History of Russia Essays

  • The Role Of Propaganda In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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    George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, depicts life on Animal Farm, where its inhabitants live under the false sense of leadership when a tyrannical leader is oppressing them. Initially, Manor Farm is run by a drunkard farmer named Mr. Jones, but the animals revolt to have a better way of life only to end up just where they started. Animal Farm allows for Napoleon to seize complete control of the farm through propaganda, the desire for power, and animals’ complacency; life on Animal Farm gets exponentially

  • Examples Of Corruption In Animal Farm

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    Corruption is laced throughout everyday life, and magnified in Animal Farm by George Orwell. Corruption itself shifts throughout the book, whether it’s abused by Mr. Jones, Napolean or the pigs, there is always someone abusing power. The animals are either oblivious to this misuse of authority or they are too afraid of what will happen if they take a stand against it, this lets the authority figure in power gain more control. In Animal Farm, a pig named Major had voiced plans for the Revolution

  • Use Of Spoken Language In Animal Farm

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    Explore the ways that written and spoken language are used as a tool of control in Animal Farm. The pig’s knowledge of technical farming aspects from their ability to read, allows them to assume leadership positions. From the very start of the book the pigs are portrayed as the brains of the farm. We are first presented with this aspect when, in chapter 1, the pigs reveal that they have learnt to read and write: “The pigs now revealed that during the past three months they had taught themselves

  • Ivan The Terrible's Cruelty In Russian History

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    Ivan Vasilyeevich, the first tsar of Russia, was known for his cruelty. Titled Ivan the Terrible, the tsar made a mark on Russian history when he began the absolute rule of Russian tsars. Through expansion and reform, Ivan built Russia from the ground up. However, the creation of a strong new nation came at a high price: the lives of thousands of Russian citizens. Ivan the Terrible helped shape Russian history and created a lasting legacy of Russian tradition. Born on August 25, 1530, Ivan the

  • Soviet Union Vs Russia Dbq

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    question, What was the Soviet Union or Russia, what is their answer. Each person has their own thoughts or feelings about the Soviet Union or Russia. Some people say that the Soviet Union and Russia are the same. They’re not!!!!! The Soviet Union and Russia are two very different things. (Background Essay) Before Vladimir Lenin came into power to rule Russia, Russia was ruled by Czar’s. A Czar was an emperor that the ruled Russia before 1917. The last Czar to rule Russia was Nicholas II. He was overthrown

  • Animal Farm: The Russian Revolution

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    Lenin successfully over through Nicolas but, like most revolutions, he turned out to be just as bad as Nicholas II, and he developed the Communist party ( History, 2011). This generic situation was written into a book Animal Farm. In the book by George Orwell, a farmer named Jones abuses his animals.

  • 20th Century Russia Government

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    Russia is one of the largest countries in the entire world. Russia is made up of 142,355,415 people, and the landmass itself is 17,098,242 square kilometers (Russia). This is one of the biggest nations existing today. It is located in Asia and has been through major government changes in the 20th century. Throughout its history, this country’s government has had three major government changes each with an obvious significance. In the early 20th century Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks were the

  • Totalitarianism In Russia

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    Throughout the nation’s turbulent history, Russia’s governmental collusion and radical economic transitions has created an everlasting dark cloud that has tainted their image in the eyes of the free world. The Russian political system as of recent has begun to accept democratic principles, however the totalitarian governing policies of Vladimir Putin remains to be lacking essential credentials of country who “embraces democracy.” Nonetheless, with a past filled with countless shifts in the state’s

  • How Did Cold War Influence Pop Culture

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    This investigation will answer the question to what extent did the Cold War influence pop culture during the 1950’s and 1960’s in the United States? This question is important because it’s based during the Cold War which was a time in history that was characterized by extreme hostilities between the U.S and USSR for over forty years. Amidst this time of superpowers vying for nuclear supremacy, pop culture was a major factor that emerged during this time that impacted both societies. Pop culture,

  • Tsar Nicholas II

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    Question- How far can it be argued that the Tsar was able to control Russia before 1905 through the effective use of fear? Intro- Tsar Nicholas II came to the throne in 1894, he was an autocrat which meant he had complete power and didn’t have to consult anyone else before he made important decisions. He was not elected he felt like he had a right to rule as he believed he had been given the position by God himself. Anyone who questioned his power was sentenced without trial and many ended up being

  • How Did Catherine The Great Modernize Russia

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    Russian history, Catherine the great’s 34 year long reign was characterized by her incredible foresight and transformational leadership which modernized Russia. Despite being of German descent, Catherine was able to assume supreme power as empress of Russia by winning the support of her subjects. During her reign, Russia was transformed from a remote, underpopulated land with poor education, and little patronage for the arts to a political superpower. Immediately upon arriving in Russia, Catherine

  • Why Ronald Reagan Won The Cold War?

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    When talking about the cold war, it is easy to pick America's side and say that Ronald Reagan won the war. What most people tend to tend to leave out is the history behind the actual collapse of the soviet Union and the slow erosion that had been happening since world war two. Just because he was around when the union collapsed does not mean he was the main reason behind. In fact, Reagan and Gorbachev were known to be on good terms and they communicated all the time. The cold war wasn’t just caused

  • Karl Marx: The Contributions Of Vladimir Lenin And Marxism

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    follow his theories to the point. Although Marx tends to be equated with Communism, it might not seem righteous to blame him for whatever shortcomings occurred when his theories were put to the test; Marx passed away well before the revolution in Russia, and he played no role in the emergence of the totalitarian regime at the time. When discussing Marx, however, Vladimir Lenin is one of the biggest highlights when it comes to studying the outcomes of Marx’s theories.

  • Putin Performance Art

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    Putin’s Russia and performance art: Self-mutilation as a political statement 1. Introduction Throughout history, the Russian government has oppressed any opposition and thus political protest. However, in recent years, protest movements have started to spread in Russia. As the regime still supresses its people, art developed into one of the main means of protest, resulting in a lively scene of several artists criticising political life. The extreme rigour Putin applies to any opposition has forced

  • Ap Human Geography Russia

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    Russia also officially known as the Russian Federation is a federal state in Eurasia. And the ninth most populous, with over 146.6 million people at the end of March 2016. The European western part of the country is much more populated and urbanized than the East, about 77% of the population live in European Russia. Russia's capital Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world, other major urban centers include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara

  • The Short Term Causes Of The Russian Revolution

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    causing the Revolution. In all, their are many causes of the Russian Revolution. One of the causes of the revolution was the long-term problems in Russia. Russia was an autocracy. In Russia, the Tsar had total power while the Duma had little power and could only criticize the government. Many people wanted Russia to be more democratic. Nicholas, the Tsar of Russia, was a weak leader and didn’t take care of many things. For example, the huge gap between the rich and poor, the terrorists, and the government

  • First Russian Revolution 1917

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    used by the Russians at that time, the first Russian Revolution broke out in the streets of Petrograd. This revolution was the first step towards a new government and leading power in Russia. The revolution started with the collapse of the Russian Empire because Emperor Nicholas II abdicated his throne. After this, Russia replaced this regime with a provisional government. This revolution was caused by the middle-class citizens. The people were originally upset with the monarchy. This anger for the monarchy

  • The Bloody Sunday Massacre: The Cause Of The 1905 Russian Revolution

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    On Sunday January the 9th , or the 22nd depending on whether you are going by the Julian or Gregorian calendars, peaceful demonstrators marched on in the snow blanketed streets of St. Petersburg, continuing through the cold and frigid temperatures of January in St. Petersburg to go and voice their concerns to their Czar. These protesters, armed only with only religious symbols, pictures of the Czar, and the petitions in which they had outlined their grievances, had no idea of the horrors that awaited

  • Ivan IV: The Reign Of Ivan The Terrible

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    Russia’s extremely rich history of the 9th to 13th centuries has led us to recognize prominent leaders of Kievan Rus like Oleg of Novgorod, or Vladimir the Great. But of the many leaders that have ruled over Russian provinces, few are as distinct, complex, and memorable as Ivan the Terrible following the rise of Muscovite Russia. Ivan IV was captivating not only in his conflicting reign, but in his tumultuous personal feelings of paranoia and ruthlessness. For years, Ivan IV has been debated as being

  • Ivan The Terrible Essay Description

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    against him. Ivan the Terrible gained his name particularly from his unforgiving torture methods, so unforgiving that he even used them on his own son. He is known as one of the most extreme monarchs in all of history. Ivan the Terrible’s rule was one of the most extreme in all of history - he killed those who opposed him, he was the only one that called the shots, and the power of the country