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  • Long Term Loans And Long-Term Loans

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    Long-Term Loans: Long-term loans are the ones having longer tenure or repayment period. The repayment period of a loan can range from a year to as long as 30 years. Usually, loans that are paid off in more than a period of 3 years are considered as long-term loans but there some type of loans that are designed in such as way that it can be catered to the borrowers belonging to the different economic segments of the society. It allows people to take maxim um benefits from the schemes operated by various

  • Payday Loans Disadvantages

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    Dangers Of The Payday Loans Industry[Finance]PayDay Loan, Insurances, Debt Settlement, Auto LoanApr 1Filed under: PayDay Loan; Tagged as: check, credit, industry, LoanPayday loans are a popular and fast growing means of borrowing money. Their popularity is due to the ease with which the process works as well as its very short processing time. A customer writes a personal check for the desired cash, plus a fee for the payday loans lender. The borrower and payday loans lender both know the

  • Essay On Bank Loan

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    Bank loan A loan is when a person is provided money that they must repay. In short, a bank loan is a debt that a person, better known as the borrower, owes to a bank. A bank loan is an agreement between the borrower and the bank that the loan will be paid back in a specific amount of time at a specific interest rate. The borrower asks the bank to loan the money they need to buy a certain item. A bank loan is commonly used to purchase a house or an automobile. The bank will then take a look at the

  • Disadvantages Of Personal Loan

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    strapped? Personal loans offer fast cash solutions to help you fund your plans in the short term. They do however come in an assortment of versions which can be perplexing if you haven’t applied for one before, so here’s an introduction to help you understand what personal loans are and the different types available in Malaysia. What is a Personal Loan? You can think of a personal loan as a method of financing that has the following features: 1) Shorter repayment tenure than other loans, typically 1

  • Loan Case Study

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    1. Introduction: The project is undertaken on study on Loans and Advances at St. Milagres Credit Souhardha Co-operative Ltd, Karwar. The study involves understanding the process involved in providing loans and advances. It helps to know and understand the pattern of loans and advances offered at St. Milagres Credit Souhardha Co-operative Ltd, Karwar Loans and advances are the most important aspects of any banking organization. The term “Loan” refers to the amount borrowed by one person from another

  • The Pros And Cons Of Payday Loans

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    Can a Payday loan solve my money problems? 0 Many of us will experience financial difficulties at some point in our lives. If he 's trying to save up for a deposit on a House, student clearing debts, saving up to give Christmas gifts to our children or even be able to pay the rent every month, money worries are one of the main causes of stress and anxiety in modern society. Money lenders quickly recognized a gap in the market for money, easily accessible to consumers who were desperate for money

  • Persuasive Essay On Student Loans

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    done to pay off my $20 000 student loan in one year. The credit score for many USA citizens has gone down. The reason is that there is an enlarging amount of student loan defaulters.Generally, people lack the know-how on how to handle their student loans. The student loan debt has currently surpassed the 1 trillion dollar mark in the United States. A student loan is the same as other loans because it will actually make your credit score go down. Student loans are going to make you lose a lot of

  • Benefits And Disadvantages Of Education Loans

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    Title: EDUCATION LOAN: BENEFITS AND PROBLESMS FACED BY THE CUSTOMERS INTRODUCTION: EDUCATION LOAN A loan offered to a student which is used to pay off education-related expenses, such as college tuition, room and board at the university, or textbook. Many of these loans are offered to students at a lower interest rate. In general, students are not required to pay back these loans until the end of a grace period, which usually begins after they have completed their education.

  • Advantages Of Loan And Home Loan

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    Home loan is one of the most popular loans offered by banking institution and even non-banking in our country. It is usually defined as sum of money which is borrowed from a financial institution or any banks to purchase a house. Home loan offered by any bank or financial institution consist a fixed rates and payment terms. People generally take home loan for either buying a house/flat or a plot of land or with the purpose of construction of a new house or renovation, extension and repairs and of

  • Essay On Marriage Loan

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    Marriage loans are unsecured loans that are obtained to cover the wedding expenses. These are personal loans offered by almost every bank in the country. Marriage loans are powerful financial products that can aid people in managing wedding expenses whether it is for their own wedding or of someone in the family. Borrowers do not have to provide security or collateral to avail the marriage loan from a bank. Marriage Loan Eligibility Each bank has its own specific criteria to grant a marriage loan but

  • Pros And Cons Of Jumbo Loan

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    115. Jumbo Loan Jumbo Loan is a preapproved loan that is provided on your credit card. This loan amount can be more than the credit card limit. The loan amount availed is not blocked against the credit card. Prominent banks like HDFC are offering this service. This loan can be used for a variety of purposes such as school fee or college fee, medical expenses, travelling, home renovation, home and kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets or any unexpected expenses. These loans can be paid back through

  • Plot Loan Analysis

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    Plot Loans Overview A plot loan or a land loan is a type of credit or debt that is obtained specifically for the purchase of a piece of residential or commercial land. A plot loan is different from a home loan. Unlike a plot loan, a home loan is obtained for constructing a home on a plot of land or a land which is likely to go under construction soon, or for buying an apartment for residence in a society of flats under construction. Documents Required for a Plot Loan: The documentation for plot

  • Advantages Of Personal Loans

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    Personal Loan: Personal loans are handy financial tools for emergency needs. They can help in recovering from a financial crisis or taking care of large expenses. For purchases that are not covered by other types of loans, individuals may use personal loans for covering expenditures, for instance, those related to a wedding, home renovation, or a big vacation. Personal loans are a form of unsecured loans. It means they do not require any type of collateral in the form of cash or an asset. However

  • Home Loan Disadvantages

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    Advantages of Home Loans  The need for home loans emerges not because property prices are increases but because home loans become long-term saving way regarding situations. By this the common man saves money in the long run.  Due to increase in real estate prices, more people are opting for home loans to acquire their dream home.  For a middle class person who makes home his own resources or funds is a very

  • Persuasive Essay On Student Loan Debt

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    According to the last recording of student loan debt, the total amount of the United States student loan debt is roughly one and a half trillion dollars (A look at…). Statistics like these present the urgent need to resolve the major financial issue of student loan debt. Solutions have been given by many people to solve this issue but most solutions fail. The main reason behind student loan debt is falling to far into debt to the point where it is almost impossible to come back. The origin behind

  • Pros And Cons Of Plot Loans

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    Plot loan or land loans are the loans that are acquired specifically for the purchase of piece of residential or commercial land. These are different from home loans as in home loans are obtained for acquisition for a constructed property, under construction property or for a land which is likely to go under construction soon. Risk Factor with Plot Loans: There is always a risk factor associated with plot loans both for the borrower and the lender. The borrowers should properly check the documents

  • Case Study: The Trap Of Student Loans

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    The Trap of Student Loans Student loan debt is becoming an increasingly startling problem. Rising costs of college and lack of financial aid is driving students to take out loans that offer only high-interest rates and inflexible repayment options which can trap students in a vicious cycle of debt and default. The best solution to this problem is to have federal funds donated to all public colleges’ endowments yearly to use the money to offer more financial aid, require all public colleges to provide

  • The Pros And Cons Of Secured Loans

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    Secured Loans : They endeavor to drive people off from taking out a secured loan As budgetary things go, secured loans have stood the test of time. Whilst various distinctive choices have entered the business segment over the late decades, this kind of loan has remained the most standard cash related thing for home loan holders. One of the best contenders going after the thought of the all inclusive community is the unsecured loan. Unsecured loan suppliers have endeavored to exploit clients insecurities

  • Sbi Home Loan Case Study

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    SBI Home Loan SBI Home Loan Details Interest Rate Processing Fees Loan Tenure Loan Amount Part Payment Charges Foreclosure Charges 9.35% Fixed/Floating Up to 0.35% of Loan Amount, Maximum of Rs. 11,500 1 - 30 Years 15Lacs – 10Cr Nil Nil About SBI Bank Home Loan State Bank of India (SBI) has variety of Home Loans schemes tailored to the needs of customers including SBI maxgain, SBI Realty, SBI Home Plus & NRI Home Loans. SBI issue Housing Loan at low interest rate with daily reducing balance

  • Aadhar Home Loan Case Study

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    1. Home Loan ( for salaried) • Salaried customers are mainly Govt. grade III and grade IV employees, Private company employees, Police and Defense forces, Railway employees, Teachers etc. • Salary eligibility for applying for loan is as low as Rs.5000 per month. • At Aadhar we can avail home loan upto Rs. 20, 00,000 but not exceeding 80% of the cost of property. • Factors responsible for deciding loan amount is determined after assessing the individual and his repayment capacity based on various