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  • Eco 372 Week 2 Music Video Reflection

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    Music Video Reflection While making my music video I learned that the national level of poverty is just as bad as a global and personal level of poverty. In some ways, it still follows poverty cycle like in personal level poverty, but national level poverty is similar to global level poverty in that it affects more than one group of people it affects everyone. In order to conduct my research, I first had to look back on our class discussions on levels of poverty and the poverty cycle. I had to research

  • Music Video Evaluation

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    Music Video Evaluation Stand By Me is rhythm and blues by Ben E. King. The song was released in April 1961, and the song label is Atco. The music video is a conventional narrative video as it portrays a teenage couple’s romance, appealing to the target audience of mainstreamers between 13-25 of both genders. The video starts off by the couple sitting in a cafe arguing with cacophonous and disharmonic diegetic background noise. Both of the characters are wearing dull-coloured grey and black clothes

  • Video Music Analysis

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    The music of video games has changed greatly in the past decades. The sound has gradually evolved from chiptunes to symphonies performed by full orchestras, and many of the tracks are composed by world famous artists. Yet, in spite of its ever growing popularity, it is still hardly considered a serious and respectable genre of music that could hold its own in the world of today's music industry. The United States' annual music awards show, The Grammy awards, has only recognized video game soundtracks

  • Advantages Of Music Video Theory

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    Music Video Theory Simon Friths Music Theory (1988) Simon Friths theory was that all music videos fall under three categories: performance, narrative and conceptual. Performance is the artist performing their song, narrative is where there is some sort of storyline helping the audience to relate to them. The last one is conceptual music videos which don’t tend to have a story and are very open to interpretation and what the viewer thinks about them. Performance Performance based music videos are

  • Beyonce's Music Video Analysis

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    with her new music video “Formation”. Position: Critics have not provided evidence supporting their theory about Beyonce’s music video. Premise 1: One of the sciences in the video had a little boy dancing in front of police in riot gear. This statement represented innocent children being killed by police. Premise 2: One section of the video showed a brick wall with “Stop Shooting Us” written on it, this represents the #BlackLivesMatters movement. Premise 3: The end of the video shows Beyoncé

  • Music Video Analysis: Just The Way You Are

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    likewise gotten airplay from AOL Radio 's New Pop First station. The verses of the song and music are outwardly mirrored to audience. Bruno Mars makes pictures out media tape in the tape in the video, which was propelled by the Artwork of Erika. The tradition of this sort of music is that the craftsman plays the primary part of the music video, close by the Nathalie Kelley. In Just the way you are; Bruno Mars music video there gives off an impression of being a love story, of a couple, and the amount Bruno

  • Benjamin Haggerty: Music Video Analysis

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    instruct his listeners to make positive decisions. Macklemore uses his music as an outlet of reflection especially regarding his past mistakes. One topic that many share a common understanding of is the dangers of drugs. Today, in especially rap music, drugs are glorified. Today, teens are constantly exposed to misleading images from the media and they truly do have a lasting impact on a young adult’s ideology. With every song, music video, or movie, a young teen is listening or watching something that

  • Theme Of Violence In Music Videos

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    Along with the creation of music videos, hip-hop’s popularity has soared and changed in many ways. Men and women are depicted in distinct and vivid ways in the media – particularly music videos – that may subconsciously affect our views of the norms of today’s society. That is, catchy songs and glamorous music videos that society thinks are harmless entertainment actually shape our worldview and can cause people to accept false impressions of women (Shrum & Lee, 2012). For example, as Sarnavka (2003)

  • Coldplay's Music Video Analysis

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    a Youtube video from San Francisco State University went viral, as it features a white male student being attacked by a black female student verbally and physically for wearing dreadlocks. The female students repeatedly yells at the white male student, telling him that he was “culturally appropriating” her culture, therefore making it-the dreadlocks, offensive to wear. She later on asks a nearby student if he could fetch a pair of scissors so that she could cut it off, and the video ends there.

  • Bad Blood Taylor Swift Rhetorical Analysis

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    watching Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video on Youtube for the sixth time, I was left with the impression that no other music video could top it as I found it to be a masterpiece. However, after watching Swift’s latest music video for her new single Bad Blood, it reaffirmed to me that I was, unfortunately, correct - which is surprising since Blank Space and Bad Blood were both directed by Joseph Kahn. Though Bad Blood is by no means a terrible promotional video, but it certainly lacks the same charm

  • As She Is Walking Away Analysis

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    empty and that they were looking for things to fill the emptiness that they felt in their lives. Rakow writes that, “Women have often been taunted with lack of creative and reasoning faculties” (pg 201 Rakow, L.F.. 2006). An example of this the music video is when the boyfriend is dragging the girl to the car. This shows that the man obviously needs feminism as who is he to force the girl to do what he wants her to do, rather than letting her make her own free will decisions. The man is obviously

  • 1900-1919: Music Video Analysis

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    The era I chose to create my music video in is 1900-1919: Leading up to WWI. If I were in this time period and would want to make a video that accompanied a song, I would harness the use of stop-motion video, since it was a relatively new invention. The artist would start and stop the camera, make a very small adjustment, and then start and stop the camera again. This, when played back, captured the object moving very subtly, making it look like it was moving on its own. During the beginning of

  • Hip Hop Music Video Analysis

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    tedious and oftentimes confusing when the topic being covered is completely new. In comes Flocabulary, a promising website that has hip-hop music videos produced by people with backgrounds in teaching or education. The videos cover many topics such as the core classes that students attend in high school or even current events going on in the world. These videos may not go into depth when discussing certain topics with easier concepts, but the more broad and diverse a topic is, the better explanation

  • Beyonce Knowles Essay

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    She was born on June 24, 1986 in Houston Texas. Coming out of her older sister shadow. Solange made a name for herself in both the music and fashion industries as a singer, dancer and a model, she also was a songwriter, actress and savvy businesswoman, Solange Knowles performs under the same Solange. Beyoncé mother also had a career. She got married to Richard Lawson (m.2015), Mathew

  • Rhetorical Analysis Elephant

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    thought that elephants are much smarter than what they are believed to be? Well, they definitely are because shown in recent experiments, and as shown in the different selections, elephants have had better results than other competing animals. In the video, “Elephants Show Cooperation”, by Discovery Channel the article, “Elephants Can Lend A Helping Trunk,” by Virginia Morell and the passage, “Elephants Know When They Need A Helping Trunk In A Cooperative Task,” by Joshua M. Plotnik. All three pieces

  • Rhetorical Analysis On Blank Space

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    Space”, by singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, won many awards including: MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video, American Music Award for Song of the Year, and iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Lyrics. However, this is not a surprise after all Taylor Swift is the youngest song writer ever signed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing house (A&E Networks Television). Just like other Taylor Swift videos “Blank Space” uses a lot of symbolism and figurative language, however

  • Twenty-One Pilots: Being Inside The Music

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    Being inside the music: Plato the famous greek philosopher stated, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” Plato was a very smart man who made many amazing observations and statements in his life. This quote is no exception. I believe that music is a very important part of life, and everybody likes some kind of music. Most people even go as far as to have a favorite band. My favorite band

  • Case Study: The Piano Guys

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    their store was the Piano Guys. Paul Embarked upon a self-guided study of social marketing and started a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, envision videos “go viral” doing his marketing for him. Paul was talented he was a risk taker and felt inspired that if he could find the right people to work with he could create the number one music video channel in the world. It first started out when Jon Schmidt walked in to the store who had built a career in solo piano performance and had a concert in

  • Analysis Of Janelle Monae's Music Video Many Moons

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    race and ethnicity takes place around the world. Many people define their position according to race. Michael Omi and Howard Winant define race through the theory of racial formation, which is socially constructed not biology. In Janelle Monae’s music video Many Moons, racial discourse in the US is presented gradually in Omi and Winant’s racial formation theoretical framework. The use of montage images as well as radical lyrics as a voice by Monae provides her performance on race as a social concept

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Bernie Sanders Campaign

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    Sanders’ rallies, and shows Sanders actively seeking them out and addressing them directly. This is accompanied by a folk-style song from Simon and Garfunkel. The ad continues to show clips of massive groups of people cheering for Sanders. A standout video clip is shown, matching the song lyrics, that says: “They all come to look for America.” The huge crowds cheering for Sanders continue until the ad ends. The ad has no obviously clear message, until it shows the standout image saying “They all come