Impeachment Essays

  • The President's Impeachment In Office

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    ensures fairness. In other words, consistency means holding every individual accountable and subjecting them to the same legal standards. The ambiguity of the impeachment terms and the political nature of the process create possibilities of two presidents being differently subjected to impeachment. Of course, no two reasons for impeachment can be similar but consequences should be commensurate with offenses. For instance, Bill Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice, and dishonesty, in a

  • The Impeachment Process

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    “The first step, the one that is technically the impeachment, is taken by the House of Representatives” (“United States Constitution”). Once the vote is taken and approved by the majority of the House, the second step is when the Senate enacts a trail to determine the conviction of the official, with a two-thirds

  • Senate's Impeachment

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    consent, and to ratify treaties. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule, the House must approve appointments to the Vice Presidency and any treaty that involves foreign trade. The Senate also tries those that are decided to begin the impeachment process, cases for federal officials referred to it by the House. In order to pass legislation and send it to the President for his signature, both the House and the Senate must agree on the terms in the bill by majority vote. If the President vetoes

  • Persuasive Essay On Impeachment

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    president of a crime, and putting him in jail, or any other punishment. Impeachment is a very serious and time consuming process, but is for the good of the people. Impeachment makes the president and the people even in crime, and many people love impeachment if it is needed. Impeachment has a lot of steps, and people checking each other, but there hasn 't been to many real impeachments that have taken action. Impeachment takes some time with the checking of everything, and the decisions but it

  • The Importance Of Presidential Impeachment

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    Since 1787, the impeachment process has proven effective in ensuring that the president acts in the best interest of the country. The Founding Fathers based the impeachment process off of the British process to hold those in power accountable for their actions and allow one branch to act as the prosecutor, while the other acts as the trier. Overtime in the United States, impeachments were issued due to the president engaging unconstitutionally in office, acting with improper behavior, and using the

  • President Bill Clinton Impeachment Analysis

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    Impeachment was first used in the British political system in the second half of the 14th century, since then it has been used by many other countries including the United States. The House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach and the Senate has the power to try an impeachment. Both President Johnson and President Clinton were impeached and President Nixon resigned before he could be impeached. Impeachment is a charge of misconduct made against the holder of the public office. The

  • Bill Clinton Impeachment Analysis

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    President William Clinton Facing Impeachment. President Bill Clinton was the forty second president of the U.S. His term lasted between 1993 and 2001 and was marked by financial prosperity. Although Clinton was the first baby boomer president, his reign was marked by an impeachment controversy. He went to U.S records for being the second American president to go through impeachment charges. President William Clinton faced impeachment by the House of the Representatives on two charges including

  • Andrew Johnson Impeachment Analysis

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    of his racism, stubbornness, disastrous Reconstruction policies, and his impeachment trial. Johnson’s impeachment would be the defining point of his presidency and his legacy. This raises the numerous questions such as why was Johnson put on trial; what made Republicans hell-bent on impeaching him; and was Andrew Johnson’s impeachment justified. Johnson was not what the United States had expected;

  • Bill Clinton Impeachment Case

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    followed after the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson is President Bill Clinton, on December 19, 1998. Due to the bitter partisanship that dominated Washington, D.C. during his two terms, and to his personal flaws, he became the most investigated President in history. (The impeachment of Bill Clinton). And there were many events that happened in the course of the time to get to the impeachment. There are many events that had lead to the start of the whole impeachment trial of President

  • Richard Nixon Impeachment Analysis

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    Nixon shamed from office President Richard Nixon had the first article of impeachment against him from the House of Representatives, the Watergate scandal and about the Watergate, impeachment, the cover up, and how and why he resigned, and after President Richard Nixon Resigned who was president and about that new president. There was a robbery at a Washington meeting complex called the Watergate. The burglars were arrested inside the DNC [Democratic National Committee] in the morning of June 17

  • Richard Nixon's Impeachment Analysis

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    for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”.  After going from the house, two-thirds of the Senate must approve this request within the presence of the chief justice of the Supreme Court. o There have only been two successful impeachments in the history of the United States.  Andrew Johnson went against his own party in terms of policies regarding the Reconstruction era after the North won the Civil War.  The more famous one, however, would have to be Richard Nixon.  Watergate-

  • President Clinton Impeachment Analysis

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    It’s December 19th, 1998 and the trial for the impeachment of President Clinton is about to take place. He has been our president since 1993, and now they think he needs to be impeached for everything he has done. However, I do not think he needs to be impeached he is a very good president. So far throughout his presidential term he has created over six million new jobs. “As a part of the 1993 Economic Plan, President Clinton cut taxes on fifteen million low-income families and made tax cuts available

  • What Was Andrew Johnson's Impeachment

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    Ever since President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial there has been controversy concerning the final vote that sealed the decision. Johnson had taken the office as president after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in 1865. However Johnson, who was a Democrat, immediately clashed with the Grand Old Party because it had been dominated by Radical Republicans, specifically Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner. Many bills were passed by the Republican Congress, but Johnson would veto them. Because the

  • The Argumentative Essay: The Impeachment Of Bill Clinton

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    Impeachment is a very precisely defined term in the constitution that is very vaguely backed up. Although it is clear what the levy of impeachment imposes, the standards in which one can be charged against are not very clear. This is why the 1998 Clinton impeachment trial was one of the most controversial trials in our nation’s history. The House of Representatives voted faintly in favor of a trial of the impeachment of our 42nd president, Bill Clinton. Clinton was accused on multiple charged, perjury

  • The Pros And Cons Of Andrew Johnson's Impeachment

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    the assassination of a former president who really helped in the Civil War and with slavery. Johnson tried to quickly restore the states in the Union, however his actions lead to a presidential impeachment. Due to his violations and counterproductive acts, President Andrew Johnson deserved his impeachment. The decisions Andrew Johnson made and

  • Compare Clinton's Impeachment And The Iran Hostage Scandal

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    with regard to the Argo Operation. However, tell the truth at all other times. It will prevent a lot of issues. Watergate, Clinton’s Impeachment, and the Iran-Contra Scandals all could have been avoided if people had just told the truth. This is an all-around good rule to follow. No one is above the law, especially the president. Watergate, Clinton’s Impeachment, and the Iran-Contra Scandals were all caused by the illegal actions of the president and members of his staff. Therefore, you should

  • The Sixth Amendment: The Ideas Of The Bill Of Rights

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    In 1787 the United States’ constitution was written, two years later the Bill of Rights was added. The Bill of Rights consists of ten amendments which were designed based on the American ideals to ensure that the federal government is not too powerful, and that it would protect the rights of the people or of the state. One of the most important amendments in the Bill of Rights is the sixth amendment which gives the people the right to enjoy a speedy trial when accused, and it allows the accused person

  • Supreme Court Justices: Impeachment In The United States

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    receive for their services, a compensation, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.” This means that Supreme Court Justices are allowed to hold office as long as they choose and can only be removed from their position by impeachment. It is not directed stated, but it provides the ability for Justices to serve life term limits and not be required to resign after a

  • Andrew Johnson Research Paper

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    on the presidency. “Articles of Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.” Teaching American History. Accessed January 22, 2018.

  • Barbara Nixon Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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    Barbara Jordan gave a powerful speech regarding President Nixon and his possible impeachment for the Watergate Scandal. Throughout the speech, Jordan expressed her standpoint and reasoning as to why Nixon should be impeached. The main argument that Jordan presents in this speech is that the President should be impeached due to his actions that jeopardize the people of the United States and the Constitution. Barbara Jordan uses a great deal of effective language within her speech. I found