • Duty Honor Country Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    Rhetorical Analysis of General Douglas MacArthur’s “Duty, Honor, Country” Acceptance speeches can often demonstrate the strength of a leader and the eloquence of a speaker and Douglas MacArthur proved to be a fine example in his Thayer Award acceptance speech. General Douglas MacArthur’s “Duty, Honor, Country” is memorable because of its effective use of rhetorical appeals, rhetorical devices, and other elements. During the time the speech occurred, the United States was engaged in a Cold War with

  • In The Lake Of The Woods Language Analysis

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    General Douglas Macarthur of the US Army once stated “the soldier above all other people prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war”(General Douglas MacArthur's Farewell Speech to West Point). This quote truly emphasizes the effects that war has on the men who fought in them. The mental strain that war causes can be seen in the main character of In The Lake Of The Woods, John Wade. In the novel, author Tim O’Brien utilizes constant repetition as well as violent

  • Julius Caesar: Roman Genius And Mastermind

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    Julius Caesar was a Roman Genius. Julius Caesar was a master at public speaking as well as getting people to do what he wants. The way Julius Caesar could just give a speech and by the end would have the crowd on his side, no matter the topic. Even though Julius Caesar could win people over through his speeches he also was a military mastermind. Julius Caesar led many attacks to expand Rome’s empire into northern Gaul which helped Rome to conquer most of modern day Europe. Julius Caesar was a Roman

  • Calvin Coolidge: The Value Of Hard Work

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    Calvin Coolidge was a President who exemplified many important values; he is well-known for his honesty, integrity, rationality, self-discipline, and hard work. Throughout his life, he always remained true to himself and to these values, even when times were tough and it would have been easier to abandon them. This often times seems to be a rare occurrence amongst politicians, especially those who are prevalent in government today, but that is just a testament to the type of man, and President, that

  • Alexander The Great Leader Analysis

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    The tendency of the mind is described as follows: "For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy." This goes on to explain that the greatest strategists are who they are because of their controlled mind, since strategies have existed ever since the human mind was known. The word “strategy” originates from the Greek word “strategos” which means “a general”, “army”, “lead” or “plan of destruction of

  • Hooverville On Anacostia Flats

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    During World War I, soldiers were promised a ‘bonus payment’ to make up for wages lost while serving in the military- one dollar for each day served on U.S. soil and one dollar and twenty-five cents for every day served overseas. However, the Bonus would not be paid until 1945. Veterans initially agreed, based on the healthy state of the economy (Keaney 1). The Great Depression came and made thousands of veterans unemployed, like most Americans at the time. The veterans felt that their bonus should

  • General Douglas Macarthur Research Paper

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    General Douglas Macarthur is one of the most prominent, notable and influential leaders in the history of the United States and the United States Army. “He was a thundering paradox of a man, noble and ignoble, inspiring and outrageous, arrogant and shy, the best of me and the worst of men…(Muller).” He was a patriot who served in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and numerous other military campaigns in between. Throughout his tenure, he would fill a plethora of duty positions all around

  • Douglas Macarthur: A True Arkansas Hero

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    bad time my person has helped us through I am going to be talking about is Douglas MacArthur. Here are a some facts and some reason why I pick this person and why he was such a great Arkansas hero. Douglas MacArthur was born on January 26, 1880 in Little Rock Arkansas. He was born to the parents of Captain Arthur MacArthur and his wife, Mary Pinkney Hardy, and he was the third son of the family. His dad was Arthur MacArthur had served in the Wisconsin Twenty-fourth Volunteer Infantry Regiment during

  • Douglas Macarthur: American Five-Star General

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    Douglas MacArthur was an American five-star general. He was promoted to Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s. After that MacArthur played a leading role in the Pacific during World War II. He won the prestigious Medal of Honor for his service in the Philippines. He rose to the rank of General in the US Army, and was named a field marshal in the Philippine Army. In 1903, MacArthur graduated at the top of his class from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. As a junior officer

  • How Did General Douglas Macarthur React To The Events In North Korea?

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    . North Korea Wanted to make sure the Korean peninsula into a Communist nation United states and nation Stopped them The Chinese joined the war on the Korean side and pushed the united states and nation back to the 38th parallel line General MacArthur To win china over before they became communist with the soviet union Wasn’t allowed to be a general anymore and he was ordered to stay the 20 mile mark We stayed away from china for the most part and failed to get them to become democracy President

  • Martin Luther King I Have A Dream Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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    More than 50 years ago, Martin Luther King held the memorable speech “I have a dream”. His impressive rhetoric demanded racial justice, which became a basis for subsequent generations of black Americans. His words have later been used to achieve a better understanding of the social and political upheaval at the time. The main point of the speech is that all people are created equal and although not the case in America at the time, Martin Luther King felt that it should be the case in the future

  • The Contingency Theory: The Role Of Leadership In Public Administration

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    Leadership is one of the most important skills in order to successfully execute activities within the field of public administration. It stands for the ability to lead or influence individuals so that they are willing to work towards the accomplishment of group objectives. In class we discussed about theories regarding leadership within public administration. Fred Fielder was one of the major contributors of the one the theories, known as the contingency theory. Even though many of these theories

  • Mechanization In The Industrial Revolution

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    Mechanization was one of those things that changed the social and economic structure of the 19th century society, as inventions and technological innovations created the factory system of large-scale machine production. K. Marx noted, “As a machine, the means of labor acquires a material form of existence that makes possible the replacement of human effort by the forces of nature and empirical, routine procedures by the conscious application of natural science” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd

  • Anthony's Social Status In The Great Gatsby

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    his social status in his educational institution. Similar with TSOP, there are three significances described in TBD; as adaptation, power and also state of grace. In the TBD, literacy works as adaptation as it is used by Anthony to adapt with his grandfather pressure to work. By mentioning of the literacy practice which is writing, he is able to make his grandfather stop asking him to find a job. It was Anthony’s way in hiding his laziness toward his Grandfather. Writing, even though seems to be

  • Supervisory Role Of Staff Nurse

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    A leader will not teach people under them how to do things, but lead by example. It is logical that one of the concepts need the other but one does not need other to perform. To supervise properly, there is need to be able lead and have them understand ways of doing things. This takes leadership qualities like charisma to achieve, so that they will know you are in charge. Therefore one can say supervision needs leadership, because without this qualities it might be difficult to supervise at times

  • Product Placement In Carl Reiner's 1979 Film The Jerk

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    Product Placement, Part A: The Jerk (1979) According to, product placement is an “advertising technique used by companies to subtly promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique, usually through appearances in film, television, or other media.” (Product Placement, n.d.). In Carl Reiner’s 1979 film The Jerk, Steve Martin plays Navin, a young white man who believed himself to be born black. Once he realizes that he is in fact not black, Navin sets

  • Social Enterprise Leadership

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    There are a lot of book about leadership but this specific one mainly focuses on leadership in social enterprise. Leading a social enterprise is very different from managing a commercial business. Leadership in Social Enterprise tells us why. It specifically points out different key characteristics of an effective social enterprise leader from the followers’ point of view and lists and describes ranges of challenges social enterprises encounter. Along with the challenges, the authors included a wide