Prime Minister of Australia Essays

  • Rabbit Proof Fence Persuasive Essay

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    moment in Australia and all around the world due to the popularity of the book and now film follow the Rabbit proof fence. Our Prime Minister has apologised on behalf of all Australians, but I find myself constantly wondering wether an apology is enough. The labour party deserves a lot of credit for apologising, as it was the right thing to do albeit a long time overdue. We also must consider that the former government with john Howard at the helm rejected the idea of an apology and the prime minister

  • Kevin Rudd In Australia

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    Labor Party was Prime Minister of Australia on two separate occasions from 2007 to 2010 then again in 2013 for11 weeks. He is one of only four Australian Prime Ministers to serve more than one non-consecutive term, the others being Andrew Fisher, Alfred Deakin and Robert Menzies. Rudd 's terms as Prime Minister is a source of continued debate among political commentators and the Labor party itself. Most notably he is one of the key figures of Australia 's “Year of three Prime Ministers” (2013) Rudd

  • Speech: Aboriginal Soldiers In The First World War

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    *Prime Minister Leon Clay walks on the stage with thousands of Australians, media, and more looking on* Dear Fellow Australians, it is with great pleasure that I am talking to you today on such a significant day. We gather here today to commemorate and honour an untold and unrecognised part in our country’s history.The remarkable contributions and sacrifices of our Aboriginal soldiers in the First World War. Today is a day to reflect, reflect on our past and acknowledge the present so we can pave

  • What Is Jeff Kennett Speech Against Aboriginal Australia

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    for the future. The quote is derived from a section of his speech, where Kennett is talking about Australia’s history with the United Kingdom and how it is best forgotten. He states that whilst this section of Australian history is best forgotten, Australia, as a nation, cannot pick and choose its history. Without this cultural inheritance, specifically, the adoption of the United Kingdom’s constitutional and legal systems,

  • Kevin Rudd Apology Essay

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    reconciliation across all Australia. This started a process of healing that allowed for all Australians, indigenous and non, to come together this public

  • Similarities Between Australia And The United States

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    occur in Australia, which is led by a Prime Minister. Governments have multiple structures and within these different structures, are equally as many heads of states. Democracy and Republic represent the majority of governments around the world with Australia and the United States of America are prime examples (Andeweg,1999). Australia uses a democracy while the United States is an example of a republic. Contrasting governments means that each one has a different leader a Prime Minister, Malcolm

  • Robin Hood Of Australia Persuasive Speech

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    ‘Larrikin’ behavior of defending his family, his fighting alongside his friends, we can see he clearly illustrates the modern Australian values of fighting for our rights and our future on this land, I’ve often heard Ned referred to as the ‘Robin Hood of Australia’. Stories are told of him and his band of horse thieves stealing from the wealthy squatters and helping the poor make a living, doing all of this while evading the police. The tale is fantastically

  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Kevin Rudd's 'Sorry'

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    Kevin Rudd's "Sorry" Speech from 2008 is a well-known speech that calls on humanity to view the world with a contemporary perspective. Kevin Rudd apologises to the indigenous people on behalf of Australia for the injustice, pain, and suffering that the first Australian settlers inflicted on them. Rudd addresses a primarily indigenous audience in this speech, using a variety of persuasive strategies, and rhetorical devices like pathos in order to convey Australia's regret, over the injustice and treatment

  • Essay On Should Australia Become A Republic

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    Should Australia become Republic and what would it mean if Australia become a republic become Australia is a Constitution Monarch which means a head of state which means a queen or king doesn’t set any public policy and doesn’t or chose political leaders like our prime minister but the queen or king choice a representative like the Governor General the General Governor holds all the power that the queens has and the Governor General has the power to dissolve the parliament, order an election, appoint

  • Why Is Australia A Constitutional Monarchy

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    Constitutional Monarchy Australia has been a constitutional monarchy since January 1901. Australia’s first Monarch was Queen Victoria. The current Monarch is Queen Elizabeth ii. A Constitutional Monarchy is a form of government where a king or queen is head of state and the head of the Commonwealth of Australia is the queen. Even though Australia is an independent nation, it still shares a monarchy with the United Kingdom and other countries including Canada and New Zealand. Australia has six states; News

  • Parliamentary Entitlements

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    dollars annually by disgracefully misusing the parliamentary entitlements system. It is time for an independent review into the entitlements system and changes to it to make the entitlements within the public expectations. How much better would Australia be if millions of dollars spent on MPs every year instead went towards areas of Health, Education, Security, Defence and Unemployment? On top of a very handsome salary, Members of Parliaments have many more extravagant entitlements. Parliamentarians

  • How Did Lester Bowles Pearson Change Canada

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    world, many changes were occurring and still is until this day by important Prime Minister in the past 20th century as well as made what Canada for what it is as a nation. Each Great Prime Minister such as Lester B. Pearson, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and William Lyon Mackenzie King from the Liberal Party had a crucial role in their ways of thinking, actions, and achieving their objectives towards Canada. A great Prime Minister that had great negotiation skills was Lester Bowles Pearson. He was born

  • Pittonia Case Summary

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    The case of Pittonia is not a unique one; many times throughout history countries have made the transition from authoritarian rule to democratic rule. In these transitions, however, there are many differences in how a country can go about creating a democracy. Pittonia, for example, will draw inspiration from various nations around the world and use their precedence to mold a new democracy. Federalism studied in Canada, and the quasi-federalism of Spain, are influences for the benefits of a federal

  • How Did Curtin Become Australian

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    individual dedicated to a better Australia. Often described as serious and stern, these characteristics helped him to be the great leader he was during the nation’s toughest times. He was hard working and never stopped fighting for what he believed was right. The combination of these has made him one of the country’s most recognisable Prime Ministers today. This essay will explore how he rose through the ranks: from being an average child in WA to becoming wartime Prime Minister, and his determination and

  • Aung San Suu Kyi Speech

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    After gaining Independence from British in 1945, Burma was in chaos from civil war erupted from political parties with different ideologies. In 1962, the military decided to take over. It became brutal military dictatorship with cold blooded killings everywhere. People lived in fear and their freedom was violated. In 1988, a youth was released from his charges because of his personal connection with a government official. This sparked student protests as it was deemed improper. This is also when

  • Barre's Regime Case Study

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    for the parliament in which the “People’s Parliament” would be elected, when in fact the all the parliament members elected were already associated with the ruling party the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP) (Shay, 2008). Succeeding the 1979 elections, Barre reshuffled the cabinet and abolished his three vice presidents and the old Supreme Revolutionary Council was revived. The move by Barre resulted in a confusing and severely overlapping bureaucratic structure and essentially left the

  • Machiavelli Inaccuracies In The Prince

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    fourteenth century work called The Prince was full of information, and advice on how to be a proper ruler over any domain. This information is only useful to princedoms which are uncommon in today’s world. Modern governments have a president or prime minister as their head of state, with dozens of representatives and ambassadors to do the job that a king, or prince, usually did alone. The fact that there are very few principalities left in the modern world shows Machiavelli’s work is obsolete. Passé

  • Argumentative Essay: We Should Keep The Senate In Canada

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    The Senate: “The upper chamber of Parliament where there are 105 members who are appointed until age 75 by the Crown on the advice if the prime minister.” (Rules of the Game pg 106)The original Senate that was created in 1867 had only originally 72 seats. It was created to counter balance representation population in the House of Commons, although in recent years the Senate has become to reinforce representation of groups that have often been underrepresented in parliament, examples; Aboriginals

  • Prime Minister And Cabinet In Canada Case Study

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    According to the article “The Prime Minister & Cabinet in Canada” the Prime Minister and Cabinet both sit at the high end of the executive power in Canada. The Cabinet have the responsibility of administering certain areas of public policy. Subsequently, the position of the Cabinet was originally made by British Monarchs by relying and giving responsibilities to a smaller committee of the Privy Council. Eventually, Britain changed their Monarchial system of government to a democratic system leading

  • Chilean Government Essay

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    Chile’s government is a democratic republic, meaning the head of state (in this case the president) is elected through a democratic multi party system. The Chilean president is not only the head of state but head of government as well. Prominent political parties are grouped into two major coalitions, first the center-left coalition “New Majority” and second the center-right coalition “Alliance”. The Chilean president is elected for a four year term and cannot be elected for consecutive terms