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  • Alaska Sea Otters Research Paper

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    wildlife officials are used to seeing sick and dead sea otters, they're not used to seeing so many of them and in this condition. Unlike otters in the past, these otters looked surprisingly healthier. 200 Reports of Sick and Dead Otters Over a Couple of Months As reported in KBBI, whatever is hitting the otters is hitting them fast and hard. Alaska Maritime National

  • Southern Sea Otters Essay

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    AP Environmental Science: Chapter 5 1. Explain how southern sea otters act as a keystone species in kelp beds. The otters help to keep sea urchins and other kelp-eating species from depleting highly productive and rapidly growing kelp forests, which provide habitats for a number of species in offshore coastal waters. Without southern sea otters, sea urchins would probably destroy the kelp forests and much of the rich biodiversity associated with them. Explain why we should care about protecting

  • Southern Sea Otter Populations: The Monterey Bay Aquarium

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    1911, Southern sea otters swam on every coast near the Pacific, Including the Sea of Japan. They lived in large kelp forests near shores and would usually stay on the surface of the water only diving when food was necessary. Being the most important part of the food chain, sea otters kept anything that would eat the seaweed like snails, and sea urchin populations in check so the kelp forests wouldn 't die out. Southern sea otter populations near the west were unknown, but the American east coast

  • Sea Otters Essay

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    Sea otters are in danger. Sea otters have had problems for years because of being hunted for their fur. In fact, they were hunted to extinction in the area, but they were reintroduced in 1969 (“Olympic”). Sea otters play an important role in the coastal ecosystem, and they call the kelp beds home. Sea otters are another predator in this marine ecosystem that has been identified as a “keystone’ species (Stolzenburg 62). They also eat sea urchins, so this influx could benefit them. However, not all

  • Historical Archaeology: The Native Alaskan Village Site

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    Historical archaeology is a sub-disciple of archaeology, which is based on examining the historical records and the material remains of past societies. This sub-discipline of archaeology uses historical records as a tool in explaining the culture history of past societies who lived previously in an archaeological site. The following essay examines both the historical background of an early nineteenth century Russian settlement known as the Fort Ross Colony and an archaeological analysis of one of

  • Characteristics Of The Sea Otter

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    SEA OTTER The sea otter is a little marine vertebrate local toward the north and eastern shorelines of the Pacific Ocean. In spite of the way that sea otters are the biggest individuals from the weasel family, sea otters are among the littlest well evolved creatures in the marine world. The sea otter is known to have one of the thickest, hottest layers of hide in the set of all animals which keeps the sea otter warm in the harsh elements of the North Pacific waters. Like their littler stream otter

  • Essay On River Otters

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    gleeful river otter as it slides down a muddy slope into the water. The river otter belongs to the weasel family, with its North American relatives that include the mink, fisher, ermine, badger, wolverine, skunk, and the marten. The typical male river is about three feet long and weighs about eighteen pounds. They are even similar to their cousin, the skunks, that spray a “musk” from two glands under their tail. However the “musk” doesn’t stink, in fact it smells sweet! River otters live in a very

  • Sea Otter Essay

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    The Enhydra Lutris or commonly known as the Sea Otter is a type of Otter usually found along the coast of the Pacific Ocean in North America and Asia. The Sea Otter is just one type of species of Otter; in total there are 13 different types of Otter species and 1 extinct species. These are the 5 most known species of Otter: 1. Pteronura brasiliensis also known as the ‘Giant Otter’ is, as the name suggests, the largest otter and can grow up to 2 meters. This species is also endangered because of poachers

  • Sear Otters Analysis

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    most likely cause of otters decline along the Alaskan coast and provides three reasons. In contrast, the professor states that the ongiong investigation show that the predation theory is mst likely the cause of the decline and sh.e opposes each of the author 's reasons First, the reading claims that there were known sources of pollution along the Alaskan coast. However, the professor refutes this pint by saying that the pollution theory is weakened by that no dead sea otters were washed up to the

  • Zoos And Aquariums Argumentative Essay

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    Argumentative Paper Zoos and aquariums have been around since the times of the Romans and the Egyptians. Although the zoos and aquariums have adapted since those times, they still have the same concept behind them. Although zoos and aquariums have been around for ages, over the decades, controversy about these two places have grown. Although most people don’t think anything of it, there is a huge debate as to whether zoos and aquariums are acceptable or not. This topic can be very touchy to some

  • Sea Lion Characteristics

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    California sea lion (Zalophus Californianus) - Key characteristics – interactions with humans – communications – Feeding habits – reproduction – threats - conservation Introduction: California Sea Lion, Zalophus Californians belongs to the family “Otariidae”. The animal is found along the coast of the eastern North Pacific. The breeding of California sea lions takes place on islands off the coasts of California and Baja California. They inhabit rocky and sandy beaches of coastal islands and mainland

  • Sea Otters Research Paper

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    ea otters are an essential keystone species in a marine ecosystem. They help to keep down herbivore populations to keep kelp happy and they keep sea urchin populations down. Sea otters are mammals that live in oceans often around california kelp forests. They live in chilly waters but have no blubber (Picky Eaters, p.1). Instead they have a thick coating of fur. This fur is thought to be the thickest fur of any mammal. The kelp forests that they live in range in temperatures of 42- 72 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Lobster In Maine

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    Understanding the biology of lobster is imperative to ensuring that the resource is being managed appropriately, and it provides context for the v-notch measure. American lobster (Homarus americanus) live on rocky sea bottom cover, and range across the eastern seaboard from the Maritime Provinces of Canada to the Mid-Atlantic United States. In the United States, Maine’s lobster fishery is by far the most prevalent. Lobster fishing in Maine occurs year round – lobster are often found offshore in the

  • Causes Of Decline In Sea Otter

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    Decline in Sea Otter Population During the pacific maritime fur trade in 1969, sea otters were hunted until they were almost extinct. After that incident, sea otter hunting was prohibited by international treaty in 1911, because of this a dozen remnant colonies survived. While the North Pacific Ocean recovered at rates of 17-20% in the first year, the population in California hasn’t grown at more than one-third of that rate and they are currently listed as threatened under the Endangered Species

  • Giant Otter Case Study

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    BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE A few decades ago the main pressure on populations of giant otter was poaching for the fur industry, but this has decreased favorably, however, now has emerged new anthropogenic pressures, including hunting, usually related to fishermen encounters with otters that could be affecting the effectiveness of their fishing nets; fishermen facing this scenario, tend in many cases to see these predators as competitors for fish resource, stating that these animals are the main causes

  • Persuasive Speech On Marine Otters

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    about how to help the Marine Otters.The Marine Otters are endangered because it is classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red list. The Marine Otter is important because they are a keystone species,their critical importance to the health and stability of the nearshore marine ecosystem.Direct conflict with humans,such as shootings and entrapment in fishing traps and nets pase a major threat to marine otters population. The steps to take the Marine Otter off the list are to not have oil spills because

  • Predation Hypothesis For Sea Otter

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    the sea otter populations and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor states that the predation hypothesis is the most likely the cause of the sea otter decline in populations and refutes each of the others reasons. First, the reading states that the oil ridgs and other sources of industrial chemical pollution caused the death to the sea otters. The professor opposes this point by saying that the pollution theroy is weakened because people did not find dead sea otter on the beaches

  • Friends Like Otters Quotes

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    Friends Like Otters “ A true friend is someone who is there for you when they rather be anywhere else,” Len Wein states. Friends are like otters. Otters hold each other when they sleep because the other would drift away if not holding its partner. In the same way friends do this, they help each other and without a friend you’re a lost otter in the ocean. First of all, Freak the Mighty is a book written by Rodman Philbrick. It is about two boys with disabilities that establish a friendship. One

  • Sea Otters In The Maritime Fur Trade

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    SEA OTTERS The sea otter is a marine mammal that lives in the northern and eastern coasts of the North Pacific Ocean. They are the heaviest members of the weasel family but are some of the smallest marine mammals. The sea otter has no blubber and the main way to keep warm is its thick coat of fur which is not like most other marine mammals. Did you know the sea otter has 150,000 strands of hair per square centimetre, because of this the Sea otters have the thickest fur of any mammal. In the Maritime

  • River Otter In The Wild: The Weasel Tribe

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    River Otter Though not commonly observed in the wild, the river otter, Lutra canadensis, is a fairly familiar animal to most people. Its original range covered most of North America. It is one of the larger of the weasel tribe, its recorded weights running over twenty pounds, though I do not have at hand weights of the large Alaskan sub¬species. The otter is agile, fluid in its movements as the water that is its favorite element. Yet on the land it is not as light on its feet as the weasel or marten