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7th Amendment to the Constitution The 7th amendment to the constitution of the United States was formulated and then ratified as a part of the famous Bill of Rights. This specific Amendment defines a citizen’s right to trial by a jury and in the Bill of Rights, it is mentioned quite frequently. It was fundamentally designed to prevent the establishment of dictatorial courts of justice, where the judges’ decisions were subjected to the control and whims of the government. Just as the first ten amendments to the constitution of the United States, the seventh amendment also plays a prominent role in the American legal and political theory. Even, in the Declaration of Independence, the right to trial by jury was present, in which the Founding Fathers denounced the dictatorial courts created by the British …show more content…

The seventh amendment was designed in such a way that it not only limited the powers of the Federal Government but also the Judicial Branch. Seventh Amendment and the Purpose In certain civil cases, the seventh amendment assures the right of the guilty to a jury trial and also states that these certain trials are not subject to re-evaluation or re-examination by any other court. The importance of this amendment, however, surpasses its obvious characteristics and broadens to other areas of the American Jurisprudence. The clear distinction between a jury and a judge is among the key specifications of the seventh amendment. This distinction in the law is termed as functions. According to the amendment, the judge is designated to try the law whereas the jury can try according to facts. This distinguishing between the law and fact is important as it gives the legitimacy to the decree of juries. At the same time, the amendment prevents from violation of the justified legal anticipations of the

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