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  • The Black Walnut Tree Mary Oliver Summary

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    Mary Oliver’s The Black Walnut Tree displays a relationship between a family (the mother and daughter) and their tree. In the beginning of the poem towards the middle , both the mother and daughter are conflicted with the decision of tearing down the tree , and in return being able to pay off their mortgage. On the contrary , if the family decides to cut the tree they are afraid they may lose the strong family ties, and past generations that are connected to the tree. Ultimately the family of two

  • Figurative Language In 'The Black Walnut Tree'

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    At its core, “The Black Walnut Tree” is a conflict between the sentimental and what practically needs to be done. Throughout the poem, the author utilizes a very matter-of-fact and almost dismissive tone as the daughter and her mother debate whether or not to sell the tree and finish paying off a loan that they owe. As the poem progresses, this matter-of-fact tone transitions into figurative language as the black walnut tree takes on a more symbolic view. Mary Oliver shows in “The Black Walnut Tree”

  • Parkinson's Disease Research Paper

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    Parkinson 's disease is classified as a disease that impairs bodily movement by affecting the nervous system. Van Den Eeden suggest that people under the age of years old have a 12 in 100,000% chance of getting Parkinson 's disease, while people over the age of 50 years old have about 44 in 100,000% chance in getting Parkinson 's. Problems that are associated with Parkinson 's disease include tremors, bradykinesia, and postural instability; all exhibit some forms of motor loss or involuntary movement

  • Amygdala While Playing Mexican Train Dominoes

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    Amygdala- While playing Mexican Train Dominoes, I use my amygdala when I place a domino down trying to make someone else mad and instead I make the situation for me worse. Cerebellum- I flex my cerebellum when I’m trying to place a domino on the table without messing anyone else’s train up. Cerebral Cortex- In an attempt to win, I use my cerebral cortex to strategize where I am going to place my dominoes. Corpus Callosum- I am able to understand the words of the metaphor that my grandpa says in