Serif Essays

  • Crystal Goblet Analysis

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    The drive to the core of absence is also evident in the realm of type design. In 1932, Beatrice Warde, an American typographic expert, published an essay ‘The Crystal Goblet’, or known as ‘Printing Should Be Invisible’, insists on a ‘invisible’ or ‘transparent’ typography in order to elevate the printed words. In her essay, Warde applied a metaphor that the design for typefaces should be as transparent as crystal glass for wine (Warde, 1936, p.6). A typeface, as a container, is calculated to reveal

  • Grey Goose Ad Analysis

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    In first glance of the Grey Goose “Fly Beyond” ad, the asymmetrical balance and positioning of the product catch your attention. The Grey Goose bottle setup is shifted slightly to the right on a marble slab table, while the accompanying text is placed overhead on the upper left, creating harmony and unity — evenly distributing the ad’s content. Paying attention to the colours, there are no outstanding or unfitting colors that seem out of place. The colours mainly found in the ad — grey, white, and

  • Essay On Gender Representation In Mass Media

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    The representation of gender in mass communications has been a hugely debated topic for years and will continue to be one for many more years to come. The media plays a big role in how they want to portray a gender to the public. They create certain stereotypes through the role of a gender in order to attract a large audience and interest to sell a product, brand or image. Media is so important in today’s society, people spend hours and hours each day watching TV, browsing the Internet and reading

  • An Insect's Wing Character Analysis

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    there. An example that is shown in the chapter from the book that relates to the restrictive roles of Albanian women is when Lola sees the weeding photo and she thinks it was an arranged wedding, but Serif and Stela show otherwise when they care for and protect each other. Another example is when Serif hires Lola to do the laundry for stela, it is not because he does not want her to do her laundry but he wants stela to be careful and safe while she is pregnant with Habib. Although, as one of the women’s

  • Garamond Typefaces Analysis

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    to stare at them all day. This explains why Garamond that get mentioned in both the lists of best and most hated typefaces. Analysis • Legibility Counters: open and wide counters x-height: moderate (61%) Width and weight: compared with other serif typefaces, Garamond is a relatively narrow (x=103%) and light (tk=18%, tn=7%) typeface. The differences

  • Disadvantages Of Garamond Typefaces

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    stately elegance and rhythm, it offers legibility, readability to be suitable for a wide range of different applications. Analysis • Legibility Counters: moderate counters x-height: moderate ratio (61%) Width and weight: compared with other serif typefaces, Garamond is a relatively slightly narrow (X=103%) and light (tk=11%, tn=4%) type with clear stroke contrast. The variations in width are

  • Swot Analysis For The 50's

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    appeal in a contemporary style. The new word mark reveals a new classical appeal. The letterforms have been changed to a retro style font using a san serif font for Mayberry and a serif font for diner. A san serif font was used for Mayberry to add a classical appeal, in a vibrant turquoise color reflecting to the 50’s diner style. In addition, a serif font was used for diner to tie together the retro style word mark and the color red was used to create contrast between Mayberry. Also, the three

  • An Insect's Wing: Sarajevo By Geraldine Brooks

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    women. My purpose to discuss this community is to inform readers about what its purpose is in the book and how it took part of saving the haggadah and Lola. The Albanian language has influences in the characters of Brooks’ novel, for example, Lola, Serif and Stela Kamal, where they use the language to shelter Lola from being captured by the

  • Super Normal In Type Design

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    Sans’. Secondly, in the Design Project, the ‘Normal Sans’ was emphasized to further practice the comprehensions and findings that were developed from the Literature Review and Case Study. The outcome of my project takes the form of a humanist sans-serif typeface entitled ‘Normal Sans’. The typeface consists of Roman, Bold and Light proportions with their corresponding Italics. The aim This thesis aims to reach three objectives: to define, based on the literature review, the concept of Super Normal

  • Ethos Pathos Logo Analysis

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    however I didn 't think that this was a true representation of my brand and therefore I chose to develop the idea of using an olive as the symbol instead, as it was more appropriate. I also experimented with different typefaces starting with a bold sans serif. I think that this made the logo too corporate for the brand so therefore chose a script font to develop further. I refined the letters so that they were smoother and matched the appearance of the olive. To make this effective, I positioned the olive

  • Example Of Typography Essay

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    Advertising: The Use of Typography and Color By Yosele Leon Senior Project Mrs. Bastian/Mrs. Myers 04 December 2014 Advertising: The Use of Typography and Color Have you ever considered why people buy the things that they buy? There is always an immense amount of options but what makes a product more desirable than others? Two of the biggest factors that can influence an audience’s decision making are the typography and color used in an advertisement. Typography plays a huge role

  • Tschichold's Typography Analysis

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    It must be communication in its most intense form. The emphasis must be on absolute clarity since this distinguishes the character of our own writing from that of ancient pictographic forms.” We can see from this quote from Moholy-Nagy’s essay on the New Typography, which was published in 1923, where Tschichold’s influences may have come from. The two clearly share the same basic view on how typography should be addressed. Moholy-Nagy was more notably a painter and photographer than a typographer

  • Informative Speech On Big Caslon

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    have to learn about Caslon and its designer. Caslon is and a Serif typeface design by William Caslon. William Caslon born in 1692 in Cradley, Worcestershire, England died in 1766 in Bethnal Green, England. In 1706 William began his career as an apprentice to an engraver (the practice of incising a deign onto a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it) on gunlocks and barrels. He also worked on the traditional old style serif letter design that made letters look as though it was written

  • Book Cover Analysis

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    Book Cover Analyses I will analyze the book cover on the left first: Concept: This book cover looks Chinese in a 1930’s setting. This is achieved and done through the graphics, which tell and say “Chinese” without too much power that could have overdone it. Furthermore, the graphics also have a 1930’s feeling for me. Most of the weight of the “Chinese” comes from the dominant red color scheme and the dragons representing China. Though, the 1930’s is represented through the supporting smaller

  • 'Lord Of The Flies': A Literary Analysis

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    Our argument can be further strengthened by taking a look at the setting of both the novels. Enas subhi in his article “ civilization and savagery in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness with some references to Golding’s Lord of the Flies” quotes Robert Serif as “One of the principle things one “sees” in Conrad’s fiction is the relationship between man and his environment. Put visually, this is the linkage, by image and symbol between inner and outer landscapes. External landscape is itself, in most cases

  • Bifur Architecture Analysis

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    newspapers, and advertisements. Typefaces appeared bolder and larger, and designers began experimenting with san serif styles. Most typefaces were uncomplicated, low-waisted and mono-stroke which reflected the sophistication and glamour of the time period. An important figure in art deco graphic design was French graphic artist, A.M. Cassandre. He drew inspiration from the san serif texts of the Bauhaus movement and ancient Egyptian styes to create bold yet simple designs. In his famous typeface

  • Constructivism In Construction Art

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    every last watch before outlining it and he didn't miss a solitary subtle element. In Russia, there was a power named Bolsheviks which was spoken to by red. This brand additionally appears to have an association that compel. Rodchenko utilized San-Serif typography in this configuration. It is current and exceptionally persuading. It was made to look extravagant since watches were lavish and thought to be rich. This configuration is totally adapted and altogether different from constructivism

  • John Baskerville Research Paper

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    John Baskerville By; Shaina Flatow John Baskerville started the transitional style serif fonts with his Baskerville font. He opened the door to the modern style of fonts and implemented many changes to the printing and typesetting industry that is still felt today. It is hard to find a graphic designer today that doesn’t use his font or a font based of his. He was born on January 28, 1706 in Wolverley, Worcestershire, England. He was originally a writing master and stone engraver. In 1726 he moved

  • Esquire Magazine Cover Essay

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    During the 1960s, the value of beauty and physical appeal unexpectedly increased during political debates. Several graphic designers recognized this new appreciation and used magazine covers and other forms of communication to portray its significant growth in America. In the year of 1968, art director and designer George Lois created an iconic cover for Esquire magazine’s May issue (Figure 1). Crafted as a photomontage, the cover features Richard E. Nixon getting prepped and pampered by several

  • Rhetorical Techniques Used In Advertising

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    Advertising is an attempt to persuade an audience. Companies who create these advertisements want people to buy their products, to enlist their services, or to support an organization or cause. The way they deliver these messages should match the habits of the targeted audience. This image is an advertisement for the new Chrysler 300. It is from Ebony magazine. In the advertisement, there are many catchy phrases and pictures which make the car look very desirable. The ad shows a very well-dressed