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  • East Los Angeles School Walkout Analysis

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    back. East Los Angeles schools decided to take it upon themselves and create a walkout. Select students from each school met together with the Brown Berets and made a plan. They all stuck to what they were going to do and in March of 1968, thousands of student in East Los Angeles High Schools walked out. They made picket signs and chanted. These students did several walkouts to try to get their voices heard and make the educational system change. The major problem with the East Los Angeles schools

  • The Sanchez Family

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    dramatic and comical, yet it tell a good story of the struggles, determination, and happiness of a Mexican family. Mr. Sanchez, the father leaves his homeland on foot estimating it will take him no more than two weeks to get to his uncle's house in Los Angeles, but to his surprise it wounds up taking an entire year. The family's oldest son Paco an aspiring writer, narrates the story of "My Family." The director leaves it to the audience to determine the details of the push and pull factors;

  • Blood Gang Research Paper

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    how they differ from other gang and where are they now. The Blood gang was originated in Los Angeles in the early 1970s as result of oppression from the crips. The formation of The Bloods gang was a mean by which individuals could protect themselves from the Crips (Dunn, 1999). The Bloods, initially named Compton Pirus was established in the area of West Piru Street, which is located within Compton in Los Angeles, it is said to be founded by Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens (Dunn, 1999). The rise

  • Are Gangs A Deviant Subculture

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    (Gangs) A deviant subculture is defined as a subculture, which has values and norms that differ substantially from the majority of people in society. When a neighborhood or community favors illegal activities, a criminal subculture is likely to develop such as gangs. Walter Miller states that deviant subcultures don’t arise from the inability of a community to achieve success, but because of a lower-class subculture whose values and norms are different from the rest of society. Subcultures can be

  • Why Do Youths Join Gangs

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    slogan or same color of clothing (1). The first street gang originated in the late 1960 's and it was one of the most violent and unlawful African-American gangs in the history of Los Angeles, the Crips (Dunn, 1999, p.1). It all began with the creation of a small gang called the "Baby Avenues" by two South Central Los Angeles high school students, Raymond Washington, and Tookie. These young men soon began referring to their gang as the "Cribs," which is thought to have eventually given rise to the current

  • Bloods Vs Crips

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    instructions and order. Effects on Society Gang violence is one of the main causes for economic and social issues in the community. This violence can be seen from both sets as they continue to initiate individuals and grow. In the city of Los Angeles there is approximately 400 gangs and over 40,000 gang members. Due to this great number of individuals the effects from gang activity in society can be very vast. Local business and communities also suffer from the activity of the gangs. For example

  • Ms-13 Sociology

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    MS-13 come from all parts o the world. Basically there is MS-13 gang members in all parts of the world. MS-13 began in Los Angeles California. At the first the gang wasn 't meant for people to get hurt or even to commit crimes. The gang was created for a group of friends to share a brotherhood with and hangout and skate. It was never meant to be the way it is today but it just

  • Social Psychology In The Movie Crash

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    There is a study in which analyzes the behavior and communication of a person when they come into contact or are acknowledge about some other person or group of people. Hence, this study is known as social psychology. Many aspects fall into this topic and those aspects are presented in the film Crash. Crash a film released in 2004, depicts many aspects that fall into the social psychology realm. Firstly, discrimination a significant part of social psychology is the biased view and/or treatment of

  • Teenage Gang Crime

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    Al Pacino, the Godfather himself, has been seen and caught making underhanded deals with gangs today as he did in his younger days, we see that it is not uncommon for teenagers to join gangs as if they've been lead astray on another path that is dark. Teenage gang activity has been the cause of many petty crimes and the distribution of starter and "gateway" drugs to the general public, there are many incidents of juvenile delinquencies throughout many communities around the world, and most, if not

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Analysis

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a popular WB television series that premiered on March 10th, 1997 and had its series finale on May 20th, 2003. Currently the story continues to live on in the realm of comic books, but for the sake of this paper we will only be looking at the first three seasons of the television series. The show is about a teenage girl who is known as the “chosen one”, meaning her destiny is to kill vampires and keep the world, and especially the fictional town of Sunnydale California

  • Crime In El Salvador

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    On this project 2, I will be talking about targeting the young: Gangs of El Salvador (part 4). Danny Gold from VICE news investigated on how El Salvador teenagers are often at risk from violence. El Salvador’s murder rate has increased over the past year and all because gangs are targeting young people. Gold interviewed Mauricio Garcia a 15-year-old boy and an ambulance volunteer. Mauricio and other volunteers deal with people who have been wounded or gun-shot, or who have been fighting. They risk

  • Gang Injunctions Against Diablos

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    Gang Injunctions against Diablos and Westside Gang Throughout the years, communities have been warned and targeted constantly against gangs and their formations. Gangs have expanded in quantity and their influence has expanded in different cities all throughout California. According to the Escondido Police Department, "Gangs can be organized around race or ethnic groups, money-making activities, or territory. Most gang members are male; they range in ages from 8 to 22 years. Young people give various

  • Chinatown And Z-Boys Comparison

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    Peralta, and released in 2001. The two films under consideration develop their narratives from factual events that influenced the socioeconomic life in Los Angeles in the 20th century. While each movie presents a unique plot and set of circumstances, the underlying narratives provide insightful perspectives into the transformation of the Los Angeles urban life and some of the fundamental factors that inspired these changes. Consequently, it is imperative to explicate how external factors such as urban

  • Gang-Related Violence In Schools Essay

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    This paper investigates the relationship between gang-related violence in schools and street gangs. The author came across the conception that gang-related violence that takes place in schools is triggered by the street gang activities and lifestyle that come to pass in the community, which can be formulated in two fashion, in term of gang learners being part of the street gang and conducting part of their activities in the school grounds. While on the other side, the gang learners are forming their

  • John Dillinger's Criminal Behavior

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    John Dillinger was one of the most notorious criminals in American history. He was known to be part of the most organized and deadly bank robbing gang and highly wanted by the FBI. John began his criminal behavior at a young age, initiating his urge to become a professional bank robber. Using the psychodynamic theory, social learning theory and the differential association theory, I hope to analyze the factors that triggered John Dillinger's criminal behavior that was present in his childhood, leading

  • Stereotypes In Walt Disney's Frozen

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    Walt Disney Studios opened in 1923 and have been known for creating legendary films since the day they were founded. Right when you hear someone mention the name “Walt Disney” you are instantly taken back to childhood memories of watching VCR’s of legendary Disney movies like The Little Mermaid or The Beauty and the Beast, and even one of the most recent popular Disney films, Frozen. Idina Menzel stars and Elsa and Kristen Bell stars as her older sister Anna. With these two incredible actresses doing

  • Essay On Gang Violence

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    Throughout the 17th-century gangs have been causing havoc in people's life and destroying the society. The National Institute of Justice (2011) has defined a gang as "A group of collective members which create an atmosphere of intimidation among citizens." Many of these gangs are well organized, using different forms of violence to control neighbourhoods and to conduct their illegal activities. The National Gang Threat Assessment (2011) reports that “Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent

  • Summary Of The Book Of Isaias

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    Isaias Ramos, who is the son of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Daniel Connolly spent five years reporting and writing about Isaias Ramos and his friends. Isaias is a bright 18-year-old high school senior who enjoys playing in a punk rock group called Los Psychosis and dreams of attending college and majoring in audio recording. He struggles with the decision to apply to Ivy leagues or work with his parents as a painter. His counselor recognizes his potential to go to postsecondary school, as he is ranked

  • City Of God Film Analysis

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    City of God is Brazil’s most critically praised film of recent years. Based on the book of the same name by writer Paulo Lins, which in-turn was based on a true story. This essay will focus on the cinematography and cinematic conventions of the film and how sound and music plays a big role in the opening sequence, it will also focus on visual design and lighting in the film Synopsis City of God is a violent, fast-paced movie that tells the tale of the residents of this Brazilian slum. Events are

  • Essay On Friendship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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    The Great Depression was not easy for anyone, but there were certain aspects that made life a little bit more tolerable, such as friendship, or hope for a better future. The strong tie between Lennie and George, the main characters in Of Mice and Men, was illustrated throughout the story. Lennie had a difficult time realizing what was going on around him, while George did his best to steer him in the right direction. The two of them spent their life traveling around California, jumping from job to