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  • ELT In Korea

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    The history of ELT in Korea can trace its roots to the late 19th century. Until 1876, Korea was an isolationist ‘hermit’ state, and had little contact with non-Asian nations. It wasn’t until the Japanese forced King (later emperor) Gojong to sign the unequal Treaty of Ganghwa that Korea opened her doors to Western and Japanese influence (Dittrich, 2013). The Chosŏn Dynasty, which had historically espoused the Confucian ideal of learning as a way of gaining status (Seth, 2006), then initiated educational

  • Korea Geography

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    Geographic Location & Neighboring States South Korea is located in East Asia and lies on the lower half of the Korean Peninsula. West of South Korea lies China, separated by the Yellow Sea, and in the east Japan, separated by the Sea of Japan. The East China Sea and the Korea Strait form a natural boundary in the south. North of South Korea is situated the only directly bordering sovereign state; North Korea. North Korea

  • Colonialism In Korea

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    East Asia. Location of Korea somehow has determined the country’s history and later developments. People of Korea are involved in agriculture. Korea’s location by some means has determined the country’s past and setting. Residents of Korea are engaged in agriculture. North and South Korean state system counts many centuries; but there has never been “two Koreas” before World War II. Currently, Modern world has two authoritative Koreas: North (communist regime) and South Korea (capitalist regime).

  • Essay On Korea Peninsula

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    The Korea Peninsula or otherwise referred to as Korean Peninsula is a peninsula in Eastern part of the Asian continent. It extend towards south for about 1,100 kilometers into the Pacific Ocean from the continental Asia. The Korean peninsula is surrounded by East China Sea which is to its south, the East Sea which is more commonly known as Sea of Japan is to its east and Yellow sea is to the west on the peninsula. Korea Straight connects the East China Sea and Sea of Japan. The northern bounderies

  • South Korea Geography

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    Introduction South Korea is a very cultural and historical place which has 51 million inhabitants. Their country is in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and they own many thousands of islands, however not all are habitable. They have very extreme weathers and a very varying terrain. Above all, these the Koreans are very proud people that value education, culture and history very much. Geography South Korea is a country in East Asia which covers the southern part of the Korean Peninsula

  • Japanese Colonialism In Korea

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    Starting from the forced opening of ports induced by the Kangwha treaty with Japan in 1876, Korea entered a period of gradual decline until, from a protectorate in 1905, it became a colony of the Japanese empire in 1910. Many consider these events as the kick-starters of modernization in the peninsula, which poses great conflicts in the historiography of the peninsula. Indeed, if modernization in itself is always looked upon with great positiveness, imputing its inception to Japan implies some sort

  • Propaganda In North Korea

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    East Asia: North Korea. Since the ancient times, numerous compelling kingdoms occupied Korea, including China. In the late nineteenth century, Korea declared its independence and created the Korean Empire, which lasted until Japan had dominated the countries economical actions and mutated its culture in 1910. After the World War 2, Korea experienced a schism, which resulted with two hostile countries: North and South Korea. South Korea was corroborated by the US while; North Korea was validated by

  • Korean Drama In Korea

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    on to their neighbouring countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. The economy of Korea also increased because the Korean products are also becoming popular, increasing the income of the business. The audiences would be appraising Koreans fair and smooth skin from the dramas that they would watch. This helped the aspiring artists to get recognized in their neighbouring countries and was able to ‘debut’. Korea is then expanding its horizon. The researcher found out records of the earliest dramas

  • Essay On South Korea

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    South Korea Overview: South Korea is in eastern Asia and occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula and many islands. It borders both the Sea of Japan (also known as the East Sea) and the Yellow Sea. Its only land border is with North Korea along the 238 Km Korean Demilitarized Zone, a 4,000m strip of heavily guarded land separating the two countries. South Korea traditionally had an agricultural economy, which shifted towards manufacturing, and with service industries becoming increasingly

  • North Korea Cultural Analysis

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    (U) North Korea (NK), although isolated, have developed their own cultural aspects over the decades. The civilian considerations, such as PMESII/ASCOPE, in NK comes in many shapes and forms. The cultural aspects of NK are dependent on and significantly affected by these considerations. The culture of NK varies from the political to the information considerations in PMESII/ASCOPE. The government control these aspects in NK giving little to no civilian involvement. The government limits culture

  • Economic Problems In Korea

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    According to the recent study, "South Korea has achieved economic growth at an unprecedented speed. Observers named this economic growth the “Miracle of the Hangang River”, although most of the country’s industrial facilities were destroyed during the Korean War, and the country was devoid of capital and natural resources."(Culture and Service) Contrary to this unbelievable speed, there are a lot of problems of an economic structure that can be found easily and whether the Korean economy is really

  • Cultural Diplomacy In South Korea

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    South Korea in Building Its Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy Through Its Culture and Technology: Case Study of K-Pop Music Industry I. Abstract In these recent years, South Korea has becoming one of the influential soft powers by attracting others by its cultures, especially on it entertainment aspects. South Korea nowadays in this globalized world also in its attempt to build and strengthen its diplomacy through the cultures they have. The cultures of South Korea are now becoming trends not only

  • Relationship In South Korea

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    in Asia and 7th worldwide. In the Global Innovation Index, South Korea holds the title being the most innovative country. South Korea’s strategy also centered in growing the internationally-competitive, family-controlled conglomerates, chaebol, through easy financing and tax incentives. Their dominance catapulted these chaebol such as Hyundai-Kia, Samsung and LG into becoming global

  • South Korea Cultural Analysis

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    Located in East Asia, the Republic of Korea, better known as South Korea, is the southern portion of the Korean peninsula. South Korea borders the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) to the north, the Sea of Japan to the east, East China Sea to the south, and the Yellow Sea to the west. The country of South Korea has been one of the United States’ (US) greatest allies, with both countries benefitting from each other’s resources and tactical advantage. This cultural analysis of

  • Cultural Values In Korea

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    Summary 5 Anna Kim 2015461011 Buddhist Temples Korea must be proud of its cultural heritage that allures not only native people but also foreigners, especially, those, who are from Western countries. Foreigners come to Korea to find out answers on their questions: What Asia means to them or what is Korea. Korea attracts tourists being a developed country with fascinating shops, good service, health industry and entertainment as well as beauty and harmony of nature, mountains, festivals, cherry

  • South Korea Case Study

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    OVERVIEW OF SOUTH KOREA: GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION OF SOUTH KOREA The location of South Korea is in East Asia & the southern half of the peninsula extends out from the far east of the Asia land mass. North Korea is the only country on the border of South Korea, with 238 kms of borders running with the Korean demilitarized zone. South Korea has 3 seas with 2413 coast line & is surrounded by water. Yellow sea to the west, East China Sea to the south, ulleung-do to the east & liancourt rocks in the east

  • Surreal Experience In Korea Essay

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    A Surreal Experience in Korea It was only like a blink of an eye when the Korean wave has reached its highest peak and conquered Philippine television. Many have adapted and have even lived out a lifestyle as in a Korean way. And I was one of the many. I was one of those who got captivated and became a huge fan of Korean Dramas. Full House, Winter Sonata, Empress Ki, My Love from the Star were among the Korean dramas I was totally crazy about. I was impressed how creative Koreans are when it comes

  • Importance Of Tourism In Korea

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    Tourism industry in Korea has developed since 1970’s. Asian game in 1986 and Seoul Olympic in 1988 significantly contributed to development of Korean tourisn industry. Tourism industry, new resources in 21st century, is especially important to Korea because of lack of natural resources in it. So, tourism will be a leading industry in the korean economy of the 21st century. (Tourism Statistics) Thus, thesedays Korea makes efforts to advertise Korean tourism and attract foreign tourists, and in practice

  • Totalitarianism In North Korea

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    the only country in the world that totally rejects globalization, North Korea, upon becoming a separate country in 1948 when the Korean peninsula was divided into two separate countries in the aftermath of WWII, has emerged today as the world’s most enduring isolated totalitarian socialist society in recent history, according to Freedom House. Trapped somewhere amid a medieval monarchy and a communist party-state, North Korea has been ruled under an iron fist doctrine for more than half a century

  • The Chaebol Economy In Korea

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    more pressing when the financial crisis led the government to implement labor reforms that gave rise to industrial conflicts. The economic and social development commission (The Tripartite Commission) the first standing body of social dialogue in Korea, was then established as a Presidential consultative/advisory body, the commission composed of representatives from the government, the two trade union confederation- the FKTU and the KCTU- and the national-level employers’ associations, the FKI (Federation