Monument Essays

  • Synthesis Essay: Definition Of A Monument

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    A structure of greatness is what is classified as a monument. Something that captures the inner beauty of a mystical creation or a historic event that will live on. A monument serves a purpose that may be unknown by many, but goes on to educate the oblivious. A monument is a person, place, or thing that should be admired to its fullest respect because it or he has done something that should be remembered. A monument is, in theory a giant stature. It is used to commemorate a historical figure, but

  • Dbq Monument And Memorial Analysis

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    Monuments and memorials are made to immortalize an important person or event. There are many factors that go into the making of a successful memorial or monument, but what factors should be more important? Even though people believe that the design of the monument should be considered the most important factor because it can alter the purpose of the monument, the most important factors are the meaning because it gives the monument a purpose, and the location because it can degrade the monument 's

  • Lincoln Memorial Essay

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    Monuments are spread across the United States, all of which honor a memorable historical event or person. The mall of Washington D.C. contains vast amounts of statues in order to pay respects to the thousands of lives lost in wars, cherish our previous presidents and their previous achievements, or esteem previous figures who have shaped our history. For a monument to successfully honor an event or individual, the creators need to carefully consider its design, relation to visitors, and appeal.

  • Monuments Men Reflection

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    Monuments Men is a fairly recent film with the premise of a group of soldiers during World War II tasked with protecting the artwork within the continental Europe from those who want to take it. It primarily centers on the story of Frank Stokes, played by George Clooney, and how he is able to assemble a ragtag group of “soldiers” and actually enter the frontlines. Over the course of the story, the group loses a few members, but do manage to discover the stashes of art hidden by Hitler and save it

  • The Importance Of Establishing A Monument

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    however monuments are a brilliant way to symbolize the importance of a person or event. Usually when a monument is being constructed, the agency or group feels it is necessary to memorialize the person or special event that is a role model to our society. To construct a predominant monument, one should consider the location, architecture, and the purpose behind the idea of establishing a monument. One of the most important component, an agency or group should determine when building a monument, is the

  • Monuments And Memorial Essay

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    build a monument which shall endure,” implying that monuments and memorials are important because they offer a method of recognizing and celebrating notable figures’ accomplishments. However, there are many complications that need to be addressed when constructing memorials and monuments that people do not realize. Agencies that construct memorials need to take into account the demands of various people in order to satisfy their concerns. Once the agencies can establish a plan for a monument that has

  • Argumentative Essay On Confederate Monuments

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    In the news today, a continual debate can be found about the significance of Confederate monuments and if they should remain or be removed. Confederate monuments that have been erected throughout the U.S. should be kept because of the preservation of America’s history. For instance, in the article, The Unbearable Lightness of Confederate-Statue Removal, the author lists how slaveholder monuments aren’t the only statues being vandalized, but the Lincoln Memorial and Mount Rushmore are other symbols

  • Essay On Confederate Monuments

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    generals have been given monuments all over the country, but more specifically on Monument Avenue in Richmond. Originally, the monuments were meant to show the bravery of the soldiers throughout the war. Now, they have come under fire for a multitude of reasons, including “allowing domestic terrorism” and “having a toxic effect”. Robert E. Lee, known as a commander of the Confederate States Army, was given a monument on Richmond’s Monument Avenue, although the reception of the monument has changed drastically

  • Super Bowl Monument

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    Super Bowl Monument February 7 2010, almost five year after hurricane Katrina the New Orleans Saints won Super bowl 44 against the Indianapolis Colts 31 to 17. This was great moment in history for the city of New Orleans. The event is so significant to the city because the people needed hope that anything was possible, while still recovering from hurricane Katrina. This was a very long awaited accomplishment for the Saints and the fans. It took the Saints 43 years to win their first super bowl

  • Essay On Athenian Monuments

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    In this paper, I will compare and discuss the authentic, Athenian Monument that came about after the war at Marathon and the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial that is located in World’s Fair Park. The Athenian Monument, which was set up in honor of the war dead in ancient Athens, is a single slab of white marble and is comprised of a tribe name (Erechtheis), a four-line short poem, and a casualty list of twenty-two names. The name of the tribe is located at the top of the stone, while the epigram

  • Anger In Edward Albee's The American Dream

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    Thesis Statement The research studies Anger in Edward Albee’s The American Dream focusing on dissatisfaction, lack of love, cruelty, false values and losing norms through using repetition, aggressive language, fictional characters, irony, ambiguity, and the technique of alienation. Outline I. Theoretical Part: Anger in Literature 1. Definitions: a. Linda M. Grasso claims that Anger is “vital political tool. It enables new perspectives, new understanding of oppressive

  • Monument Synthesis Essay

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    cases, monuments honor moments of great achievement, while in other cases, monuments pay homage to deep sacrifice. A monument 's size, location, and materials are all considerations in planning and creating a memorial to the past. In any case, the need to honor or pay homage to a specific person or event is prevalent within society. A monument has to mean something to the society it is place in. The location of a monument is perhaps the most important aspect of creating a successful monument to honor

  • Creating A Monument Dbq

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    Creating a monument for an person or event is an great idea if they have did something significant in the historic life that have changed us in some way. People that have been leaders or made an great impact on modern lives they should be notice because of what they did to help. Some people just want there name on something for little stuff thats not making history or changing people’s lives. That why i think people or an event that has already occurred should have an monument. Memorializing

  • Monuments Persuasive Speech

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    With removing the many monuments from our past altercations it would cause future ones. Everything that has ahappened up unto this point in the country has led us to be the powerful and strong country that we are today. The monuments at the time meant a great deal and showed honor and valor to those it deemed worth of such, by taking these down we not only take with us a valuable piece of American History but a lesson. Each monument has a vast story behind it

  • Lincoln Memorial/Monuments

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    many monuments and Memorials in Washington, D.C. , 8 of which I chose the Lincoln Memorial/Monument. I chose this sight because personally I think it’s a very cool/beautiful place to go see. I think this because of the research you can do on it and find cool facts on it. I also think this because of the view at the top where Lincoln is sitting. If you go to the top where he is sitting you can see that it overlooks the reflecting pool and you also can see the Washington Monument. This monument commemorates

  • Thomas Jefferson Monument

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    Introduction I will be doing my Washington D.C Monument on Thomas Jefferson. I chose him because Thomas Jefferson did a lot of accomplishing things. Thomas Jefferson was a statesman, architect, President, drafter of the declaration of independence, adviser of the constitution, and founder of the University of Virginia. All of these things shows how Thomas Jefferson is successful and accomplished a lot of superior things. In this essay paper, I will breaking all of these things down and explaining

  • Monolithic Myths

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    There are numerous monolithic structures around the world . How primitive man was able to construct these huge structures with no advanced technology continues to remain a mystery. In many of the following myths, giants are often accredited with the construction of these massive monoliths. Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England is among the most famous site in the world. Believed to have been built anywhere from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. The biggest stones are up to 30 feet tall (9m) and weigh 25 tons (22.6

  • Pearl Harbor Monument Essay

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    USS Arizona, the monument is called the Pearl Harbor Monument. In 2013 the government went down and there wasn’t anybody to take care of the monument. Then, some of the locals (islanders, people who live on the island) came and took care of it (raked, mowed the lawn, and weeded) and then when they were asked why they did it they just said “We haven’t forgotten about you. We will never forget about you” referring to the veterans. Pearl Harbor it is the most interesting monument in the United States

  • Descriptive Essay: Arlington Monument

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    the tour guide to a monument that was chained enough to keep visitors away from the monument. The monument was made of cape cod granite that was roughly cut into rectangular blocks and laid into a pattern. Marble slates evenly spaced apart between the stones read president John F. Kennedy’s name along with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy and two of the four children they had, Arabella Kennedy and Patrick Kennedy. Walking on the white cement that went all the way around the monument I watched the eternal

  • Confederate And Columbus Monuments Argumentative Essay

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    Confederate and Columbus monuments should be treated starting from Confederate monuments in Southern cities like Charlottesville, VA has led to similar debates over Columbus monuments in northern cities like New York over what the statues have come to represent to people. In which to some it has come to represent racism, slavery, oppression, and destruction, but to others it is an honor towards their ancestors, culture, and race. Though in the end the Confederate monuments should just be left alone