Fruit Essays

  • Indigenous Fruits

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    difficult to come up with an exact definition of indigenous fruits. Mazumdar (2012) defines indigenous fruits as those fruits although consumable to human beings they are considered less palatable than other fruits, have lesser demand in the market, grown to a limited extent only and not usually cropped in. Other terms used are less-known fruits, less appealing fruits, less-exploited fruits, stray fruits, wild fruits etc. These indigenous fruits are enriched with nutritional and medicinal value, and can

  • Banana Fruit

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    More Than Just Yellow Fruit When I first heard about the assignment to read the book, Banana-The Fate of the Fruit that Changed the World, I was not thrilled. In my opinion, bananas have always just been a yellow fruit on the counter top in a fruit bowl. What more could there be to this fruit? I am not too fond of bananas myself. I was afraid that I would not find the book that interesting, but after reading the first couple of chapters my impression of bananas completely changed! It turns out

  • Mango Fruit

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    Mango can be consumed in both fresh and processed form. For fresh and ripe mango fruit, it is full of juice with a fruity aroma emitting from the stem end and taste with perfect blending of sweetness and acidity. Ripe mangoes can be considered as primary product as it is ready to eat in fresh form when slightly soft to the touch and yielding to gentle pressure. However, ripe mangoes can be processed into frozen mango products, canned products, ready to serve beverages as well as dehydrated products

  • Sand Pear Fruit

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    The edible portion of the sand pear (Pyrus pyrifolia L.) fruit contains good amounts of carbohydrates (11.9 gm), fiber (1 gm), minerals, vitamins and polyphenols. The pears can play important role in cardiovascular disease prevention because of they are good source of potassium and are free from sodium, cholesterol and fat. The pear fruit is a highly perishable commodity and can be preserved by canning and dehydration. The sand pear possesses attributes like grittiness, higher acidity and astringent

  • Benefits Of Fruits Essay

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    Benefits of eating enough fruits? There is such a saying “A apple a day keeps the doctor away.” As we enter into well-being age, many people enjoy fruits. They interested in healthy body. also in doing to develope well-being medicine and beaty product industry, These products are made by our century. They want healthy life. so they choose fruits. Fruit is the most natural food .When you see a piece of fruit hanging from a tree that tree is telling you something: "Eat my fruits and help me spread my

  • Essay On Fruit Quality

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    Abstract Fruit quality assessment is important and it is influence in many factors. Most of the approach to assess the quality of fruit are destructive and based on human expertise. Impedance measurement was used to investigate the impedance changes between ripe, unripe and overripe of the fruit. Then it will correlate the impedance changes with increasing of soluble solid content (SSC) which it is the indicating sugar content in the fruit as the fruit ripens. The impedance was carried out by using

  • Essay On Fruit Ripening

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    Fruits are an essential and nutritionally indispensable part of human diet. Due to easy access and high nutrition value, consumption of fruit increases day by day. 1-4 Despite this fact, short ripening period reduces its monetary value. Ripening is a physiological event through which fruit attains its desirable color, flavor and quality. During the ripning process fruit underwent through sequence of physical and biochemical changes and these changes are at hormonal, respiratory and cellular level

  • Essay On Citrus Fruits

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    land Australia, citrus fruits are now grown worldwide. Currently only orange production is about 70 million metric tons a year! We all see orange colored citrus fruits during this season of the year, especially in the months when most of us experience common cold and flu. I am sure most of you consume these fruits for their vitamin C content, but there is more and less than that. Oranges, tangerines, pomelos, grapefruits, lemons, and limes are the members of citrus fruit family. They are cultivated

  • Disadvantages Of Fruit Thinning

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    Different fruit trees have varying ability to bear fruits on its clusters. Some trees bears tens of fruit on a single cluster , while others just few. However, an orchardist often would choose trees that would give him high field. This is what the majority of farmers opt for, especially those that produce fruits for marketing. Nevertheless, the produce quality should correlate with what consumers would prefer in terms of fruit size and quality. In the following deliberation I intend to give an account

  • Essay On Fruit Thinning

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    Fruit Thinning Fruit thinning is hundreds of year old practice for manipulating the cropping and blooming of apple, pear and peach (Dennis, 2000). In papaya, it is not a common practice but found to be beneficial to improve the quality and overall yield. Fruit thinning is the removal of certain flowers/clusters of flowers or individual fruit after fruit set and/or natural dropping has occurred (Valenzuela, 1992). It is done to reduce limb breakage/lodging, increase fruit size, improve color and

  • Essay On Annona Fruit

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    means 'annual results', refers to the production of fruits of various species in this genus. Annonaceae, custard apple family is a family of plants that consist of trees or flowering shrubs. This latter characteristic is the reason why Annona fruits are called indistinctly sugar apple, sweetsop, or sugar-pineapple, is a species in the Annonaceae family that is native to the tropical Americas and widely grown for its fragrant, juicy, and flavorful fruit, which contains more vitamin C than an orange. Sugar-apple

  • The Importance Of Fruit Bouds

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    harvest. This particular lateral in the following autumn is going to be well furnished with fruit buds. It is now going to be pruned for the first time by removing the fresh growth made from the tip. No fruit buds should be pruned off when you are making this cut. The 2-year-old lateral should now be back again at its original length. During the following, these fruit buds are going to flower and set into fruit. By the next autumn, the lateral is now going to be a 3-year-old. So now it is the time to

  • Essay On Pear Fruit

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    makes fruits impossible to replace by anything else. More importantly, the wide influence of some fruits in your health is worth knowing in more detail, and pear is one of these amazing "superfoods". Pear is the generic name given to the pomaceous fruits that grow on trees of the Pyrus genus. This delicious and nutritive fruit is popular worldwide, and is one of the oldest fruits cultivated by humans (dating from at least 5000 B.C.). Here 's an overview of awesome health benefits of pear fruit. Benefits

  • Mango Fruit Case Study

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    Malaysia is a producer of a wide range of tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, mango, rambutan, durian, mangosteen, jack fruit, and star fruit. However, the entire fruit industry in Malaysia is relatively small and unable to meet the demand. Therefore, government has to import fruit from neighbouring country such as Thailand, the Philippines, and India especially on mango fruit. Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is considered as one of the most popular fruits among people in the tropical area and developed

  • Palm Fruit In Nigeria

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    1.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION Palm fruit obtained from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) is a popular tropical fruit which is usually consumed fresh or boiled and processed into palm oil, palm kernel cake and palm kernel oil. Palm produce (Palm oil and palm kernel) accounted for about 51.2% of the total Nigeria’s domestic export between 1906 and 1913 (Soyebo et al., 2005). It earned the nation about 22% of the foreign exchange up to the beginning of the civil war. Nigeria’s domestic palm oil production

  • Fruit Juice Research Paper

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    Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris is acidophilic spore-forming, heat-resistant organism that may be found in fruit juices. This microorganism can survive commercial pasteurization processes commonly applied to apple and pear juices spoiling fruit juice by producing cloud loss, development of off-flavours, CO2 production or changes in color and appearance (Lawlor et al. 2009). Saritas et al. (2011) evaluated the effect of ascorbic

  • Language Fruit Research Paper

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    My Basket of Language Fruits Language is just like a basket filled with different types of fruits. Each fruit is a different language, introduced to me by different people I have encountered in my life. Life a race, to see who will carry the most fruits when we reach the finishing line. At the starting line, I was given only one fruit. GO! The race has started. Hurriedly I started running, eager to reach the goal, but tripped on my first step. I lost my only fruit, and started crying so loud that

  • Dragon Fruit Research Paper

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    Here] Unlike Soursop fruit, Dragon fruit’s appearance resembles to an unusual egg. At a first glance, this reddish-violet fruit looks like a toy for kids but it is absolutely not. This fruit is cultivated mainly in Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries that is covered by South East Asia. Dragon fruit has many names- cactus fruit, and pitahaya. Some called this a “mythical fruit” because of its strange looking skin and color. This tropical fruit is very nutritious that

  • Avocado Fruit Case Study

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    producing fruit. Thus oil content can be used to determine maturity. As the avocado fruit mature and ripens the oil content in the mesocarp increases. There is an opposing relationship between water and oil content in the avocado and that implies that as the oil increases by certain amount, water also decreases by the same amount. There is a strong link between oil content and dry matter. Dry matter content can be can be an alternative to oil content when determining maturity of the avocado fruit (Liu

  • Enzymatic Browning In Apple Fruit

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    occur in fruits and vegetables, usually resulting in negative effects on color, taste, flavor, and nutritional value. The reaction is a consequence of phenolic compounds' oxidation by polyphenol oxidase (PPO), which triggers the generation of dark pigments. This is particularly relevant for apples, which are rich in polyphenols and highly susceptible to enzymatic browning. Phenolic compounds are partially responsible for color, astringency, bitterness, flavor, and nutritional qualities in fruits and vegetables