Existence of God Essays

  • Nagel: The Existence Of God

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    The Existence How do we know anything? That is question I keep asking myself. As I was reading chapter 2 Nagel, kept mentioning, “How do we know if we exist?” That all of the real world experiences we go through on the daily basis are just a figure to our imagination. That everything we see today is just our mind almost playing tricks on us. Nagel makes it seem as though we do not have a soul and in fact our mind is what’s keeping us somewhat human. The con of Nagel statements is if we’re actually

  • Descartes's Argument For The Existence Of God

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    the existence of God very interesting, and different. Whereas Descartes follows on his notion of, “I exist, therefore I am”, and by reason he is able to understand that God exists, Pascal takes different approach, claiming that we cannot know such a finite thing. In Pascal’s Wager, he claims that we must choose to believe whether or not there is a God. In this essay, I will discuss how Descartes’s influenced Pascal’s thinking. I will first outline Descartes’s argument for the existence of God. I will

  • Mccloskey's Argument For The Existence Of God

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    On Being an Atheist The existence of God has been a huge issue for many years. The main McCloskey's issue with the idea of God is the presence of many evils in the world. McCloskey implies that the "proofs" of the existence of God cannot establish a factual evidence which supports the existing argument of whether there is God or not. Some proofs explaining the existence of God should be dismissed because they are not valid. Such proofs include teleological and ontological. A proof is an unquestionable

  • Proof For The Existence Of God

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    common questions asked is the proof of God. There are several proofs for the existence of God but most are quickly discredited by science and atheists. In the recent years of Christian thinking, there have been proofs that science and atheists have been unable to prove. These proofs are attempting to prove the existence of God. I believe the recent proofs have validated the existence of God. These proofs allow Christians evidence, other than that of the Bible, that God created the earth. It is obvious

  • Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

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    difficult to question something we don’t know because we don’t know where to start. If there is an answer, there is a question, however if humans do not exist, there would be no one to question their existence. On the topic of existence, Descartes claims that he cannot be misinformed about his own existence, and that he is a thinking thing. Everything exists both through imagination and through reality. In some religions, people believe that there exists a deity that created us and is all powerful. Our

  • Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

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    How do I exist? In my opinion, this is one of the most significant arguments that Descartes puts forward in his Meditations. How can he, or I, exist if there were no God? It is clear that by the time Descartes comes to write the Third Meditation, he is certain that he, Descartes, exists – but the underlying question is, how? God plays an important part in this (Cogito) argument (Stanford, 2014) because he rules out himself (Descartes, 1998, Page 38). Descartes suggests that if he created himself

  • Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

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    complete truths, Descartes concludes that God exists, primarily because this idea is already within us. God’s existence is crucial in Descartes’ argument because without establishing that God exists, the Meditator (symbolic of not only Descartes but of anyone reading the Meditations and repeating his exercise) cannot be certain of anything bar that he is a “thinking thing” (Descartes, 1998, p.31). Descartes also uses God’s existence to prove there is no deceiver, as God would not allow this (Descartes, 1998

  • Anselm's Criticism Of The Existence Of God

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    for the existence of God, an argument that has thus far withstood the test of time and many criticisms, one of which I will discuss here. Anselm works his way from the “fool’s” assumption that God does not exist, or at least does not exist in reality, through his premises that existence is greater than understanding alone and that a being with God’s properties and existence can be conceived of, to the conclusion that because God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived and God can exist

  • Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

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    In Second Meditation, Descartes claims, after radical doubt, that the only undeniable truth is his own existence because he must exist to think about his existence. His argument is compelling, but for one problem. In this paper, I shall argue that Descartes’ argument that his “thinking” (Descartes, 153) is proof of his existence is flawed because he establishes no premise to claim ownership of this thinking. I will also claim that even if Descartes is creating his own thoughts, albeit a lack of appropriate

  • Blackburn's 'Existence Of God'

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    Existence of a God Farzana Hiron CCNY Existence of a God I am going to argue that Blackburn is wrong to claim that the existence of evil strongly suggests that there is no God who is all-good, all-knowing and all-powerful. Where there is evil good must also exist, though human beings tend to concentrate more on the evil than good. Exposition According to Blackburn existence of evil in the

  • Existence Of God Analysis

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    Title: Critical evaluation of existence of god Name: Lokesh Singh Roll No. : 13110054 Word Count: 1010  Critical evaluation of existence of god There are many theories and explanations on the concept of god. God is a word which has different meanings for different persons, for example, for an atheist god is just an idea or concept which is evolved by time. But for others this is far greater than that. Many philosophers thought about the definition of god. St. Anselm is the one of the great philosopher

  • Mccloskey: Proof Of The Existence Of God

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    a. McCloskey argues that there is no proof of Gods existence and any thoughts or beliefs of the existence of God should be abandond. Gods existence is shown in everything, from the tiniest organisms to the tallest mountains. Whether one does not believe in the existence of God does not mean that a believer should abandon their beliefs in the existence of God. Granted, there are many scientific theories that try and and disprove the existence of God, like the evelotuionary theory or the big band

  • Gods Existence And Intention

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    Gods existence and Intention The idea of divine intervention, when it comes to how and why we are here, has existed since humans have been able to write and record history. Could the drive of us rising out of the primordial muck be the intent and action of the divine, or is it born of random cause and effect? In addition, are the tales of old, words of the divine in an attempt to guide us to salvation as they claim, or perhaps the complete creation of humans to give order to chaos and the unknown

  • Aquinas's Argument On The Existence Of God

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    God 's existence has been a continuous debate certainly for centuries. The issue of God 's existence is debatable because of the different kind of controversies that can be raised from an "Atheist as being the non-believer of God" and a "Theist who is the believer of God". An atheist can raise different objections on the order of the universe by claiming that the science is a reason behind the perfection of the universe. In Aquinas 's fifth argument, he claims that the order of the universe

  • Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

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    which one can build the rest of their beliefs on. As a result, Descartes describes the belief that one cannot rationally doubt their own existence as true knowledge and uses this as his keystone for further science. To build credibility for his argument, Descartes undergoes a series of meditations to prove that one cannot truly rationally doubt their existence. Anything in which Descartes finds a reason to rationally doubt, he treats as false until he discovers something that he cannot rationally

  • Descartes Proofs For The Existence Of God

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    So when we hear the term “The God of philosophers” we might wonder what this means. Philosophers introduced this term when they needed to explain things but in fact they could not explain their point or got stuck. So this saying helps to explain anything when they cannot. The truth about the existence of God has been an argument for years and yet we still have no real proof but these past few weeks we have learned about various “proofs” for the existence of God according to a few philosophers

  • Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

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    ii) Descartes argument for the proof of God’s existence is open to the accusation of circular reasoning. Critically defend or critique Descartes’ proof of God’s existence in light of this accusation. The belief in God is a universal theme which has run through our rich history. Even today with modern advances and discoveries the answer for God’s existence is still unknown. Numerous religions and beliefs have been formed due to this proposed idea of God, although it has been in the centre of many conflicts

  • Descartes's Argument On The Existence Of God

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    Meditator is creating arguments about the existence of god. This is where Descartes explains different reasons/premises to why god exists. Throughout Meditation 3, Descartes goes back and forth with his arguments arguing one thing then creating a counter argument to it at while still focusing on the main thing which is does god exist. For those wondering whether god does really exist stay tuned into what Descartes says. The premises from the meditation that claim god doesn’t exist are weak and invalid,

  • Wager's Argument For The Existence Of God

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    resolved that you can convince a non-believer to affirm the existence of God using philosophical arguments. As the opposing side, Sarah and I counter argued the following: the argument from motion, the ontological argument, Pascal’s Wager, the cosmological argument, the teleological argument, and the moral argument. The argument from motion argues that it is only possible to experience that which exists, and people experience God, therefore God must exist; however it can be counter argued that since

  • Aquinas Belief In The Existence Of God

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    are necessary because behavior is important, and your behavior depends on your beliefs. I believe there is a God, existentially speaking, God is a creator, he provided the beings, animals, and nature that fills our world. Aquinas too believed in the existence of God, and how his force leads a sequence of causes and effects. Russell, on the other hand, did not believe in the existence of God and explains the challenges between his own beliefs and the beliefs of Aquinas. Aquinas’s argument in his