Grey Goose Ad Analysis

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In first glance of the Grey Goose “Fly Beyond” ad, the asymmetrical balance and positioning of the product catch your attention. The Grey Goose bottle setup is shifted slightly to the right on a marble slab table, while the accompanying text is placed overhead on the upper left, creating harmony and unity — evenly distributing the ad’s content. Paying attention to the colours, there are no outstanding or unfitting colors that seem out of place. The colours mainly found in the ad — grey, white, and different shades of blue, are heavily exaggerated in the table’s contents and in both the background hues and text color as well. With the use of shallow depth of field, the ad executes heavy use of contrast. The Grey Goose bottle and the table’s …show more content…

While there are different shades of blue, royal blue is a prominent theme throughout the advertisement, which is signified with elegance, intelligence and superiority. The colours grey and white are also seen throughout various portions of the ad, such as the table, the bottle and box, and in the text and borders. The colour grey helps build a sense of “coolness” to the product. Grey is essentially visualized as a neutral tone that is often tied to power and conservativeness—which suggests that Grey Goose is traditional and an old-fashioned drink that's been around for a long time. The use of ice in the scene also help build onto this theme, suggesting that the product is “cool”, while also suggesting freshness. The colour white connotes purity and goodness, which suggests that the drink tastes good. The physical company logo itself is a goose, which is found multiple times on both the box and the bottle itself. Although geese are usually seen as pests or annoying animals, the ad signifies the animal in a different way. The bird is seen flying, which represents freedom. Geese are also known to fly in formations, which represent leadership and trustworthy. The company values its consumers, and with using an unusual bird as its logo, wants the consumers to feel different by flying beyond everyone

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