Persuasive Essay On Student Debt Crisis

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The student loan issues are causing huge problems on both students and society it seems clear enough that students are borrowing a lot of student debt, and they are failing on that debt and aren’t capable of paying it back and that is destroying their ability and threatening their ability to access any more credit in the future. The approaches students are taking to a student loan debt collection are fraught with many problems, including bad recovery tactics and failing on making repayments on the debt.
There is no escaping the fact that the cost of college tuition is on the rise and it’s not declining, and that is making it more difficult for students to obtain a degree which is really important to acquire to be able to function in today’s …show more content…

There are many people out there that completely disagree with the Act or even the idea of fixing the crisis itself. people are saying that forgiving students from their debt would make them irresponsible with the extra money they’ll be making The fact of the matter is that if the Act were to pass, it would: eliminate many of the awful consequences of educational indebtedness. In doing so, it would give Americans greater purchasing power, helping to jumpstart the economy and create jobs. Of course, it does have some restrictions, but it will help the student loan debt crisis and the national debt crisis. The solution is that students will continue to pay their debt flexibly comfortably by paying ten percent of their income, and after twenty years of paying, the debts can be forgiven. Another great benefit to this act is that even those students who end up getting a government job after college would end up paying their loans off within ten years and would eventually be forgiven if they exceeded the time. This act does not hurt the nation, in fact, it’s actually fixing it. As of today, this act hasn’t passed, but if it does, the solution to the student debt crisis would be solved; students would be relieved of financial stress and they would be given an opportunity to gain a better education and make the nation a better

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