Drawing Essays

  • When Children Draw Analysis

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    masterpiece they created but by the process. They may not know what they started out drawing but as they continue you can see some forms of shapes or what they wanted to draw and show. Children can use drawing as pretend play. “Dots for example, may be rain falling or animals moving about the page.” (Berk, 1994) “Gestures are used to represent the action.” (Cox, 1992) The opportunity of independency to choose what drawing utensil to use is important for a two year old. It is the sense of autonomy and

  • Character Analysis: The Rez Sisters

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    The Rez Sisters by Tomson Highway tells a story of a group of seven Native women that live on Wasaychigan Reserve. The play highlights the struggles and hardships faced by those who live in these settlements. The sisters also further shed light on the internal conflict and individual struggles that each of the characters face. THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BINGO seems to hold the solution to all The Rez Sisters problems and seems to be an escape from their personal demons. Each individual regards the winning

  • Edgar Degas's Foyer De La Danse

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    Edgar Degas was an impressionist artist but he preferred to call himself a realist or independent (Schenkel 1). He wanted his works to capture fleeting moments in the lower of modern setting (Schenkel 1). The work he preferred to do were paintings of theaters and cafes illuminated by artificial light (Schenkel 1). He used the artificial lights to contour his figures (Schenklel 1). Edgar Degas was intrigued by the human figure and how he could capture the body in unusual positions (Edgar Degas Biography

  • Woman With Dead Child Kollwitz

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    initial reaction to this artwork is a feeling of mourn with an explosion of emotions. At first, the artwork serves as a symbol of sorrow, despair, and melancholy. The title of the work adds a dry, bland sense to the meaning behind the drawing. Through observing the drawing more strenuously, the work becomes more of a symbol of war and a cry for help. The despair and troublesome times that the working class went through during war is characterized in this artwork. The mother is sketched in the nude,

  • Raymond Carver's Cathedral: A Place Of Communion?

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    Cathedral. A Place of Communion? “The men who began their life’s work on [cathedrals], they never lived to see the completion of their work. In that wise, bub, they’re no different from the rest of us, right?”(paragraph 96). In the short story Cathedral, written by Raymond Carver, a blind man, a friend of the narrator’s wife comes and stays with them overnight. In this visit, the narrator is able to overcome his own blindness and open his eyes to a new view. It is shown that it is in a character’s

  • Chuck Close Analysis

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    Chuck Close Art Chuck Close is the name of a famous and fantastic artist. He has been drawing for decades, but in the more recent years he has had a different technique for doing so. Well, at least he has ever since his accident. The artist has dyslexia and a condition that makes it hard for him to remember faces, but that doesn’t stop him from drawing portraits anyway. If he had a single most famous painting, it would probably be his big self-portrait, drawn in 1968. He truly is a magnificent

  • The Art Of Critique: Jose Canseco

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    there is enough light and shadow. Many times with colored pencil drawings I would realize the color looks really dull. I would try to think if I used too much black or if I used a pencil in my drawing. Then, I would color it darker with colored pencils and do the critique all over again. Also I would find my drawings or paintings lacking contrast sometimes. Once I did a drawing of a colorful flower with a black and white pencil drawing of sky. I thought I colored the flower enough, but when I looked

  • The Day The Crayons Quit Analysis

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    of the 12 crayons span between 50 and 96 words per page. The illustrations by Oliver Jeffers carry the story through. Jeffers designed the story to have simple illustrations that are reminiscent of a young child’s own abilities. In fact, these drawings could almost be done by a child. This makes the story more accessible to children

  • Surrealism In Graphic Design

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    “You need hopes and dreams for nourishment; this is the realm in which advertising operates. Advertisements resonate with people seeking to make their dream a reality” (Pincas & Loiseau, 2008, p.290). Hence adverts need to present products in a dream-like manner. This research paper examines the influence of Rene Magritte on graphic design, mainly advertisements. Advertisements aim to influence consumer’s behavior and are designed to do so. Thus, advertisements have been influenced by various art

  • The Holy Family Preti Analysis

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    The Holy Family by Mattia Preti depicts a man, woman, and baby. Throughout the painting, Preti utilizes color, illusion, and brushstrokes from an amalgam of artistic techniques to lead the viewer’s eye, and emphasize specific aspects. Color: Preti uses color to convey a variety of depictions within the painting. Through a limited palette of primary colors, Preti saturates the blue, red, and yellow to create a neutral color. Preti utilizes color to lead the viewer’s eye. The artist incorporates

  • Respect In Tim O 'Brien's The Things They Carried'

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    The Things They Carried Thematic Essay “Special honor or respect shown publicly,” is the definition of homage and homage is the biggest motivator in Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried. He wrote this book to pay homage to the men who died for our country during his fight in Vietnam. It is a theme that carries throughout this collection of stories. The Things They Carried is a way to see what these soldiers went through and who they were before passing away. They were O’Brien’s friends during

  • How Did Barbed Wire Affect World War One

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    Barbed Wire And its effects on WW1 Introduction World war 1 is undoubtedly one of the most deadly conflicts in human history. Killing an estimated 37 million people over the span of 4 years, this is one of the most deadly wars, to have ever been waged. Many things make world war one stand out, when compared to its predecessors. World war one was the last major european war since the franco-prussian war 40 years earlier. Many new technologies were also implemented in ww1, like tanks, planes

  • The Vanishing Point In Space Odyssey

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    There are a lot more scenes showing a vanishing point. Another example is the spaceship’s entrance. Although it is a bit difficult so see, the light from the wall makes the edges of the tunnel slightly visible (Figure 36). These edges create a vanishing point in the center of the frame. The object of interest – the glowing wall – is focused. This central perspective is also used when Louise and Ian are in the decontamination chamber (Figure 40). The guiding lines are generated by the ceiling (that

  • Personal Identification Essay

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    Personal identification is an integral part of all the investigations carried out at the scene of crime. Personal identification refers to the establishment of individuality of a person. The need of personal identification arises in cases of mass disasters like plane crash, bomb blast, tsunami etc. It is also important to establish the identity of an individual in cases where mutilated bones are recovered or parts of burnt bones are found. Developing the identity of the dead is obvious for social

  • Dante's Influence On Visual Art

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    The word Visual Arts in itself is a larger concept. Visual art is a modern but imprecise term for a broad category of art which includes a number of artistic disciplines from various subcategories of art like painting, photography, moving camera, sculptors etc, so it is impossible to define the meaning of the visual art in a simple context. This paper will deal with influence of Dante’s writing on the paintings of renaissance and the artist during that time. As Bryson mention that ‘Paintings is

  • Drawing 100 Technique

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    Drawing 100 is a class in which students are not only able to learn basic drawing techniques for the creation of a three-dimensional illusion of form and space in a two-dimensional composition, but also helps students from different majors adopt these techniques for their benefit to improve their work in their field of interest. In my case, I have noticed that Drawing 100: Form and Space has been very helpful to shape my view what type of artist I want to be in the area of Film and Television. My

  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Impact On The World

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    Engineering drawing is a technical drawing that communicates an idea or a design. It is one of the ways of communication between engineers. Engineering drawings use a variety of different tools to come up with beneficial sketches. In the past, the development of engineering drawing was extended to a great level by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest inventors of all time. Da Vinci has constantly had a massive impact on the world despite the fact that a substantial

  • Descriptive Essay On Drawing

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    Essay I have never thought that drawing would help me out in life until I tried it. The interest started when I was in second grade when I saw one of my best friends drawing. I am thankful for her, she is the one who taught me to be patient and practice makes perfect. It gets a little frustrating and overwhelming when your interest is there, but you are not good at it. I would even write and illustrate my own books and would read it to the class. My interest in drawing has increase because it helps

  • Architectural Drawing Essay

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    get all the materials I need for a house and just start building. Whether it's a career, family, life - you have to plan it out.” By Ice Cube. (https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/family_life) Technology has made drastic improvements in technical drawing. It started with board drafting; paper, pencil, measuring tools, etc. and can now be done with Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design) which can be faster and extra efficient. Drafting is a way to take an idea like you're dream house or the kitchen you have

  • Observation Of Child Drawing

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    For children, drawing involves both a process (making of art) and a product (the completed art expression). These drawings need to be considered within the context of the child’s developmental, social, cultural and emotional experiences. (Malchiodi, 1998). I have chosen to examine three drawings by C, an 8-year-old girl I have been having therapeutic play sessions with. She was referred to me by her father, due to her inability to concentrate at school, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, which cause