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  • Qualitative Research Studies

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    This part focuses on the research designs, methods, sampling and data collection procedures for the study. 3.1 STUDY SITE This study will be conducted in Mahalapye in the Central District of Botswana. 3.2 STUDY DESIGNS The study utilised the descriptive research design. According to Barbie (2010) descriptive design focuses on describing situations. The descriptive designs in a social research are geared to answer the “what, where, when and how” questions normally asked in research. Furthermore, Bickman

  • Sampling Design In Statistics

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    Overview Sample surveys are based on data recorded for a subset of the population, the sample, and are intended to draw conclusions about unknown population parameters. Sampling methods are divided into probability sampling and non-probability sampling. For samples selected according to a probability method, it is possible to draw conclusions and extend it to the population using Statistical Inference. For data collected in a non-probability sample, it is possible to apply descriptive statistics

  • Case Study: Bottling Company Case

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    Bottling Company Case Study Name Institution Date 1 .Calculations Sample size: 33 Mean: 15.8442 Median: 16.02 Standard deviation: 0.6036 2. Constructing the Confidence Interval According to Sullivan (2006), when the n ≥30, the sampling distribution of the sample mean becomes normal and therefore, the z table for the standard normal distribution is used. In this case, the sample is mean is greater than 30 and therefore the t-distribution cannot be used. The second reason the z distribution is

  • Importance Of Sampling In Research

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    sampling”, sub-topic 1 “Population, sampling process and sample size”. Sampling can be defined as the process of selecting a certain number of people to represent the larger group or population for a study or in a research. Sampling can be defined as the selection of a subset of people from a larger population to represent the characteristics of the entire population. A sample is a subset of a population which a researcher is interested in to study. Sample is a smaller group which the researcher selects from

  • Literature Review: How Caring Affects Patient Outcomes

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    The purpose of the article was to see the effects of hourly rounding on rate of falls, use of call lights and patient satisfaction. The sample size was small. The study did have a control group and an experimental group. Date was collected on patient falls, call light use and patient satisfaction six months prior to initiation of hourly rounding and 6 months during study. A post discharge survey

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coffee Cup Calorimeters

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    was cut out and placed slightly below the rim of one cup. The cup with the cardboard lid was stacked inside the other cup. A hole in which the thermometer could fit snugly was poked into the cardboard lid, and aluminum foil with a hole of the same size was placed over the cups to provide extra insulation. The commercial calorimeter provided for the experiment and two thermometers were also

  • Academic Self-Efficacy Scale Literature Review

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    set my mind to a task, almost nothing can stop me"). The total score was used as a self-efficacy measure. On this scale, a lower response indicates higher self-efficacy. Internal consistency for the GSE is .77 (Lennings, 1994) and for the current sample was .73. Tipton and Worthington (1984) found evidence of construct validity when people with low GSE scores expended more effort and persevered longer on two tasks than did people with high GSE scores. 2. College Academic Self-Efficacy Scale (CASES;

  • Body Mass Index

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    Body Mass Index (BMI), Skin-fold thickness and Waist Hip ratio (WHR): Which one provide a better prediction on body fat ratio? Abstract Body Mass Index (BMI), Skin-fold thickness and Waist Hip ratio (WHR) have linkage toward body fat ratio. However, the strength of linkage of those index were not found yet. Linkage of body fat ratio between BMI, WHR, and skin-fold thickness are investigated by gender. 40 sets of data are collected in anthropometry workshop. Linear regression-derived coefficient

  • Statistics And Statistics: The History And History Of Statistics

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    Statistical surveys and test all the data, including data collection deals with aspects of planning in terms of design. There are 2 main different strategies while data analysing; one is descriptive analysis which is summarizing data from using sample index, and the second is standart deviation which is creating conclusions from data. A standard statistical procedure two sets of statistical data, or includes

  • Exploratory Factor Analysis In Tourism

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    Results of measures The measurements were subjected to various exploratory factor analyses by using principle components with varimax rotation. Few of the items had loading problems below the accepted cut level of 0.50 and were not logically identified with any of the factors (Heene, M., Hilbert, S., Draxler, C., Ziegler, M., & Bühner, M., 2011). Due to these reasons, one item from E-service quality, one item from Tourists personal income and one item from intention to visit were dropped. The final

  • Sample Research Methodology

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    Therefore, sample determined based on sample size determination table Krejcie and Morgan (1970) that if the population (N) = 67,964, the sample size (S) = 382. This research method is a quantitative collection of information from the sample size. Table 1 showed the sample size for a given population. Table 1: Krejcie and Morgan

  • Tata Motors Analysis

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    Tata Motors Limited (TML), headquartered in Mumbai, is the largest automobile manufacturing company in India. It tops in the commercial vehicles across all segments. It has also introduced award winning products in compact, midsize and utility segment of vehicles. The models of Tata Pick Up trucks include Xenon Single Cabin and Xenon Crew Cabin. The variants of Xenon Single Cabin include Xenon Pick Up and Xenon Dicor Pick Up. Whereas the single cabin has a seating capacity of D+1, the differences

  • The Function Of Group Dynamics: Social Behavior In Groups

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    Behavior in Groups is a course designed to study group dynamics. Group dynamics refer to behaviors and processes occurring within and between groups. It helps us understand how groups develop over time; the stages of group development, the different types of group, the cultural differences, and the importance of groups for human existence. Human beings are social animals. McLeod (2007), cited Maslow’s hierarchy of need, and according to that one of the most important needs after basic physiological

  • Mexican Culture In Mexico

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    The Mexican culture is very diverse which has undergone many transformation over several decades and the culture varies widely throughout Mexico and the United States. I will be more focused on the other side of the border and express my findings about the Mexican culture in Mexico. According to woldatlas an online database, the majority of Mexicans live in cities like Mexico City with a population of 12 million mexicans and Iztapalapa, Ecatepec, Guadalajaria, Puebla, and Ciudad Juarez all ranging

  • Mexican Culture Essay

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    Mexican Culture: Customs and Traditions The Mexican culture is very diverse which has undergone many transformations over several decades and the culture varies widely throughout Mexico and the United States. I will be more focused on the other side of the border and express my findings about the Mexican culture in Mexico. According to woldatlas an online database, the majority of Mexicans live in cities like Mexico City with a population of 12 million Mexicans. Following cities include Iztapalapa

  • Life Insurance Company Case Study

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    the customer service provided by company at Hanamkonda branch in Andhra Pradesh. For this purpose, opinions of the policyholders were grouped as professional and managerial group, regular income group, self-employed group and agricultural group. A sample of 100 customers on random basis was selected and the data were collected, using structured questionnaire. The findings of the study was that majority of the policyholders are satisfied with premium rates fixed by Life Insurance Company and remaining

  • Appropriate Dichotomous Choice Model Analysis

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    3.7. Model Specification 3.7.1 CVM Model Specification Model Specification of Bivariate Dichotomous Choice Model Following Haab and McConnell ( 2002), in the double-bounded dichotomous format, individuals will be asked two respective questions that has ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses, where the second question involves another bid depending on the first answer. That is if the individual answers yes to the first question then he is asked about his WTP for a higher amount. If he answers no to the first question

  • Sampling In Research Population

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    A sample is therefore a representative part of the entire population or an extract thereof from which to generalize back to the whole population. Sampling is the process by which inference is made to the whole population by examining a part of the population

  • Social Factors Affecting Teachers

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    2.5.1 Factors Affecting Teachers’ Morale The result of different study conducted provided many factors affecting teachers’ morale Mgalla (2011) grouped these factors into three factors financial factors, institutional factors and social factors. Financial factors These include lack of motivation, low salaries and inadequate supply of teaching materials with committed spending their own money to buy classroom materials for their student (Joseph, 2009). Insufficient teaching materials such as, appropriate

  • Critical Discourse Analysis Definitions

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    Critical discourse analysis is concerned to analyze how social and political inequalities are manifest in and reproduced through discourse. It is associated with researchers such as Norman Fairclough, Teun A. ven Dijk, and Ruth Wodak. Critical Discourse Analysis provides theories and method for the empirical study of the relation between discourse and social and cultural developments in different social domains. Critical Discourse Analysis is used as a label in two different ways: Norman Fairclough