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  • Literary Analysis Of A Sonnet By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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    A sonnet is a poem which contains 14 lines. Usually, sonnets are about love. The Italian sonnet, or the Petrarchan sonnet, has an abba-abba, cde-cde rhyme scheme, with an octave and a sestet. The octave either asks a question or tells the reader a problem, while the sestet indicates a solution or comment. Additionally, traditional sonnets are written in an iambic pentameter rhythm. In other words, each line has 10 syllables, and these 10 syllables can be divided into 5 groups with 2 syllables each

  • The Minstrel Boy Analysis

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    On May 28, 1779 the history of Irish music would change forever. On this time in history, Thomas Moore was born into a Roman Catholic family. At this time in history in Ireland, Roman Catholics could not own land, be educated, or vote. Even though Thomas Moore was born into a Roman Catholic family, he still achieved greatness through his music. Thomas Moore was one of the first Catholics to go to Trinity College. He went to Trinity College to become a lawyer, which is what his mother wanted and

  • 'Before I Got My Eye Put Out'

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    In both poems “Before I Got My Eye Put Out” and “ We Grow Accustomed To the Dark” by Emily Dickinson. She talks about adjusting and change. The former poem is about recollecting memories of one 's vision before the loss of sight the and the dramatic change experienced . In the latter poem, Ms. Dickinson speaks about how things are going to always adjust and how we get used to the darkness. The speaker in ‘We grow accustomed to the dark’ would react to losing one’s sight the same as the speaker

  • A Noiseless Patient Spider

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    Walt Whitman expresses his thoughts on the isolation and spirituality of the human soul through various diction, structure and imagery. In the poem, A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman illustrates his visions of a soul and its parallelism to a spider. In the title of the poem, the “Patient” shows personification also potentially foreshadowing the interconnectedness with the soul later in the poem. Furthermore, the “Spider” component of the title can be interpreted as imagery for a spider that

  • Connotation And Metaphors In Ozymandias

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    The world is full of outstanding and magnificent things, but due to the effects of human nature and the constant change ones’ world goes through the once magnificent objects lay waste in forgotten fields and valleys. In “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley and “By the Water of Babylon” by Stephen Vincent Benet, the idea of our ever-changing world is presented to us in two different ways. Throughout each literary work the authors use connotation, symbols, and metaphors to present the readers with

  • The Great Gatsby Character Analysis Essay

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    Great Gatsby Character Analysis F. Scott Fitzgerald, known as the author of the great American classic “The Great Gatsby”, a novel set in the “roaring twenties”- a decade, earning the infamous moniker due to the eruption of pop culture, and “scandalous” dance crazes. The Great Gatsby is filled with multiple elaborate characters such as Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, and Daisy Buchanan, all who of which have their fair share of drama in the novel. Gatsby is the legendary man behind the renowned parties

  • Critical Analysis Of My Papa's Waltz By Theodore Roethke

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    The text I am going to be analyzing is ‘My Papa’s Waltz’, a poem written by Theodore Roethke. The poem was written in 1942. The poem discusses a domestic situation of a little boy describing the behaviour and characteristics of his parents, especially his father. Roethke had a difficult relationship with his father, who died when he was fifteen, and the poem reflects that. The themes of the poem are family and admiration. The poem targets a broad audience, but is specifically interesting to those

  • What Is Mary Wollstonecraft Thesis Statement

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    I. Introduction General Statement: Mary Wollstonecraft is considered to be the founder of European and American women’s rights movements. Transition Sentences: She was born during the Enlightenment, when people believed in certain natural rights that men were born with. However, many still believed that women were inferior to men and did not have the same rights. Mary challenged such thinking and thought that women could be equal to men if given the same opportunities. Thesis Statement: The

  • Emily Dickinson's If You Were Coming In The Fall

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    In “If you were coming in the Fall” by Emily Dickinson, she states that she will wait any extent of time as long as she will be with her lover again. This poem demonstrates how the separation from a loved one can consume you. No matter the amount of time, she still constantly thinks about being with her lover again. To establish the meaning of the poem, Dickinson uses poetic devices. The three poetic devices I found that were most prevalent in the poem were repetition, simile, and tone. All

  • Phoenix Jackson Character Analysis

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    Throughout history individuals are characterized based on their gender, race and age. Decades ago, Americans were criticized based on their physical characteristics rather than their qualities. In the past, people were stripped of their rights because they might have been a woman, African American, or older in age. Since then mindsets have changed, now people have been given back their rights. In the short story, “A Worn Path,” by Eudora Welty, the protagonist Phoenix Jackson is faced with many difficulties

  • Discrimination In Black Spiderman

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    Perseverance and Acceptance through Discrimination “Black Spiderman” by Sir Robert Bryson “Bobby” Hall II, better known by his stage name as “Logic,” provides society with different perspectives of people suffering from stereotypes and discrimination. Logic’s goal is to show how acceptance will benefit the public and the positive benefits it carries. In an interview with Genius, Logic talks about the message of his song, which is “Accept diversity. That is what I always say. People will say things

  • Aesthetics In Shakespeare's Sonnets

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    Vol. 4(8), pp. 398-403, October, 2013 DOI: 10.5897/IJEL2013.0479 ISSN 2141-2626 ©2013 Academic Journals International Journal of English and Literature Full Length Research Paper Aesthetics in William Shakespeare's Sonnets Maryam Ebrahimi* and Bahman Zarrinjooee Department of English Literature and Language, Islamic Azad University of Boroujerd, Iran. Accepted 30 August, 2013 This study focuses on aesthetics in William Shakespeare's sonnets. It shows the dominant

  • Theme Of Love In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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    The Epic of Gilgamesh conveys numerous themes. Among those are the inevitability of death, the eminence of the gods, and strikingly the importance of love as an impetus. Love, defined in a consummate sense is intimacy, passion, and commitment. These traits are exemplified in Gilgamesh and Enkidu's relationship, and they are also implied between Enkidu and Sham hat. Despite the violent and abrasive nature of the happenings of this text, love is displayed blatantly throughout. From Enkidu's introduction

  • Langston Hughes Poetry Assignment

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    Poetry Assignment Langston Hughes Langston Hughes lived long and interesting life. He has written a great number of novels and plays, short stories and critical essays, was good in translations, and collected folklore anthology. Yet, the true identity of his talent was revealed in the verses. That is why Langston Hughes became one of the largest national poets of the twentieth century. Langston Hughes has touched major social and racial problems in his works. The issues of racial transition, discrimination

  • Journey In Mary Oliver's Poem 'The Journey'

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    Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Journey”, is a narrative on the many obstacles one must overcome in order to forge their own path. The way the poem is written makes the reader the subject of the poem because everyone must overcome an obstacle of some form in their life. “The Journey” illustrates the very real struggles everyone must go through to discover something in their life, whether it is their own destiny or their self-worth. Oliver’s poem states that the journey of life is difficult, but she knows

  • Let My Future Uphold Me Analysis

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    Preface My prayer and desire for Destiny Embrace Me “Lord” Let My Future Uphold Me is that this book refreshes and inspires the inner delicate side of you. I pray the greater one that lives in you rises up and declares victory in any circumstance you are presented with or headed towards. For we all are on a journey called life that is full of twisters, earthquakes, rumbles, and discord. We win in the end. God has equipped us with his sustaining power called Love. We are more than a conqueror through

  • Lot's Wife Poem Analysis

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    Szymborska systematically undoes the damage inflicted upon Lot’s wife by undermining the smug certainty of moralization in response to the human story. In the first line of the poem we are introduced to the idea that curiosity was reason for her disobedience. Her story is then completely unraveled into a flurry of potential alternatives juxtaposing the simple and tragic moral tale “they” reduced it to in order to communicate that disobedience equates to destruction. In the line “A hamster on its

  • Kim Addonizio's Sign Your Name

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    The poem “Sign Your Name” by Kim Addonizio is about how society attempts to take away a person's individualism. Addonizio uses poetic structure, diction, and figurative language, in “Sign Your Name” to illustrate how society can throw an individual's identity away and if you get the opportunity to sign your name, write your life story. The poetic structure used in the poem “Sign Your Name” by Kim Addonizio consists of seven couplets. The first example of poetic structure in the poem is “and farewell:

  • Diction And Symbolism In Charles Simic's Old Couple

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    The poem “Old Couple” by Charles Simic uses diction and symbolism to show the idea that there are two ways of viewing death. The one that the unreliable speaker gives is that death is unavoidable and only brings pain. The other is the view that is developed from what the couple is actually doing which seems to be that death is peaceful and it is best to go through it with a love one. The poem starts off with the narrator describing the observations being made of an old couple. The narrator makes

  • Elements Of Modernism In Mad Men

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    “MAD MEN” AND THE WASTE LAND AS MODERNIST TEXTS The twentieth century is characterized by the significant changes in the society, which has affected all the domains of the people’s lives, including the world of art. It was the time when the modernist movement became the first topic of discussions by many critics. Modernism tended to break the usual patterns of the ways of thinking, offering new approaches to the regular subjects and demonstrated the rapid pace of the social transformation. This movement