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  • A Very Brief History Of The Illinois Industrial University

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    the University of Illinois, but even though this chant has not changed the University has. The University of Illinois was not always called by that name, but originally was called the Illinois Industrial University. This university was built in between Champaign and Urbana as a result of the Morrill Land Grant Act in 1868 (Wiegmann). Throughout the history of the University many changes have taken place. Even with many obstacles in the early years of the University of Illinois, the University has

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    In June 1840 Lincoln then argues his first case before the Illinois Supreme Court. On November 4th 1842 Abraham Lincoln 30 years old, marries Mary Todd in Springfield, Kentucky. On August 1st 1843, Abraham’s first child, is born. Abraham names his first child Robert Todd Lincoln. On March 10th,1846 Abraham Lincoln’s

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    enough in 1818 Abraham’s mother, Nancy Lincoln, died of milk sickness. After the mother died, Thomas found a new wife named Sarah Bush Johnston. A few years later, the life in Indiana wasn’t as expected and the family had to move to Macon County, Illinois (Abraham Lincoln/ Editors- Childhood). Abraham believed that

  • What Was Lincoln's Role In The Civil War

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    Kentucky,  but later he moved to southern Indiana in 1816. Lincoln didn’t go to school often because he had to support his family. He moved to Southern Illinois in 1830 with his family, and Lincoln worked on a river flatboat hauling freight sown the Mississippi to  New Orleans when living in Southern Illinois. After moving to Salem, Illinois he got jobs as a shopkeeper and a postmaster. Later, he became interested in politics and supported the Whig Party. He did not support slavery to territories

  • Dorothea Dix Accomplishments

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    The Life and Accomplishments of Dorothea Dix Claire M. Okkema Valparaiso University I have neither given nor received nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid. A humanitarian devoted to the welfare of the mentally ill, Dorothea Dix challenged 19th century America’s most incorrigible social problems. Dix was a tireless evangelist, and her extensive work has left a selfless legacy. Dismissing all opposition, Dix created a solution for the growing crisis of public institutions,

  • Dorothea Dix: Social Reform

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    Gavi Kamen November 23, 2015 Dorothea Dix was born in Hampden, Maine in 1802 and became a social reformer whose devotion to the welfare of the mentally ill led to universal reforms. Her father Joseph was a Methodist preacher who was prone to depression and alcoholism and her mother suffered from crippling periods of depression. After teaching for many years, Dorthea took a job teaching inmates in an East Cambridge prison, where she was inspired by the dreadful conditions and the inhumane treatment

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    place named Decatur in Illinois. Although Lincoln was young, he had a reasonable amount of responsibilities ranging from helping his father plant crops and building log cabins with his father. He even had to helped his father clear off land. Once in Illinois, Abraham left to go live a life of his own. After leaving, he and some friends built a flatboat and took it to New Orleans, this is where Lincoln witnessed what slavery was like in the south. Upon his return to Illinois, he was elected to the

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    there was a court case in Boonville, he would walk fifteen miles just to go and see it. In 1850 he got his license to practice law. In the early 1850's Lincoln had created his own law office, the Lincoln-Herndon law office. On June 16, 1858 the Illinois State Republican Convention asked Lincoln if he would run against Stephen Douglas for the United States Senate. The seven Lincoln-Douglas debates occurred during the summer and fall of 1858. The debates were over slavery. Lincoln's anti-slavery talks

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    (Biography. Com section of Childhood) His family had to move to Illinois, he had to live in a lodge, cabin, he had to bring wood, and some of the wood he used it to build a fence. He has worked as postmaster, and as a landowner. He acquire skills when he used to tell stories when he lives in Illinois. According to after the Black Hawk War, Lincoln began his political career and elected state legislature in Illinois in 1834 as a member of the wigs party. He went was in the house of

  • The Social Effect Of The Chicago Fire Of 1871

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    In the year of 1871, an enormous fire raged across the city of Chicago, Illinois and had many effects on the social, economic, and political aspects of the city both immediately and later in the city’s life such as 100,000 families were left homeless, 200,000,000 dollars in property damage, and a variety of fire-protection reforms, including a ban on wooden buildings in the business district. The summer before the fire, there was little rain. This caused the ground and plants to be very brittle

  • How Did John Deere Change The World

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    John Deere started a small company in Illinois and now it can be found in 30 different countries. Many people use the equipment produced by John Deere on a daily basis, the equipment has many different uses. From harvesting fields across the Midwest to mining for gold in Brazil. John deer surrounds many different people across the world this was all started by a common blacksmith in Illinois. When somebody says John Deere everyone immediately thinks about that big

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    Abraham Lincoln Early life On February 12, 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born by a log cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln lost his own mother (Nancy hanks) at the age of nine because of milk disease, and then his dad remarried. Lincoln received sporadic education as a child, walking two miles to a schoolhouse when he was not needed to work on the family farm. Lincoln would read books and borrow them because of the lack of formal school. At the age of 17 Abraham grew to be six feet

  • Essay On Business In Chicago

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    you are located. Chicago Area Code 312, 773 and 708 The Chicago area code is an asset to any business. The city is the biggest city in the state of Illinois, and the 3rd largest in the country. It has an estimated population of 2.7 million people and covers 234 square miles. Area code 312, 773 and 708 is in Cook County in the northern part of Illinois. Chicago is on of the most important cities in the Midwest because of its strategic location on Lake Michigan and central location in the country which

  • Sinclair, Upton: Summary

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    Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle. Cambridge, Massachusetts 1971 Summary: In the early 1900s, many immigrants traveled to the U.S. in order to complete the American dream. That dream was to have a successful life in the land, America by having a good job, nice house, and having a happy family ,but sometimes it didn’t always turn out to be a good outcome. For Jurgis and his family, it was more like the American nightmare. They are all immigrants who come to America, they are scammed by some scammers and

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    three other candidates; The Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge, Constitutional Union candidate John Bell, and Northern Democrat Stephen Douglas, U.S. senator for Illinois. Lincoln, a Kentucky born lawyer and former Whig representative to Congress first gained national fame during his campaign against Stephen Douglas of Illinois for a U.S. Senate seat in 1858. The senatorial campaign included an extraordinary series of public encounters on the slavery issue, known as the Lincoln-Douglas debates

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    1865 in Washington D. C. at the Petersen house. Abraham Lincoln had a extremely rough childhood. He was at the age of nine when he lost his mother and also he and his family moved several times; from their home in kentucky to indiana, and then to illinois when he was around 20 years old. He decided he was not interested in being a farmer, but instead started to clean and fix up his farmers farm. The he went and joined in the The Black Hawk War as a volunteer. He was soon elected to lead this group

  • Community Boundaries In Calumet City

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    have boundaries, borders or margins that separate the community from another. Boundaries can be marked by a map, laws, or by physical features such as a main road. Calumet City is in Cook County, Illinois that is situated near south-east of Chicago. It is north of Lansing and southeast of Dolton Illinois (The Electronic Encyclopedia of Chicago, 2005). Calumet City is also bordered by Hammond, Indiana and the Village of Burnham, IL. The zip code for Calumet City is 60409. Some of the main highways

  • Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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    was his sister died on January 20,1850. Lincoln's brother Thomas Lincoln jr died in 1812. Lincoln’s youth was rough.His mother died when he was only 9years of age.Lincoln and his family moved from Kentucky where he was born to indiana then on the illinois in his early 20s. Abraham only had 12 months of education. Lincoln educated himself by reading the bible. When lincoln was younger he suffered Melancholy which is

  • Obama Second Inaugural Address Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    Tim Davis Mrs. Hampton AP English 11: A4 19 January 2017 Obama Rhetorical Analysis In President Obama’s Second Inaugural Address delivered on January 20th, 2013, he eloquently adopts several rhetorical devices for the purpose of looking forward on a “journey”. Excerpts from our Constitution also help him to achieve his purpose. Obama began his address by acknowledging the audience at the Inauguration. By doing this he showed respect to the holders of office, and showed that he was part of the

  • Abraham Lincoln's Accomplishments

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    his family. In 1830, Lincoln’s family moved to Macon County in southern Illinois. Abraham got a new job working at the Mississippi River, hauling merchandise for New Orleans. After finding a household in New Salem, Illinois, Lincoln became a shopkeeper, postmaster, and was first introduced to politics (Abraham Lincoln History). Lincoln first became involved in politics as an advocate for the Whig Party, winning the Illinois state legislature