Student Debt Argumentative Essay

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In 2014, just a bit over 70% of college students graduate with $33,000 in student loans. This number is staggering and why student loan debt has become such a hot topic of debate in the United States. In the meantime I think we, as students need to be a little more involved in our future and the college process rather than placing the burden and stress solely on our parents. There are various things I can do to reduce my student loan debt and avoid the stresses after I graduate college. Many kids do not have the privilege of having their college education paid for by parents or through scholarships, therefore, causing more student debt. Paying for college can be very overwhelming and stressful, but if I take my time and plan ahead I can eliminate the feeling of stress. I believe it is very important to have a plan before I head off to college. I cannot go away thinking that mom and dad will be able to pay for everything. Being able to go to college is a privilege and I understand that I will have to be more responsible and try and help with the costs. …show more content…

This did not mean much to me as a child, but now that I am older, have my own job and want to attend college, I understand it more. For example, going to a college that I can afford is very important. An in-state college will be much cheaper to attend than an out-of-state college as well as choosing a public school versus a private one. Both of these options will help lower costs and therefore lower debt and yet still provide a quality education. I believe that it is not necessary to attend a brand-name school to get a good education, we as students have to make the most of the opportunities we are

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