Italian American Essays

  • Italian Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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    aspects of Italian culture, including the cuisine, architecture, and artwork. Italian culture and American culture present many differences, which is why I would like to travel there to gain more knowledge about the world. The cuisine, art, and architecture of Italy differ from that of America. Italian cuisine is relatively simple, using only four to eight ingredients per dish. Chefs stress the quality of each ingredient over the elaborate preparation of a dish. The main ingredients of Italian cuisine

  • Essay On Italian American Internment

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    this paper will be to highlight American attitudes towards both German and Italian Americans during the Second World War. By examining the internment of German and Italian Americans as well as American attitudes towards the two minority groups, specifically through American war posters, this paper will address and expose an issue that has largely been exaggerated and neglected up until the late 20th into the 21st Century. The treatment of both Italian and German Americans during the Second World War

  • Essay On Italian American Alcoholism

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    Games by Malcolm Gladwell, the Italian and Irish Americans, drinking habits were similar yet different. There was one important component, as to why the Italians had a distinct outcome that the Irish did not have from their alcohol consumption manners. The Italian and Camba’s had healthier customs and attitudes approaching alcohol; they also used alcohol in more sophisticated ways. The cultural discrepancy between the Italian and Irish Americans is why Italian Americans did not encounter the same complications

  • American Italian Family Analysis

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    I grew up in a typical American Italian household, at least typical to what most think and no I DO NOT mean like the people from Jersey Shore or The Soprano’s. I grew up in a big family, we are loud, we love our food and yes we talk with our hands... A LOT. Many ways that Hollywood portrays the “typical American Italian household” is completely wrong. But I hope you all knew that; but if you didn’t you do now. I grew up in a big family. Our grandparents were King and Queen, they set everything.

  • Irish Discrimination In America

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    Throughout the years of American history there has been an abundance of groups that have decided to immigrate to the United States from other countries. The Irish people, Italian and Jewish groups of people departed from their country and moved to have their chance to experience the “American Dream.” These groups moved over and experienced a numerous amounts of stereotypes, discrimination, and finally assimilating into American culture. The Irish people came to the United States to attempt to start

  • Christ In Concrete

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    Christ in Concrete is a powerful and breathtaking narrative of the endeavors that an Italian American immigrant had to endure in the twentieth century. This book emulates the story of the death of the author’s father in a construction accident roughly twelve years ago. Overall, this novel is about the unfortunate death of Paul’s father, Geremio, due to a construction accident on Good Friday. After his father’s demise, Paul is responsible for supporting everyone in his large family. He comes to be

  • Italian Immigrants At Ellis Island Essay

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    Italian Immigrants at Ellis Island Photographs are some of the world’s most modern type of art. Anyone in today’s society can take a photo and post it online, but it requires an artist to tell a story within a photo. Lewis Hine is one such individual who relies on the medium to capture real-life moments of the past. This photograph is classified as documentary photography or social reform photography. It records how the world looks with a social and or environmental focus. Lewis Hine’s photograph

  • The Italian Americans La Famiglia Analysis

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    The Italian Americans – La Famiglia Every race or culture holds a certain type of image or stereotype. When it comes to the Italian Americans, they are portrayed as mobsters or suspicious people, when in reality there is so much more to them. The video, The Italian Americans – La Famiglia tells us the tale of how Italians came to the Americas and what they had to endure to make a namesake for themselves. Back in the 19th century, little was known about the Italians. The majority of the Italians

  • Stereotypes In Do The Right Thing

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    Do the Right Thing Essay Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing portrayed the struggle between young Blacks and the problems that they face. They are put in situations where whatever they choose to do could be considered wrong by people that aren’t Black, hence the title Do the Right Thing. How do they know what the right thing to do is? Has the violent culture in their neighborhoods and their relationship with police officers given them limited choices? Do the Right Thing brings about many questions

  • Analysis: The Real Little Italy

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    The Real Little Italy Although it is true Manhattan’s Little Italy was in fact a large Italian neighborhood, many tourists and some NY locals are unaware of the fact that the Belmont area of the Bronx is a historic neighborhood, which had a great influx of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century. Belmont, a predominantly Italian neighborhood located a little west of the Bronx Zoo, still consists of local shops, restaurants and delis that all represent this area’s rich historical past. Famous

  • Personal Narrative: My Ethnic Identity

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    identifies with different aspects of their lives to create their own personal identities. I personally identify with my Italian side of my family to help form who I am today. I have found myself connecting with this side more so than the other parts of my identity. It affects how I live my life by becoming the center to the culture surrounding me. However, my ethnic identity as an Italian American also influences how I live when it comes to my religion, and how my religion affects my life alongside my ethnicity

  • Argumentative Essay: Italian Culture Vs. American Culture

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    Italian Culture vs. American Culture History proves that The United States and Italy do in fact have a lot in common in terms of financial stability, progressive thinking, and democratic government but these cultures are also quite different (US Department, nd). What makes a country different than another, how do other countries adapt and can business be successful working with a country with a different culture? What Makes them Different? As a whole the Italian culture tends to have a more compassionate

  • Achieving The American Dream Analysis

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    #22 “Achieving the American Dream” Our heritage is an important part of who we are. Our heritage is something that is inherited from our great ancestors.Although I was born in America, my parents were born in Ecuador therefore my heritage is Ecuadorian. In America many immigrants come to find a better life. While being in America some immigrants forget about their heritage and follow the American ways. As generations follow the children of the first immigrants have lost their heritage due

  • Italian Culture Essay

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    Italian culture is a very close society. I am not a member of this culture, but this is one thing that I have noticed. I found that through the research I have done so far about Italian culture. Being a very close society makes this automatically puts certain things at the top of the list for values. According to the Kwintessential website, “family is the center of social culture” ( From comments on different blogposts I have made on Blogster, multiple of my peers would agree

  • Ethnic Food In Italy

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    Food practices and rituals were used by immigrants to construct the ideological representation of the Italian family by idealizing their ethnic origins. Ethnic food produced an appearance of traditionalism, and the rituals related to the sharing of food were of considerable importance in shaping the concepts of family and domesticity of Italo-Americans, for whom the ritual and ceremonial conviviality of baptisms, marriages and funerals, etc. played a central role in strengthening ties of kinship

  • Differences In Bicycle Thieves

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    1.) Bicycle Thieves, produced by Vittorio De Sica in 1948, significantly exemplifies the art of Italian Neorealism. De Sica depicts Italy during the post era of World War Two showcasing the struggles that were prevalent during this time period such as tough economic times and the difficulties of finding decent work. The concepts displayed in Bicycle Thieves representing the ideas of Italian Neorealism completely contradict those of Classical Hollywood Cinema. One example of the differences in these

  • Everyday Food Research Paper

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    an instrument of identity and a channel of contact through cultures. This is discussed drawing from three cases of Italian food culture hybridization spanning from the early 20th century to the first decade of the 2000s: the role of Italian food in Italian-American identity as depicted in Leonardo Coviello’s work; the meeting of Southern and Northern food cultures following the Italian internal migrations in the ‘50s and ‘60s; the food practices of international migrants in the context of the global

  • Social Customs Of Italian Culture

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    Part 1 Study Of Italian Culture A1 .Social Customs The social customs of the Italian culture in a business environment is that an initial introduction is done formally and the most common form of greeting is a simple handshake. It is common for both sexes. The Italians would also grasp the other person arms with their left hand. It is expected that one should shake hand with everyone single person in a group. After a handshake, business cards are exchanged and this happen only in business function

  • Giovanni Batista Piranesi Research Paper

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    Giovanni Batista Piranesi was an eighteenth 's century Italian artist, architect, and archeologist whose remarkable talent, imagination and the uncanny accuracy in depicting the monuments of Rome had a profound influence on stimulating the imagination of many poets, artists, and writers of the time. In his work, Piranesi aimed to capture the ancient Rome while superimposing it on the contemporary city in a way that would transform the existing environments into grandiose, magnificent, and, somewhat

  • Olive Garden Case Study

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    Olive Garden— an American casual dining restaurant that serves Italian-American cuisine. It opened originally in 1982, where the Olive Garden headquarters is located in Florida, as part of the Darden Restaurant Incorporations: a multi-brand restaurant operator that owns various chains of restaurants, including Red Lobster and the LongHorn Steakhouse. Olive Garden first started as a unit of General Mills; their Italian-styled theme became a big sensation. Currently, they serve customizable food choices