The Pros And Cons Of Student Loans

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Student loans have always seem to be a controversial topic. Many people are in agreement and disagreement over the opportunity to student loans. Student loans can be a great advantage to many students, but it can also drown them in an immense debt, that will follow them for many years. The more we analyze this perspective, we are able to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of student loans.

There is a variety of perspectives on student loans, some involving annual salaries, interest rates, and commodity. Some say that interest rates should be dismissed from student loans, unless the student does not pay the loan by the time provided in the contract signed.Similarly, there exists another perspective that states that the amount of money students should be allowed to borrow should be similar to the annual salary they will earn once they graduate college. These perspectives open many door to students. Students would no longer worry about interest rates making the debt bigger with time. Although, the perspectives sound like a very good option, there are some disadvantages: the government will no longer have the accessibility to the money made from interest rates, which can diminish the opportunity for students to obtain student loans. Unlike these perspectives, there is a perspective that states that the student loans should all be …show more content…

Every student's circumstance is different; therefore, they should all have different solutions. Some students do not enjoy of a good economy, which provokes them to borrow more money than other students. Also, there are some students that will study careers that do not have a great income, or are very rare in jobs. Their solution would be to maintain the cost of student loans at a reachable price. In this case, every student would be able to pay off their loans without any

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