Us Constitution Still Relevant Today Essay

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The government today is based off a document written over 200 years ago called the
Constitution. This document helped form the government and country we live in today.. The United States Constitution is still relevant today because it formed the way this great nation would be run, from checks and balances, separation of powers and the rule of law structuring the way the government will function.

At the end of the American Revolution the founding fathers wrote and signed a document called the Declaration of Independence. This document was written to tell the sovereignty of great britain that they will not be under his rule. On July 4, 1776 the United States became it own free nation. This is the Social contract theory. This is the view …show more content…

These people are known as federalists and antifederalists. The federalists are the people that support the constitution. These people believe that the constitution is the best way for the country to prosper. It is the only way to make sure this country stays the way it is. On the other side of the argument are the anti-federalists. These are the people that disagree with the constitution. These people believe the constitution will only make this country an even worse nation. These are the people that supported the crown of King George the III. Similar beliefs to the bill of rights. Many people agree with it and many people disagree with it. The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments with the United States. These are the rights that make every man, woman and child equal. At the time this document was written many people did not believe in equality. Minorities at this time were discriminated against in a major way. This is why it was not accepted. The constitution and the Bill of Rights have made drastic changes in how this country has developed over these short years. The people on both sides of the arguments have their own opinions. The antifederalists are not use to equal rights. They want one ruler and no equality. The federalists want the

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