Why Is Australia A Constitutional Monarchy

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Australia’s Government as a Constitutional Monarchy
Australia has been a constitutional monarchy since January 1901. Australia’s first Monarch was Queen Victoria. The current Monarch is Queen Elizabeth ii. A Constitutional Monarchy is a form of government where a king or queen is head of state and the head of the Commonwealth of Australia is the queen. Even though Australia is an independent nation, it still shares a monarchy with the United Kingdom and other countries including Canada and New Zealand. Australia has six states; News South Whales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Australia also has two territories; Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory. The ACT is were Parliament House is Located. Parliament
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The Shire and council is in charge of the small town and has the responsibilities of providing services which include; maintenance of parks, gardens, swimming pools, roads and foot paths, garbage collection, community services, libraries, childcare centres and building regulations. The local government is controlled by the state government. The three levels of government have thing in common, they all hold elections, make laws for residents and citizens, punishes those who break them and is responsible for providing goods and services.

State Government

State government is responsible for everything that is not a federal responsibility. However, the Federal Government can get involved. The responsibilities of the state Government include; education and school funding, school and state libraries, hospitals and ambulance services, public transport, bus passes, traffic laws, traffic lights, road signs, road taxes, major roads, power, gas, water and sewerage supply, police, emergency services, consumer laws, sport and recreation, conservation and environment, railways and fishing and agriculture. All states have their own constitution.

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