Monument Essays

  • Synthesis Essay: Definition Of A Monument

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    A structure of greatness is what is classified as a monument. Something that captures the inner beauty of a mystical creation or a historic event that will live on. A monument serves a purpose that may be unknown by many, but goes on to educate the oblivious. A monument is a person, place, or thing that should be admired to its fullest respect because it or he has done something that should be remembered. A monument is, in theory a giant stature. It is used to commemorate a historical figure, but

  • Dbq Monument And Memorial Analysis

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    Monuments and memorials are made to immortalize an important person or event. There are many factors that go into the making of a successful memorial or monument, but what factors should be more important? Even though people believe that the design of the monument should be considered the most important factor because it can alter the purpose of the monument, the most important factors are the meaning because it gives the monument a purpose, and the location because it can degrade the monument 's

  • Summary Of Monuments Wars By Kirk Savage

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    In his book Monument Wars: Washington, D.C., the National mall, and the Transformation of the Memorial Landscape, Kirk Savage states that the reason why Americans visits monuments is because “there is a face-to-face encounter, with the public, the monument speaks to deep needs of attachment that can only be met in a real place”. I agree with Savage’s statement because it explains how monuments and the public audience are capable of a having a connection which leads to the encounter to become emotional

  • Brief Summary Of Monument Wars By Kirk Savage

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    Monument Wars by Kirk Savage is a work that aims to investigate the larger significance of the progress of the planning and edifices of the National Mall which is the face of the United States’ capital. Savage looks at the many near-forgotten statues in hidden areas of the city along with the major monuments that most people can name in his inspection. Among Savage’s many points such as the National Mall, as it is known today, is a far cry from the plan that city designer Pierre L’Enfant had originally

  • Monuments And Memorials: Maya Lin, The Civil Rights Memorial

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    Monuments and memorials have been created to commemorate those who have died in wars, assassinations, terrorist attacks, and even natural causes. Communities, states, and countries throughout the world would create these open memorials of those who have died during these historic events. A monument is a type of structure that was created to commemorate a person or important event, similarly, a memorial is an object which serves in memory of something or someone. Monuments and memorials are created

  • The Gateway Arch: A Biography The Story Of The Arch

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    Hannah Filatov Both People and Objects Have Stories People know St. Louis, Missouri for its monumental arch standing triumphantly next to the Mississippi River. Monuments impact people in a tremendous way, so they remember the monuments for their entire lives. Tracy Campbell wrote in The Gateway Arch: A Biography the story of the arch in St. Louis. Biographies usually describe a person’s life, but Campbell demonstrates that even inanimate objects can have a story too. To emphasize the arch’s

  • Lincoln Memorial Essay

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    Monuments are spread across the United States, all of which honor a memorable historical event or person. The mall of Washington D.C. contains vast amounts of statues in order to pay respects to the thousands of lives lost in wars, cherish our previous presidents and their previous achievements, or esteem previous figures who have shaped our history. For a monument to successfully honor an event or individual, the creators need to carefully consider its design, relation to visitors, and appeal.

  • Memorial History

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    Memorials can be considered to be modern fossils that can be viewed at any time, rather than just by an archeologist in a lab. How these memorials come into being is also very essential to maybe how we view them and think about them on a daily basis. Some questions that linger in the minds of people across the country are who/what do we choose to memorialize, what choices would we make today, and where is the memorial’s location and how it used. All these questions and the answers to them help to

  • Dbq Essay On How To Build A Remembrance

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    the future. To honor them, people build monuments and memorials for them. With consideration of an event or person's significance, design, culture, and the economic effects that building a remembrance for one creates a place for people to recognize and remember important moments in history in order for people to learn, progress, and change in their ways. When deciding how to build a monument, the first question usually asked is “why”? Why is this monument, person, or event important? Why should

  • Civil Rights Memorial Essay

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    Equality. Many people take it for granted; however, you would be lost without it. We must remember and honor the justice our ancestors fought so diligently for. Memorials are structures that allow us to accomplish this. They are extremely important to our society since they show achievement, teach us about history, allow us to remember it, and inspire individuals. For my memorial, I decided to honor the civil rights movements. These events are extremely important to our countries history. Both positive

  • The MU Memorial

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    When World War I ended, building a memorial for Iowans who sacrificed their lives was a growing interest (About the MU). Many ideas were suggested, but the one that was agreed upon was a living memorial, a building that will preserve the memory of those fallen students as well as serve the current ones. Hence, The Memorial Union was created: a place of historical significance, beautiful architecture, and a campus-defining structure. If you have ever entered the Memorial Union (also called the MU)

  • Why Railroads Is Important Essay

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    Even when they tried to make these places relevant to history, they do a well, not so good of job. For something to properly preserved and have the background information on it is if someone died there. Unless you are in a museum which technically that’s their main job. What happens when that piece is in the open for the public to see? On most artifacts like that, you’re lucky to even get a plaque that has the name of what this item is. The government decides what’s important when it comes to projects

  • Stone Of Hope

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    I chose to go to the Martian Luther king jr museum and decided to express my opinion on the statue The Stone of Hope. The stone of hope is a statue of Martin Luther king jr who was an iconic civil rights activist in his time. This statue has many different elements in this “replica” like statue compared to the actual statue in Washington D.C. The medium of this statue is granite and has a certain technique that appears to be a chiseling method. Which the tactile qualities of the sculpture are smooth

  • Sydney Jewish Memorial Museum Essay

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    The memorialisation and commemoration of significant events, whether they be significant politically, culturally or personally, conveys history from a multitude of different perspectives, thus allowing connections through human experiences. Public memorials specifically aim to highlight the impact and importance’s of significant events, and to connect people through the past, present and future of societal acts. The Sydney Jewish Memorial Museum memorialises the Jewish Holocaust, in which 6 million

  • Confederate Monuments And Their Symbols

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    Confederate Monuments and flags are now causing alot of controversy on whether or not they should be taken down as they symbolize servitude and bigotry to many Americans. This entire issue can be seen from two different prespective. Many people want the the statues and flags to be removed because a monument by definition is a structure, statue or a building that's built to grant homage to someone notable or an event. That is to say these monuments are honoring men who fought a war to maintain slavery

  • Monuments Men Reflection

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    Monuments Men is a fairly recent film with the premise of a group of soldiers during World War II tasked with protecting the artwork within the continental Europe from those who want to take it. It primarily centers on the story of Frank Stokes, played by George Clooney, and how he is able to assemble a ragtag group of “soldiers” and actually enter the frontlines. Over the course of the story, the group loses a few members, but do manage to discover the stashes of art hidden by Hitler and save it

  • The Importance Of Establishing A Monument

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    however monuments are a brilliant way to symbolize the importance of a person or event. Usually when a monument is being constructed, the agency or group feels it is necessary to memorialize the person or special event that is a role model to our society. To construct a predominant monument, one should consider the location, architecture, and the purpose behind the idea of establishing a monument. One of the most important component, an agency or group should determine when building a monument, is the

  • Dbq Monument Analysis

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    leading and typical practice is the making of a monument. Regardless, there are specific factors to take in great attentiveness. An organization needs to be aware of the location, material, and historical memories in remembering an event or person and in the creation of a monument. Finding the proper location to create a monument and memorializing an event or person is very important to take in consideration to prevent disrespect towards the monument. It is extremely necessary to find a “specially

  • Monuments And Memorial Essay

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    build a monument which shall endure,” implying that monuments and memorials are important because they offer a method of recognizing and celebrating notable figures’ accomplishments. However, there are many complications that need to be addressed when constructing memorials and monuments that people do not realize. Agencies that construct memorials need to take into account the demands of various people in order to satisfy their concerns. Once the agencies can establish a plan for a monument that has

  • Monument Synthesis Essay

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    cases, monuments honor moments of great achievement, while in other cases, monuments pay homage to deep sacrifice. A monument 's size, location, and materials are all considerations in planning and creating a memorial to the past. In any case, the need to honor or pay homage to a specific person or event is prevalent within society. A monument has to mean something to the society it is place in. The location of a monument is perhaps the most important aspect of creating a successful monument to honor