Peter Brook Essays

  • Peter Lal's Leadership Style

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    Peter Lalor (1827-1889), Eureka stockade leader and politician, was born on 5 February 1827 in Ireland. He was educated at Carlow College in Dublin and became a civil engineer. In October 1852 he migrated to Melbourne as he was attracted by the goldfield discoveries. Peter found work on the construction of the Melbourne-Geelong railway. He also became a city merchant with his brother Richard and an Irishman selling wine spirits and tobacco. Early in 1854 he moved to Ballarat to try his luck at the

  • What Is The Theme Of A Modest Proposal A Satire

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    In 1729, Jonathan Swift wrote possibly the world’s most ironic essay entitled, A Modest Proposal. Swift implies that poverty in Ireland can best be resolved by selling the children of the poor as food for the wealthy. Swift argues that children could be sold into a meat market as early as the age of one, which provides income to poor families because it saves them the costs of nurturing so many children. Throughout his entire essay, Jonathan Swift utilizes irony and satire to convey his sardonic

  • Imagery In Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

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    Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” is a very interesting take on how the Irish government should cure the famine that the country was then facing. However, the entire proposal was completely bizarre, and the whole point of the essay was to bring attention to the idea that they needed a solution to the all the problems they were experiencing but the proposal was definitely not it. He even had a strongly developed plan as to how his proposal would work which makes the reader feel as if he is serious

  • Herb Brooks Miracle Speech Analysis

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    Every hockey player knows of the 1980 miracle on ice where the young American team took down the international powerhouse of the Soviet Union. Going into the game against the Soviets in the semifinals of the 1980 Olympic games, Herb Brooks gave one of the most inspirational speeches known to date. This exact scenario was portrayed in the Disney film, Miracle, released in 2004 directed by Gavin O’Conner. The scene starts with the young American squad sits quietly around the dressing room knowing they

  • Summary Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brook

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    “We Real Cool” is a poem by Gwendolyn Brook’s which describes a group of young men currently skipping school to hang out at the pool hall and partake in delinquent activities. The persona is a single member of the group, however he represents the group’s actions as well as aspirations. Moreover, the poem is delivered in four short stanzas, each of which are 2 line couplets, and every word has only one syllable. The poem takes a satirical approach to delinquent behavior committed in pursuit of being

  • Summary Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brooks

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    Gang life is portrayed as tough, cool and dangerous, showing that many people in gangs had thick skin and could fight well. However in reality gangsters were always at risk of being harmed or killed. Both in the poem “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks and the article “What’s it Like to be a Gang Member?” by Bill Lee, portray the risks gang members faced and their everyday lives. Both passages also illustrate the terrible outcome of what happens when being part of a gang. The article represents life

  • Symbolism Of Happiness In Station Eleven

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    Station Eleven and I: What is Happiness? Happiness is being around your self-chosen family with a career in a profession that simultaneously gives you purpose and help improve our society. It is the feeling of comfort and being considerate of others. The novel Station Eleven has many different definitions of happiness as defined by various characters within the book. The character, Jeevan Chaudhary and I define happiness in exceedingly similar ways because we prioritize similar things in our lives

  • Flappers Fashion In The 1920's

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    Flappers Fashion turns out to be a big thing in the 1920’s Have you ever wondered why all the flappers always looked so sharp? The flapper dress is a big thing in fashion. I bet you’ve already seen some of your friends wearing them at parties and such. Flapper dresses are not just for the rich and famous, they are for you too! Many girls wanted to look perfect for anyone and everyone. They were all so picky and wanted everything to be perfect. A big thing which made them all look so perfect

  • Flapper Vs Suffragettes

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    Pt. I : The Two Faces of Women’s Rights One may think that in 1920, Suffragettes began to hang up their floral hats and picket signs in exchange for the short, boxy dresses of the Modern Woman considering new liberties at hand given to them by Modern Convenience and the ratified 19th Amendment- however, this is not the case. In fact, the two camps were separate- The Flapper and the Suffragette, as they both had different ideas on how to handle women’s issues- if they were interested at all. The

  • Dean Cage Research Papers

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    "if you believe in something  fight for it"("Innocent man"). Those words are what came out of Dean Cage's mouth when he was released from prison. Cage's life changed after he was accused of sexually assaulting a fifteen year old girl named Loretta Zilinger, facing trial, and other life changing experiences.( Chen)   Zilinger who was the average teenager at the time, was going to school. She missed her morning bus and had to take the subway to school.  It was 6:20 am when she noticed a man dressed

  • Ralph Lauren Thesis Statement

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    “‘It’s easier to follow fashion than it is to have personal style’” (“Ralph Lauren's Most Stylish Quotes”) When you think of clothing brands you most likely think of Nike, Air Jordan, and other brands like that but neither of those brands had to work as hard as Ralph Lauren did. You have probably heard of Polo shirts or the brand ‘Ralph Lauren’ but have you heard his whole story? Ralph went from selling ties he made in his drawer to college then to the military and still grew to be one of the richest

  • Flappers: The Iconic Depictions Of The 1920s

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    Flappers one of the most iconic depictions of the 1920s. From scandalous clothing to exotic dancing they were defined as new women. As a way to fight for women's rights and freedoms, to be heard and seen flappers were the new way to be. In 1920 the law for women to be able to vote was passed. With their newfound freedom, these women expressed their liberation by abandoning the past traditions of their parents and grandparents Victorian era values. These women started cutting their hair short into

  • The Gibson Girl Analysis

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    In the twenty first century there are numerous amounts of women who try to dress and act like celebrities they look up to; this was similar to the early twentieth century fad of the Gibson Girl. Charles Dana Gibson, a gifted artist, created the public image for what he thought should be the standard woman of the upcoming twentieth century. Charles Gibson began drawing silhouettes as a child and later created the Gibson Girl in the 1890s (The Gibson Girl). The new image for women altered as well as

  • Names Within The Shadows Analysis

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    The comic ‘Blacksad, Somewhere within the Shadows’ is based on anthropomorphic animals whose species were specifically chosen for their characters role. Strongly reflecting they type of personality traits and role that the character has as the story unfolds. The story is about Blacksad who investigates the murder of an actress, Natalia Willford, his former lover. Clues by an old friend Jake Ostiombe led Blacksad to his first suspect Leon Kronski, a screenwriter and Natalia’s last known lover. Blacksad

  • Summary Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brooks

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    Gwendolyn Brooks' poem "We Real Cool" addresses the theme of mortality, especially in the context of destructive behaviors. While other topics present themselves, the varying crafts included in the essay point to the fast-burning flame of the speakers. Using identifying phrases with multiple interpretations, a short and to-the-point meter, and lyrical alliteration and assonance, Brooks tells a compelling tale of seven ill-fated youth. Gwendolyn Brooks, an African-American poet, likely wrote "We

  • Stereotypes To Identify Flappers

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    Flappers beat the old stereotype that smoking, drinking, and one night stands were just for boys. Before a Flappers woman had to be societies imagine of a perfect woman, they had to be nice and don’t drink, smoke or sleep around. Girls smoking and drinking wasn’t publicly acceptable and finding out a woman slept with more than one guy, she would be labeled as a whore. A guy would never be labeled in a negative way; they would be encouraged to continue to act that way, they would be the “Man” and

  • Summary Of Flappers Here To Stay Says Colleen Moore

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    Hall, Gladys. "Flappers Here To Stay, Says Colleen Moore." The Flapper, November 1922. This article was written by Gladys Hall, she interviewed the famous Flapper Girl Colleen Moore. As the interview begins, Gladys mentions how she doesn’t see Colleen as a Flapper. However, in contrast with Bliven’s interview, Colleen mentions how Flappers essentially are the same as older generations

  • Ralph Lauren Research Paper

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    Ralph Lauren has lived a very successful life and will continue to impact the fashion industry in the future. He has created many great designs and trends and his brand will continue to do so. He once said “People ask how can a Jewish kid from the Bronx do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams.” showing his story on how he went from a poor kid with good style to a rich man with amazing style. He was a boy with dreams that soon became his reality. Ralph

  • What Is The Theme Of We Real Cool By Gwendolyn Brooks

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    Gwendolyn Brooks wrote “We Real Cool” in 1959 and is the third one from her book. It is a very short poem but has a deeper meaning to it. “We Real Cool” features a group of people who rebel and do bad stuff in order to have that “bad boy” connotation. Brooks wrestles with the theme of rebellion and how they experience the consequences of such actions. This poem spoke to me about things I experience in life, but it can also be universally applied to anyone else. Brooks applies a universal theme

  • Rhetorical Devices In A Modest Proposal

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    1729, a Papist infected Ireland was being devoured by the taxes that the British placed on them. The taxes were turning into what once was a glorious place into ruins. Jonathan Swift, an Englishman and Irish sympathizer, realized that someone had to do something to wake up the British. This lead to the creation of A Modest Proposal, a pamphlet heavy with irony and juvenalian satire, which was how Jonathan Swift planned on compelling the British to do something about the poor situation in Ireland