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  • Arthurian Legend In English Literature

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    of literature, and a major role in these legends is the ominous Merlin. The original legends were constantly changing to create the image we see today of not only Merlin but many of the characters in the legend. In the 21st century, many movies and TV shows portray Merlin as a powerful wizard whose sole purpose is to mentor and protect King Arthur, so he can one day rule Camelot. However, Merlin’s story is much more complex: Merlin “embodie[s] ancient Christian and pagan magical traditions, recreated

  • Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D Arthur

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    his castle. Arthur, is the blood son of King Uther Pendragon. Which no one could find for many years of looking. Arthur was taken away as a baby by Merlin, as his father made a deal. Uther’s deal with merlin was that if he could be able to get his way with Ygroyne and become king and take over the castle but the baby was a mishap. The deal was Merlin could take the offspring if there was to be one. So Arthur was raised by another family his whole life. He finally takes his rightful bloodline place

  • The Vita Merlini Research Paper

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    prophet and a king. In this version, Merlin is a king of the southern part of Wales, where he is beloved by his people. The wars in the United Kingdom consequently tried his leadership when a king named Peredur, from South of Wales, comes to start a war with Merlin’s close friend. Knowing this, he decides to help his friend not knowing of the dangers the battle will give to him and his army. During the heat of the battle, Merlin fought valiantly, “But when Merlin saw such great crowds of men present

  • Short Story: False Heir To The Throne Of Camelot

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    Merlin nodded, fighting back a yawn, hoping to get to bed; however, the Innkeeper preferred to waste the early morning hours reliving every moment he had spent in the company of one Morgana Pendragon, False Heir to the Throne of Camelot. At first, Merlin had sympathised with his shock, but now the Innkeeper’s exclamations of dismay, disbelief and faith lost in human honesty altogether were becoming irritating. In truth, he could no longer tell whether the Innkeeper was still as shocked as he claimed

  • King Arthur: The Lady And The Lake

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    historians, the legend of King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake are myths, yet there are some who view these ‘myths’ as true. King Arthur’s legend is known to have started in a land called Camelot, but, many believe that the legend started somewhere else. Merlin is known as many things, but one thing most people remember him by is being the wizard of the story. The Lady and the Lake, is often the tale of how Arthur got the sword Excalibur, but, many historians believe that she has a more dark side to her

  • Loyalty In Thomas Malory's Le Morte D Arthur

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    Many of children’s fairy tales and folklore of the medieval ages stem from the bravery and epicness of knighthood. Varying tales from dragon slaying to damsel saving all have one thing in common: chivalry, the undocumented, unauthentic moral code of conduct that all knights were expected to uphold. This unofficial code paired with the vows of knighthood, combining religion and training with a righteous moral compass. Among this code, loyalty was stressed with proportional importance. Loyalty to the

  • The Character Archetypes In King Arthur

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    going to great extents to achieve their wish. Mordred, King Arthur’s son, is the classic Villain. The illegitimate son of King Arthur born out of wedlock with his half-sister Queen Margawse of Orkney, Mordred’s existence was not known by King Arthur. Merlin prophesied that King Arthur’s kingdom would be razed to the ground by Mordred and that Mordred did after he became a Knight of the Round Table. Mordred, “ . . . [scheming] to reign in King Arthur’s place and marry Queen Guinevere . . . ”, exposed

  • King Arthur Hero's Journey Essay

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    King Arthur is one of the best kings that has ruled over Britain, throughout all of history. Arthur ruled with honor, loyalty, and chivalry, which made him a great king. Many lessons that he learned on his journeys helped him to become the person that he is. Arthur’s journey becoming king can be seen in the novel The Sword in the Stone by T.H. White, and is very similar to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The first stage of the Hero’s Journey is the Ordinary World. In the Ordinary World, the hero

  • Self-Reliance In The Wart

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    1. Self-reliance is, basically, that; it is relying on one’s self for any emotional, physical, or financial needs. It is the ability of being self sufficient and is especially important in this growing and changing world to not have to rely on the help of others or to not be weighted down by other people’s needs. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot do either of these things. It simply means that it should be a choice. It means that one should have control over their life so that they are never

  • Epic Hero Changes In The Odyssey

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    Can an epic hero change and still be a hero? Or do they have to stay completely static? This question is disagreed upon by many, and has been a topic of discussion. For future reference, an epic hero is a larger than life figure who embodies the ideals of a nation or race. They usually go on adventures, accomplish great things, and are selfless, honorable, and kind. After reading the stories The Once and Future King and The Odyssey, it seems that the character of an epic hero does not always remain

  • Seven Hero Archetypes In Literature

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    • I’ve learned in this unit, three universal characteristics of a hero. One characteristic is some type of special powers not necessarily things like super strength or Flying but hospitality and friendliness or the will to help others could be considered special powers or something even greater to save the day. Also, hero's lineage is often noble or linked to the gods meaning their family history is a heroic one. Lastly Hero's tending to be adventurous and strong they and often times are born this

  • King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table

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    King Arthur Arthur was the first born son of King Uther Pendragon and heir to the throne (" King Arthur - The Legend"). The legend of King Arthur had been very popular in Wales before the 11th century. King Arthur is a mythological figure who at the time was the head of the kingdom Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. These tales are mostly about a hero who has done something incredible to save the day. There is much reason why legends could still be popular today. Many myths and legends

  • The Hero's Journey In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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    In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the call is answered by the hero when Camelot's honor is taken by the Green Knight. In the hero's journey, the hero faces the call when something has been taken or lost that destabilizes the hero's home. Early in part one, The Green Knight offers his challenge when no one takes up the challenge, he “ And now the Round Table’s game and its feasting are done, thrown down at the sound of one man’s Words-and you sit there shaking-at words!”. (313-315) This laughter

  • Beowulf And Odysseus Comparison

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    In the beginning of story writing, authors portrayed heroes with human-like flaws. They were greedy, ambitious, stubborn, and even cruel. Their perception of being a hero was totally different to what we have now. Despite those characters having severe weaknesses, they were and still are heroes. Odysseus, ruler of Ithaca is the main character in Homer’s epic. Odysseus is a strong headed man with prowess at fighting. Throughout the story his only goal is to return home after 10 years of exile and

  • King Arthur Historical Evidence

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    King Arthur was said to be a great king, who ruled over Camelot in the fifth or sixth century. King Arthur estimated to have been born around 475 A.D., “Tintagel has come to be associated with King Arthur as his birthplace, depicted by the Welsh monk Geoffrey of Monmouth” (Walker para 5). Arthurian Literature commonly depicted daring sword fights, chivalrous knights, damsels in distress and even magic. Though there are few records of a true King Arthur does not mean there is not a man behind the

  • Merlin In The Crystal Cave

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    In the book The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart, the protagonist Merlin is deemed a “bastard” child because his mother never reveals his father’s identity. Therefore, Merlin grows up fatherless, but does this hinder Merlin, or is this an advantage? During the time period which this book takes place, a person’s parentage determines every aspect of their life. It determines the child’s title (last name), lineage, and inheritance. If their father is a noble or a king, then, that child will have a high

  • Sexism In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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    Throughout history, men have always dominated. They never let a woman rise to power or have the same rights. This sexism has been ingrained in society for thousands of years, so much so that it has defined some of the most famous works of literature, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This play was written during the Elizabethan Era, an era in which a woman had all the power imaginable (Queen Elizabeth), and yet, women were still severely discriminated against. Women had no say whatsoever in their

  • Sinfully Delicious Film Analysis

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    Thematic excellence “A vague disclaimer added to movie ratings to explain why they are rated the way they are- without actually explaining anything! Yet another example of how the film industry lives off of consumer confusion and crazy marketing tactics.” filler,K . (2006). The picture of Juliette Binoche hand-feeding chocolate to Johnny Depp, gazing into his eyes along with the movie tagline, “Sinfully Delicious,” allows the viewer to assume the film is a sultry love story with bounty of sex

  • Power Struggle In The Film Merlin

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    In the movie Merlin, we saw a power struggle for Power , love , and restoring the " New Ways " and " Old Ways " . The thought about abandonment was devastating to Queen Mab. Queen Mab had what she thought was a brilliant idea to prevent this from happening. Frick, her gnome servant was to help her complete this mission. Mab sought to reclaim her power of the " Old Ways " . She created a wizard named Merlin, which she believed would bring people back to her paganism. Little did she knew, that her

  • Merlin Entertainments Case Study

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    after my research I can justify that Merlin Entertainments operates by the divisional (diversified) organisational type. I feel this way because the central headquarters of Merlin Entertainments supports a number of different divisions and venues that operate differently and in different locations throughout the world, Merlin have multiple divisions e.g. Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Madame Tussauds. These operate throughout the world in numerous locations. Merlin Entertainments have a central board