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  • Angel Of The Battlefield Clara Barton Character Traits

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    The Angel of the Battlefield As a teacher, a Civil War battlefield nurse, and the founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton made herself known by her love of helping people. Almost two hundred years ago, no one would have known that a baby named Clara Barton would change the world in a positive way. No one, not even her own parents, could have imagined that she would put her life on the line to help Union and Confederate soldiers directly on the battlefield during the Civil War. Even though

  • America Barton Is An Eminent Figure

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    J.K. Rowling once said, “The power of human empathy lead[s] to collective action, [the] sav[ing of] lives, and [the] free[ing of] prisoners.” Clara Barton was once a volunteer nurse with a strong sense of compassion for the ill and in-need; she eventually became the face for humanitarianism. As Barton strived to improve the lives of others, she defied societal standards for women and provided assistance that is more readily available. Clara Barton was an eminent and distinguished figure because she

  • How Did Clara Barton Impact The World

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    greatly impacted both America and Europe, and then went on to create life saving organizations still important to this day. After making a massive impact on the battlefields of the Civil War, Clara Barton changed the world by founding the American Red Cross even while struggling with deep personal issues and adversity towards women. Clara Barton was born Christmas day 1821 in North Oxford, a small town near Worcester, Massachusetts. She had high marks at local schools and was tutored by her older siblings

  • Clara Barton Essay

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    teacher and worked in the U.S. Patent Office. Barton was the president of The Red Cross Foundation. In her early life as a child she was very shy. She first found her calling when she had to take care of her ill brother, David after he was in an accident ( During the Civil War, Barton sought out to help the injured soldiers. Clara started working with Red Cross during a trip she took to Europe. The Red Cross Foundation was founded in 1881 and Clara was the first president there. Barton

  • Clara Barton's Role In The Civil War

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    Helping Hand Award Clara barton was an american hero in the civil war. She is known for being the best nurse in the civil war,helping soldiers in the battle of antietam ,and for founding the red cross.My award is the healping hand award and i am giving it to Mrs.Clarissa Harlowe Barton. she helped out majorally in the battle of antitem. their was about 23,000 men that were killed, wounded, or missing.she tryed her best to care for thembut soon relized that she did not have enough

  • Hcs 335 Code Of Ethics

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    HCS/335 Code of Ethics Paper Patty Daugherty 11/07/2016 The American Red Cross is an independent humanitarian organization whose sole purpose is to assist the community and the world in a time of need. It has been established and helping many people for many years. The American Red Cross is the crisis responder when there is a natural disaster such as a flood, tornado, wildfire, and even the small house fire. The American Red Cross is there to assist the people who have just experienced such a traumatic

  • Clara Barton Research Paper

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    one of the nursing leaders that shaped history (Kerfoot 1998). Clara Barton will be the main focus of this assignment as she was a remarkable woman who started off as an educator and then a clerk and then a nurse and then one of the founders of Red Cross in America. In a time when women were not educated and were not even offered jobs she worked side by side with men. She was from the Not for Profit Sector. Her field was Nursing and she tackled with providing healthcare to those in natural disasters

  • American Red Cross Clara Barton Character Traits

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    When she taught she helped and inspired the kids to do better. When she nursed people she comforted and cared for them. By founding the American Red Cross she took care of people during disasters and inspired people to help each other. Clara Barton helped many people by teaching them, nursing soldiers and others, and by founding the American Red Cross. Clara Barton was a teacher for many years. As a child, she was quite shy. Because of her shyness, Lorenzo Niles Fowler told her parents that teaching

  • Clara Barton A Hero

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    Clara Barton made it possible to continue her mission even after her death by founding the American Red Cross. Her organization still helps people around the world, specializing in disaster relief, blood donations, and supporting military families. It is based entirely on volunteers, just as Clara Barton started. The Red Cross’ funds are completely on gratuity and as reported by the Red Cross’ Website, “90 cents of every dollar” is used to benefit society. The “Good Samaritans” help teach classes

  • How Did Clara Barton Contribute To The American Red Cross

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    Founder of the American Red Cross Clara Barton was a nurse during the Civil War and founded the American Red Cross. She was an independent, strong woman who spent her entire adult life helping victims of disasters and wars. Even at the risk of her own health and safety, Barton continually found ways to contribute to the welfare of the world. Whether she was in the trenches treating soldiers, establishing a cemetery, distributing supplies, or founding the American Red Cross, Barton always gave her

  • How Did Clara Barton Contribute To The Civil War

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    In the American Civil War, one of the most recognizable figures is Clara Barton. She was the “Angel of the Battlefield”, and the founder of the American Red Cross. Clara Barton is an important figure of the Civil War, and is one person who is still remembered by many people today. Clara’s Early Life Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. She was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father was a town official, captain of the militia, and a member of the Massachusetts Legislature. Her mother

  • Clara Barton Research Papers

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    American Red Cross, fearlessly risks her life to help rescue soldiers on the battlefield, exemplifying attributes of a heroine. She is a hero in many ways. She often put her life through many great dangers. She dealt with deaths of loved ones, unfair rules against women, and the loss of many jobs because of her gender. She saved many soldiers during the American Civil War, impacted the Women’s suffrage movement greatly by passing a case for women’s rights, and founded The American Red cross, which

  • How Did Celia Barton Contribute To Red Cross

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    American Red Cross association. In 1861, Clara Barton was working in the Washington D.C. station when soldiers flooded the station wounded and hungry after the Baltimore riot. Clara saw a situation in need of her help. She provided them with the necessary care and had several others supply clothes and emotional support. She learned to store and administer the proper medical care. But Clara did not only offer

  • Clar Clara Barton's Life And Accomplishments

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    but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them.” Not only was Clara Barton a volunteer nurse during the Civil War who exceeded her mandatory duties, but she is also the Founder of the American Red Cross. Throughout her life, she accomplished many amazing things. Her achievements were not due to pure luck, they were earned through hard work and dedication to her aspirations. Clara was revolutionary, determined, and trustworthy. I used http://familiesusa

  • Clara Barton Research Paper

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    Clara Barton was a hero because she puts herself in front of others, acts for the good of others, and inspired people around her. Founder of the Red Cross, and a nurse in the civil war, Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. She was the youngest of six children. She first began nursing when she had to take care of her brother who was very sick. She was 11 years old at the time. Later she began teaching and opened her own free public school in New Jersey. One year

  • Civil Rights In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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    As far back as humans have studied, music has been one of the ultimate symbols of time. Instruments and music compositions have shown historians how people were living and the struggles they faced. Even the song “Yankee Doodle” possessed historical significance, providing a deeper and almost comical understanding of the tension between the British and the Americans during the American revolution. In the mid 1900s, artists such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, and Mahalia Jackson sang songs relating

  • How Did Karla Barton Contribute To The American Red Cross

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    An educator, nurse, and founder of the American Red Cross, Clarissa Harlow Barton, more famously known as Clara Barton, was born in 1821. Being a woman born into this time period, she faced hardships and struggled to compete with men and it was because of this that she was pushed towards taking care of people who were wounded or ill. She had her first calling at the age of ten where she nursed her brother back to recovery after he experienced a severe fall and it was not until forty years later

  • Brief Biography Of Clara Barton: War Heroine

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    chose to continue her work on finding lost soldiers. Even when she was supposed to be on vacation resting, she was spreading love and tending to those in need. In fact, it was on her recovery vacation to Switzerland that she found out about the Red Cross and was inspired to begin the American Chapter. Clara Barton began as a very shy girl but blossomed into a great speaker, teacher, nurse, and leader. If Barton can accomplish so much what can stop me from changing the change except me? When things

  • Red Cross Nonprofit Agency Analysis

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    The nonprofit agency that I have chosen is the Red Cross. The Red Cross is considered humanitarian resources. The Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton in 1881. The Red Cross is an organization that helps those who are in need by providing them with emergency assistance. The Red Cross mostly get fund by donations. Most of their service consists of volunteers who help conduct service to the public. The Red Cross offers five key services. Which consist of disaster relief, supporting military family

  • How Did Clara Barton Contribute To The American Red Cross

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    asked yourself who is the most important person in history. Clara Barton has had more impact on American society and culture than any other person in history for the three following reasons she was a nurse in the civil war, she founded the American Red Cross, and she was a teacher/patent officer. Clara Barton was widely recognized for her remarkable leadership and humanitarian accomplishments. Presidents, generals, soldiers, and royalty recognized her great contributions to society. Children, schools