Chuck Close Analysis

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Chuck Close Art Chuck Close is the name of a famous and fantastic artist. He has been drawing for decades, but in the more recent years he has had a different technique for doing so. Well, at least he has ever since his accident. The artist has dyslexia and a condition that makes it hard for him to remember faces, but that doesn’t stop him from drawing portraits anyway. If he had a single most famous painting, it would probably be his big self-portrait, drawn in 1968. He truly is a magnificent artist with a lot of skill at what he does. Close was born July 5th 1940 in Monroe, Washington. He was an only child, his father, Leslie Durward Close died when he was only 11 years old. So, he was raised mostly by his mother, MiIdred…show more content…
This really put a damper on his career because he thought that he would never be able to draw again. But he overcame this by finding a new way to paint pictures, he also thought that the only way he could ever be happy again is if he kept painting. In order to continue painting after he had his injury, close had to go through a multitude of physical therapy. He even figured out that he could use a contraption to keep his wrist straight, and use his other hand to guide the one holding the brush in order to make his pictures. But the way he made paintings isn’t the only thing that changed, how he painted, and the way his work looked is a lot different too. First, he has to put his canvas on a contraption that moves it around for him, instead of him moving around the canvas. He can control it by moving it up and down, left and right, even rotate it. Second, instead of using photo realism, he paints by drawing a ton of small shapes in different sizes and colors that up close look like a bunch of craziness, but faraway look like a picture of someone. His work has almost became even more incredible after he had his
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