Midewiwin Essays

  • Native Women In Native American Literature

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    Native Americans are pre-Columbian inhabitants of North America and South America. The native people of Canada are commonly known as First Nation people while the native people of United States are known as Native Americans. Women played a very important role in Native American society. Before the European colonization, the situations of Native Americans were good. They were the creator and preserver of culture and tradition. They were not only the housekeepers or caretakers of children but they

  • Tracks: The Secret Ojibwa Song

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    gave us three very different spiritual experiences, Nanapush who tricks us, Fleur who is very spiritual and traditional and Pauline who wants to cover up her Indian heritage. Nanapush does not elaborate often on his spiritual views just like the Midewiwin spirit which is also a very mysterious and secretive, much like Nanapush (Henderson, Secret Ojibwa Tribe). The audience sees him asking for forgiveness for his sinning with Margaret, but also he discusses Indian spirituality as well “We are tricksters