Essay Over The Tenth Amendment

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There have been many controversies over the Tenth Amendment for quite some time. The amendment was designed to divide and limit the powers of the national and states’ government. It protects the states and its’ people from the national government becoming too powerful. However, the question that has been asked repeatedly and holds the most concern is, has the national government overstepped its power? The Tenth Amendment should be modified in favor of the states. Over the years the federal government has taken over many of the rights that belong to the states. For instance, the national government has taken over the education systems within the states. Elementary, middle, and high schools should be controlled by the local governments within its state. The authority of education within the state is given to the state government. Although the national government wants students nationwide to receive the same education, they lack much needed skills for a student. The disagreements on education should be handled between the county and state governments. Not the national government. Controlling the education rights the state governments have is one example of …show more content…

Healthcare is more of an option given to the people. It is not considered a right to the people. It is offered as an option. The federal government should not demand the purchase of healthcare. Abortion is also a policy that should be given to the state to enact in its own way. The states are supportive of abortion rights. However, they should also have the right to grant the requirements for an abortion to take place. Assisted suicide should also be given to the states to decide. It should be a power given to the states to either approve or disapprove of Assisted suicide. Not all states may agree with it. However, assisted suicide is found as a choice to the people. It now depends on whether the state approves and offers

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