The Black Walnut Tree Mary Oliver Summary

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Mary Oliver’s The Black Walnut Tree displays a relationship between a family (the mother and daughter) and their tree. In the beginning of the poem towards the middle , both the mother and daughter are conflicted with the decision of tearing down the tree , and in return being able to pay off their mortgage. On the contrary , if the family decides to cut the tree they are afraid they may lose the strong family ties, and past generations that are connected to the tree. Ultimately the family of two has to make the decision to cut the tree or allow the tree to stay along with it’s symbolism. Mary Oliver utilizes figurative language devices such as imagery in reference to the appearance of the tree ; symbolism which corresponds to the symbolic …show more content…

Although the tree may be hard to bear , it mustn't be chopped down because it is equal to that of a family member, Family may be a burden occasionally, but shall never fail and wither away. Mary Oliver shows the importance of the family’s tree by applying to a moral , spiritual , literal , and historical context with the utilization of personification , imagery , and symbolism. The readers view that The moral aspect of this poem is that the mother and daughter , the women of the family are unable to chop the tree down because they believe the tree is what has held the family together for all of this time , and it has so much value to the family. Literally the tree may present a burden to the family due to its age , however historically the tree’s leaves are getting heavier every year because the tree has been been in the family for years. So the weight is associated with all the years the tree has been passed down and the past members of the family.The spiritual aspect of this poem is the spiritual connection the family has with this specific tree. The family believes this tree is the root of what has held their family together through generations. And it is that same spiritual connection that will keep the family together that is founded upon the

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