Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Essays

  • Narrative Of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

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    characters in the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and the plot in this book is complicated but interesting. Every character has their own traits. J. K. Rowling uses third person limited narration in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince not only to let readers experience Harry’s shifting emotions, but also to let readers follow Harry’s steps in discovering who the Half-Blood Prince is. Third person limited narration reveals the change of Harry’s feelings toward Half-Blood Prince. At Hogwarts

  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Simile Analysis

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    Lit Terms 1-3 Simile: A simile is a figurative language that expresses a resemblance between two different things. In the novel Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J. K. Rowling, she use simile to describe the look of Madam Pince the librarian. “They waited and a moment later the vulture-like countenance of Madam Pince appeared round the corner, her sunken cheeks, her skin like parchment and her long hooked nose illuminated unflatteringly by the lamp she was carrying” (288). In this sentence

  • Comparing A Midsummer Night's Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

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    many stories. Some of them are “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Harry Potter and the half-blood prince.” In the story “A MIdsummer Night’s Dream”, love potion is a juice of purple flower or sometimes called “love-in-idleness.” It is used for several times with several people and several situations. First example is when Robin, a mischievous spirit puts love potion in

  • Prejudice And Racism In The Harry Potter's World

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    The Harry Potter Essay Introduction The story of Harry Potter begins with Harry as a young, orphaned boy, who is left on the Dursley family’s doorstep. He is taken in by this family who he later realizes to be his aunt and uncle, however, he is not treated as family during his stay in the household. While living with this family he begins to notice that when he becomes angry or upset, some peculiar, maybe even magical, things happen. Eleven years into his life, he receives a letter saying he has

  • The Half Blood Prince Summary And Analysis

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    sees. It’s like you are waiting for the next scene until it reaches the ending. All in the world of witchcraft and wizardly knows that Harry Potter is right all along. The Dark Lord is bark lord summoned the Death Eaters and starting to spread darkness. Albus Dumbledore knows what is about to come so he is instructing Harry on what to do, anything but cryptic. Harry rejoins his two best friends, Ron and Thermion, and went back to their school in Hogwarts’s for their 6th year. Everything seems back

  • Symbolism In The Half Blood Prince

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    When, in The Half-Blood Prince, Harry views Dumbledore’s memory of his first meeting with Tom Riddle, Harry observes how the orphans “Were all wearing the same kind of grayish tunic. They looked reasonably well-cared for, but there was no denying that this was a grim place in which to grow up.” When Dumbledore tells him he is a wizard, Riddle admits, “I knew I was different.” Meaning, both Harry and Riddle were friendless and acutely different from those they lived with due to their magical abilities

  • Deception And Ignorance In Stephen King's Different Seasons

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    Amanda O’Neal Critical Reasoning Thursday 4-6 Welsh-Stamos Deception and Ignorance Lies, deception, trickery, and ignorance run rampant through Stephen King’s collection of short stories, Different Seasons. In all 4, a character is either deceptive, deceived, or willingly denies the truth in a way that alters the ending of the story. This consistent theme across all 4 stories shows that King likely believed there were two forms of deceit: the one done unto others and the one done unto one’s self

  • Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Analysis

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    Amy Tan is a writer who is fascinated by language in daily life. Amy starts aware of the different English she does use. It is a speech about her book and she had already given to half a dozen groups of people. But the main difference is her mother is there too. She realizes that it is perhaps the first time her mother had heard her give a lengthy speech using the Standard English that she learned at school and through books. A kind of English she had never used with her mother. Amy realizes

  • Ender's Game Book Theme Analysis

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    Ender’s Game Essay As Ender takes his last breath Peter, his brother, takes his hands off Ender’s neck. As Ender grows up, he slowly realizes that he’s chosen to help the International Fleet (I.F.) destroy the buggers, an alien species threatening all the humans. Will he succeed? The book does a better job showing Ender’s quest in saving human life. When reading the book, themes are shown better. For example, the theme of isolation is a large part of the book. Ended is isolated from other people

  • Comparison Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

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    HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER 'S STONE Harry Potter is the boy who lived, he is the only one who survives the cruel attack of The Dark Lord. Voldemort kills Harry 's parents along with numerous other witches and wizards back in war days in the wizarding world. 1 year old orphan is left on his mean Aunt Petunia 's porch who is ashamed of being related to any kind of magical person. Therefore, his aunt and uncle raise Harry without letting him know anything either about his parents or about his magical

  • Lord Ballister Blackheart: The Unsung Hero

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    British novelist J.K Rowling bestseller series, Harry Potter, introduce Muggle readers to the magical world of the boy who lived attending Hogwarts with countless twisted plots and characters. Professor Severus Snape was the mysterious inhospitable complex character center for his alliances with the main antagonist Lord Voldemort and headmaster Albus Dumbledore. In the seventh and final book, The Deathly Hallows, a dying Snape passes his memories to Harry to view in the Pensieve that revealed he was

  • Star Wars And Harry Potter Comparison Essay

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    Possibly the two most intense fan-bases in existence are Star Wars and Harry Potter. George Lucas released his sci-fi action movie, Star Wars, on May 25, 1977. Thirty-eight years later and the force is still with us. Star Wars is just as popular today is it was when it came out, and a new Star Wars movie will be released in December 2015. J.K. Rowling published her first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on June 30, 1997 and the first movie came out on November 4, 2001. And

  • Ceidric And Narcissus Similarities

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    As one reads Harry Potter, several things can pop into their head. One might be; some of these characters are like mythological figures. One comparison is Narcissus and Cedric Diggory, two famous youths. They are two alike, yet different characters. Both are athletic and handsome, but they have entirely different personalities. Can you make any connections? Narcissus and Cedric have similar appearances. Narcissus is described as a handsome youth with many nymphs in love with him. At Hogwarts, so

  • Supernatural Theories

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    The television show chosen to detect various personality types is the current twelve season phenomenon known as Supernatural. Beginning the analyzation with the show’s backstory/main storyline; two brothers are raised by their father, who eventually ends up teaching them how to hunt and obliterate the supernatural. This takes place the second their mother passes, due to a demon incident. These brother’s names are: Sam and Dean Winchester, and throughout the seasons they learn how to banish/disintegrate

  • Harry Potter Initiation-Return

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    In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Harry goes through the hero’s journey where he has his departure, Initiation-Return. When he does leave his ordinary life to become a student at Hogwarts he doesn’t even know what he is getting himself into, Harry is brought into a new world leaving the Ordinary world he was a part of. Harry is called into adventure when Hagrid shows up on his birthday,“"Ah, go boil yet heads, both of yeh," said Hagrid. "Harry -- yer a wizard." There was silence inside the

  • Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them Thesis

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    “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" premiered two weeks ago and the film seems to be just another chapter of the "Harry Potter" series. However, although it has the same magical set as the Potter series, it is really different from the well-loved Potter movies. Incidentally, just like HP, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them“ will also have sequels. Currently, it was reported that four more stories are in the making. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" was set in year 1926 and

  • Genre Conventions In 'The Wizard Of Oz'

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    Genre theory is a break down of different types of films. It is a recipe that is put together to make it a whole. When you break down the type or category of your film, that will become a formula for your character types/conventions, settings, and visual imagery, which is called iconography (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014). When this is used, it will help the viewers to understand the prediction of the movie they are watching. A lot of genres falls alongside with sub-genres, which have a more defined

  • The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Analysis

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    In the 2003 novel, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, by Stephen King, starts the journey of Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger. This is the first book of eight in a series which tells the story of the Dark Tower. Roland is on a quest to find the Man in Black, and he encounters humans, demons, and many unearthly beings throughout his travels. In the middle of the desert, Roland encounters a boy named Jake Chambers, who, like anyone else, he does not think he can trust. Despite this, Roland decides

  • Harry Potter Lord Of The Rings Jungian Analysis

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    The following essay will be on the investigation of good and evil magicians in ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ from a Jungian perspective. The heptalogy ‘Harry Potter’ was written by J.K.Rowling from 1991 until 2007; it tells the story of Harry Potter growing up and fighting the evil magician Lord Voldemort. In this fight he is being supported by Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster of his school. The pentalogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was written by J.R.R. Tolkien; it is about Frodo Baggins

  • V For Vendetta Marxism Analysis

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    V For Vendetta Analysis Through Marxist Lense V for Vendetta is a political dystopian thriller film based on a 1988 novel written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd of the same name. The movie is about an anarchist freedom fighter only known as V, who attempts to spark a revolution through violence, that set in United Kingdom that was led under a totalitarian neo-fascism government. Through a marxist lense, the ideology held by V is a powerful tool and is considered as one of the most greatest factor