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Sarah I, Rosie K, Bas Sheva P Mrs Lydon Government Sept. 27, 2016 The Perfect Government for Xlandia As Xlandia begins rebuilding its government, one must take into consideration every aspect of a government and do thorough research to be able to understand which one is best and most suitable. We have looked into many different structures of government and how it is run in many different places. We have taken into consideration the size, the people, and all the other important details that make Xlandia the unique place it is. For every part of your government, we know what needs to be done. The main part of the government is the constitution, which includes the laws and rules of the land. A constitution is extremely important for the start …show more content…

You do not want Xlandia to be run on biases. If the people do select who are their judges, then they may be picking who will be kind to them, instead of being fair. You do not want a biased vote when it comes to the Constitution’s laws. We recommend that the Supreme Court should be independent and have the power of judicial review. If the president is going to have power over the Supreme Court as well as the many other aspects of the government that we have mentioned before, Xlandia might be at risk that all the power is given to only one person. This can cause major problems and eventually lead Xlandia to exactly where they were before, a dysfunctional government, with a dictator, telling each one of you exactly what to do. In order to avoid this we must make sure that the president knows there is limitations to where his power goes. We are finally at the last section of government. How much should the citizens should be involved, and in what way. To start off, the political party should only be a one party system. Get the best from the country, do not start with different parties. You will create a division, and in such a small space like Xlandia, there is no need for there to be any barriers between the people. One party, and that way you will only have the choice for one group, and that group will be the best out of the entire …show more content…

You want your people to be excited about their government and if they are forced to vote they will no longer want to be a part. Inspire them, encourage them, and show them how special their government is, and how excited they should be that they actually can have a part! When the citizens are happy, Xlandia can be happy. And that, is our words of advice. Make note that we have taken into consideration every single aspect, and it all boils down to the your citizens. Our suggestions are what we feel, is best for the citizens, and that will help you go far! Good

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