Ionizing radiation Essays

  • Ionizing Radiation In Australia

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    Any organisational function that uses ionizing radiation is subject to safety requirements to ensure the protection of people who could be exposed as a result of the function. The requirements applied in Australia originate from the Basic Safety Standards (BSS) for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources, issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency, as Safety Series 115. The standards stipulate requirements for notification of the Regulatory Authority of

  • The Pros And Cons Of Ionizing Radiation

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    Distinction must be drawn at this point between ionizing and nonionizing radiation especially with regard to their interaction with biological systems. Ionizing radiation has the ability to damage components of cells. Nonionizing radiation, on the other hand, such as radio waves and microwaves do not have similar capabilities and can at best cause heating of tissues. This claim though has been seriously doubted after a thorough scientific scrutiny, as we shall see later. Electric fields are easily

  • Non Ionizing Radiation Research Paper

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    Radiation can be defined as the energy travelling through space which comes from a source and may be able to penetrate various materials. There are two types of radiation and they are the non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation consists of light, radio and microwaves. Whereby ionizing radiation can produce charged particles in matter, and ionizing radiation is produced by unstable atoms. The difference between unstable atoms and stable atoms is that unstable atoms have an excess

  • Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper

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    radioactive medication known as radiotracers or radiopharmaceutical (Understanding nuclear medicine, 2009). Radiotracers are given to the patient through injection, swallowing or inhalation, which makes the body radioactive for a short time. The radiation is detected by a special camera, and then the image is produced. (Cain, 2013) NM is used to treat and diagnose diseases by looking to the physiology of the body (Understanding nuclear medicine, 2009). NM includes Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography

  • Radiation Therapy Research Paper

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    Radioactivity or radiation therapy uses high energy rays or radioactive substances to damage tumor cells or halt their growth, it has been used alone or along with other treatments as an effective tool for treating cancers for over one hundred years, It is estimated that about two-thirds of all cancer patients will receive radiation therapy as a stand alone treatment or as part of a more comprehensive treatment protocol. Before Ionizing particle beams, few options for both benign or malignant diseases

  • Outline And Clarifies The Uses For Developing Cancerous Cells

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    outcomes of radioactive materials used in treatments such as early detection of cancers, heart disease and others but, it’s still questioned today if these practices are unsafe due to the amount of exposure to hazardous radiation, the general population incline to blame radiation in medicine to be a significant contributor for developing cancerous cells in the human body. The following essay will outline and clarifies the uses, benefits and risks associated with the radioisotopes

  • Lab 6: Radioactivity

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    Physics 132 Hasbrouck 212 Cassidy Grace Lab 6: Radioactivity Abstract In this experiment we studied the strength of radioactive elements using the properties of ionizing radiation. The sources we used in this experiment are alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. We also studies the principles of the Rutherford experiments in that the nucleus was found to be very small because the forces that hold it together and also that the protons and the neutrons reside in the nucleus. Through this we also learned

  • Workplace Radiation In Australia

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    Over the years there have been concerns about the effects of workplace radiation on the health and safety of workers. As a result in Australia, as in most developed countries, legislation and regulation has been developed to provide structure and guidelines for the control of radioactive substances, radioactive sources and radiation apparatus. These Acts include procedures to prevent or limit the hazards associated with radiation for the occupational users and the general public. The regulations place

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Xrays

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    essay I will be talking about X-rays.I will also talk about how pneumonia is able to be treated by X-rays. X-rays are a kind of radiation called electromagnetic waves. X-ray imaging forms images of the inside of a human body. The picture will show the part of your body in various shades of black and white. This is a result of various tissues taking in various amounts of radiation. Calcium in bones take in X-rays the most, so bones look white. Fat and other soft tissues take in less, and look grey. Air

  • The Pros And Cons Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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    MR is a powerful imaging machine depend on the radio wave, unlike the other modalities which depend on the ionizing radiation. However, there are different sources of risk with magnetic resonance imaging, which the health providers should aware of (Dempsey, Condon, & Hadley, 2002). One of the main risks is ferromagnetic metal objects which can be projectiles with a strong static field. As the MRI develops and the magnetic field increases from 1.5 Tesla to 3 Tesla and more, as the power to pull the

  • Advancements In Radiology Essay

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    uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses, and a computer to produce detailed images of the boy’s internal structures including bones, organs, and tissues. An MRI is a safer alternative to x-rays and CT scans because it doesn’t use ionizing radiation. MRI is often used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions. MRI scans can show if a patient has cancer in a part of their body, multiple sclerosis, and heart problems. It can also be used to guide biopsies, measure blood flow, and monitor

  • Quantum Mechanics: The Effects Of Linus Pauling

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    Effects of Linus Pauling As a result of Linus Pauling’s research and discovery of quantum mechanics, scientists have developed new cures and “small” sciences. Linus Pauling invented oxypolygelatin, this substance is known as a synthetic blood plasma to be used in emergency transfusions for bad injuries in combat times (Linus Pauling, 6). He also invented the oxygen detector, this device checked oxygen levels in submarines, airplanes, and several medical environments (Linus Pauling, 6). A theory

  • MRI Vs X-Ray Scan Essay

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    be understood and can be visually determined. With that being said one major difference in the way that the two techniques obtain their images is the use of radiation. In an X-ray scan the use of gamma radiation helps with being able to obtain an image of an internal structure of the body. Whilst an MRI scan will use magnetic radiation to achieve the same goal. Therefore X-rays scan are more favourable when it comes to determining bone injuries and MRI scan are favourable

  • Dropping The Atomic Bomb Argumentative Essay

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    Japan was planning on surrender, before the bomb was dropped. One reason was, Japan was getting ready to negotiate a peace settlement, yet Truman still decided to drop the bomb. The U.S. saw they were going to surrender (they knew). The U.S. was able to set up spying devices, and were able to hear some of the plans Japan was negotiating. Moreover, Japan’s not the reason this war started, yet two of their cities were obliterated, and many civilians died for doing nothing. Even Japan knew they were

  • Cancer And Chemotherapy Essay

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    count, tired and achy muscles that can mess up the balance and motor skills, and it also weakens your immune system so you are more prone to getting even sicker than what you already are (4). Chemotherapy can use in radiation, the radiation can be for nonmalignant diseases. Radiation is a powerful wave of energy that does the same things and regular chemotherapy and has about the same side

  • The Pros And Cons Of Quantum Mechanics

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    This paper accounts to unfold the different dimensions of quantum mechanics as well as it tries to throw light on the different theories regarding nuclear physics. Special care has been taken to enlighten on the use of nuclear physics in the field of medical science and modern health care. To meet the energy need of today we need an alternative source which should be perfect from each and every angle and that could be done by the blessings of nuclear physics that is by virtue of the nucleosynthesis

  • Chemistry: A Case Study Of Hydrogen Electron

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    1 The hydrogen atom has one electron which can occur in 3s, 3p and 3d and since it is one electron it experiences the same nuclear charge (full nuclear charge). The effective nuclear charge felt by more than one electron in an orbital is not the same. This is due to electrons have the same charges, thus repel each other and shield the nucleus. Helium has two electrons; hence electrons repel each other and shield the nucleus. Additionally, the 1s orbital is close to the nucleus as compared to 3s

  • Diagnostic Medicine: Radioisotope

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    It is an isotope of the artificially-produced element technetium and it has ideal characteristics for a nuclear medicine scan. It has a half-life of six hours which is long enough to examine metabolic processes but short enough to minimize the radiation dose. It decays by isomericly which emits gamma rays and low energy electrons. The low energy gamma rays it emits easily escape the human body and are accurately detected by a gamma camera. The chemistry of technetium is so versatile it can form

  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

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    the lowest possible shell orbit to the nucleus due to containing very little energy). (see bibliography: Smith, R. (2010). ‘Conquering Chemistry: HSC Course’. P.224) As this diagram shows, these ground state atoms, may absorb the electromagnetic radiation, or bands of visible light as energy given by certain wavelengths

  • Diagnostic X-Ray Exposure

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    responsibility of radiographers to always ensure to minimise this risk by minimising the radiation dose to the patient, ultimately producing the best diagnostic image and delivering the highest quality of care. Stochastic effects are those that occur by chance and are mainly related to cancer or genetic effects as a result of DNA disruption. For stochastic effects, there is no threshold dose, therefore for any amount of radiation