Halogen Essays

  • Acid Base Neutralization Lab Report

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    Acids are proton donors in chemical reactions which increase the number of hydrogen ions in a solution while bases are proton acceptors in reactions which reduce the number of hydrogen ions in a solution. Therefore, an acidic solution has more hydrogen ions than a basic solution; and basic solution has more hydroxide ions than an acidic solution. Acid substances taste sour. They have a pH lower than 7 and turns blue litmus paper into red. Meanwhile, bases are slippery and taste bitter. Its pH is

  • Halogens Research Paper

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    Halogens belong to group 7 in the periodic table, and are non-metallic elements. The term halogens mean “Salt former” which means that their combinations containing halogens are called Salts. All halogens have 7 electrons in their valence shell, giving them a charge of -1, and only require one electron to become a complete shell. Halogens are very chemically reactive which increases as you move up the periodic table – fluorine being the most active element. Halogens exist in room temperature in all

  • Pros And Cons Of Halogen Bonding

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    Halogen bonding, XB, is the product of a non-covalent interaction between a halogen X and a negative site B (e.g., Lewis base). The halogen, X, is usually part of an R-X molecule where R can be another halogen, an organic or an inorganic electron-donating-group. Halogen bonding (XB) is in some ways analogous to hydrogen bonding (HB). In the latter, a hydrogen atom is shared between an atom, group or molecule that “donates” and another that “accepts” it.[1-3] In halogen bonding, it is a halogen atom

  • Q & A Case Study: Halogen Bulb

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    product is Halogen Bulbs. The main issue that caused product recall is the lens of the bulb can shatter in the lamp or the lens can fall and shatter, posing a laceration and burn hazard. We have received 13 reports of the lens of the bulb shattering and two laceration injuries, this proved the emergency and importance of the product recall If the lens are shattered in the lamp, it will completely affect the function of the product. On the other hand, if the lens fall or shattered,

  • Oxidizing Agent: Gains Electrons

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    When you think about a nail rusting and food spoiling, these are common examples of processes that involve oxidizing agents. __Oxidizing agents__ are substances that gain electrons in a chemical reaction - because of this action, oxidizing agents are also known as __electron acceptors__. Let us visualize what an oxidizing agent is. We said that earlier that oxidizing agents accepts electrons. Let us recall that electrons have a ''negative charge''. When oxidizing agents gain a negative charge, it

  • Intermolecular Interactions Between Halo-Cyclopropenone Derivatives

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    halo-cyclopropenone derivatives (HC3OX;X= F, Cl, Br and I) and hypohalous acids (HOY; Y=F, Cl, Br and I) were investigated using the MP2 method with aug–cc-pVTZ basis set. Three types of complexes are forming by:1) hydrogen bond, 2) both hydrogen and halogen bonds, 3) halogen bond interactions. The results indicated that interactions in type 1 complexes are stronger than those in types 2 and 3. The H–O bonds show red shifts with complex formation in types 1 and 2, in which they are more considerable for type 1

  • Periodic Table Research Paper

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    Halogens are group 17. Halogens are highly reactive in elemental form. Even though this group only needs one electron in its outer level, it has seven electrons. When halogens are in gas form they are diatomic molecules. Diatomic molecules are two atoms in the same covalent bonds. Halogens have many different uses. Bromine, Chlorine, and Iodine are three main halogens. Bromine is the only liquid metal that is a halogen. Chlorine is the most abundant halogen. Iodine is a shiny

  • Haloarene Research Paper

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    The +M effect will result in the concentration of electron density at ortho −and para −positions. However, electrophilic substitution reactions with respect to the haloarene reactions are slow in comparison to benzene reactions. This is because the halogen group present in haloarenes are deactivating because of the –I effect. Hence, electrons are withdrawn from the benzene ring.

  • Fire Retardant Research Paper

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    III Types of fire retardants Numerous chemicals having different structure and physical properties could impart fire resistant characteristics when used alone or in combinations. Combinations of different fire retardants with varying proportions can produce an additive, synergistic or antagonistic effect. The synergy of combining fire retardant chemicals has gained considerable practical importance as they are usually less expensive [13, 20]. Fire retardant chemicals can be either chemically bonded

  • Difference Between Mendeleev And The Periodic Table

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    There are many differences in between Mendeleev’s periodic table (that was first started in 1869) and today’s modern style periodic table. Mendeleev is known as the father of the periodic table. He had published a periodic table just five years after John Newlands had put forward his law of octaves. Mendeleev didn’t do all of the work on the periodic table though. He had some “help” from a few other scientists, chemists, and geologists. Although he was the first person to publish the first version

  • Grignard Reagent

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    Introduction Grignard reagent is considered as an organometallic compound or it's the composition of electrophilic and nucleophilic that electrophilic is the carbon atom of organic halide which is directly attached to the halogen, it's reactivity can be switched to the nucleophilic reactivity by conversion an organomagnesium halide. It has the general formula of (RMgX) and it has a general nomenclature which it's called magnesium alkyl halide. We can get Grignard reagent by adding one of solutions

  • Lab Report: Nitration Of Bromomobenzene

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    Lab Report 10: Nitration of Bromobenzene Raekwon Filmore CM 244 Section 40 March 27, 2018 Introduction: For this experiment, nitration of bromobenzene was the focus of the lab. The benzene is an aromatic compound and when it reacts with wither a mixture of sulfuric acid or nitric acid creates what is known as a nitro group. The formation of the nitro group is possible because it is an electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction. The creation of the nitronium ion is shown below: The reaction

  • Acetic Anhydride Reaction Lab Report

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    Since my unknown had the presence of a halogen, I narrowed down possible starting materials. I combined all of the characterization data from week 2 and was able to identify my unknown starting material as para-bromoaniline and my product as 4-bromoacetanilide. The melting point for para-bromoaniline

  • Diels Alder Reaction Essay

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    One of the most used methods for the formation of six-membered rings is using the reactions of 1,3-diene with an alkene. The Diels-Alder reaction is a unique reaction in organic chemistry because it is a cycloaddition reaction. The Diels-Alder reactions are also known as 1,4 addition reactions due to the formation of new carbon-carbon σ bonds and π bonds. Electron-withdrawing groups like cyano (C≡N) and carbonyl (C=O) to increase the reaction rates and reaction yields (1). Often times there are

  • Molybdenum Research Paper

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    Molybdenum was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1781 (“WebElements Periodic Table”). Molybdenum’s symbol, Mo, is fairly similar to its name. Boasting atomic number 42, Molybdenum sits in group 6, period 5, and is labeled as a transition metal, generally classified just as a metal (“Royal Society of Chemistry”). Though it doesn’t have any special roles in history, it is a very important element in today’s world, and has been since the manufacturing of steel became a big business. Its current

  • Argumentative Essay: Haymarket Bombing

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    Haymarket Bombing Bad things happen all over the world and many people are affected wither they want to be or not. Some of those people can be innocent bystanders who have none or little knowledge as to what is going on. People have to suffer when it comes to others and the decisions they make. On May 4, 1886 in Chicago an event happened that people would still be affected till this day. A protest had been happening because of labor laws. Many of the people were immigrants. People who had traveled

  • 3-Chloro-3 And 7-Dimethyloctane Lab Report

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    In this lab, 3-chloro-3,7-dimethyloctane, obtained during a pervious lab, was used to understand the E2 dehydrohalogenation reaction of an alkyl halide. This reaction is possible because 3-chloro-3,7-dimethyloctane contains a carbon-halogen bond, and the chlorine attached to the molecule is a good leaving group. In the dehydrohalogenation of 3-chloro-3,7-dimethyloctane, 1.320g of the starting compound was obtained. This was then added to a mixture of boiling 6mL ethanol and1mL potassium hydroxide

  • How Did Dmitri Mendeleev Build The Periodic Law

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    Gregorio Hernandez Mr. Schlinkmann Think and Write The early development of the Periodic Law or table was found by many contributions from a variety of scientists. The contributions led to the discovery and establishment of the Periodic Table. Which help create the Periodic Table we use as of today. The person who created the Periodic Table was a chemist named Dmitri Mendeleev, but not without the help of a few other scientist who helped him get the idea by passing down information they had

  • Cordless Snow Blower Research Paper

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    snow blower for removing the snow in the dark. The efficiency of a snow blower can be affected if it has no headlights because it will not be able to remove the snow at that darkest hour of the night. So always look for a snow blower that has LED or halogen headlights. Cordless electrical snow blower with large tires Certain snow blowers are pushed by the operators as they have no tires for moving them. However, you should always consider the cordless electrical snow blower with large tires for easy

  • Fluoride In Drinking Water Essay

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    INTRODUCTION Purified water is essential for living a healthy life as such everyone should have access to it. Drinking water conditions have great impacts on people especially in the rural and remote areas where access to safe drinking water is very important. Drinking untreated water may cause to fatal diseases. Statistics shows that these diseases resulted in ninety percent of all deaths of children under five years old in developing countries, due to low immunization of children to infection.