Diction And Symbolism In Charles Simic's Old Couple

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The poem “Old Couple” by Charles Simic uses diction and symbolism to show the idea that there are two ways of viewing death. The one that the unreliable speaker gives is that death is unavoidable and only brings pain. The other is the view that is developed from what the couple is actually doing which seems to be that death is peaceful and it is best to go through it with a love one. The poem starts off with the narrator describing the observations being made of an old couple. The narrator makes the statement that “They’re waiting to be murdered, or evicted. Soon they expect to have nothing to eat. As far as I know, they never go out.” The language in this stanza seems to be very somber and detached. “Murdered” means the killing of another …show more content…

It seems like the old couple is patiently approaching for the snow to fall and it seems that they are ready to go to sleep. By preparing to sleep, as the snow will start to fall suggest that that couple knows that death is approaching and that they are prepared for it. By the snow going to be “a little” suggest that it well be peaceful snow fall. That peaceful snowfall is relating to the peaceful death that awaits the couple, as they will go to sleep. It seems this way because the man “lower the shades” and “his hand has reached hers just as she was about to turn on the lights.” The darkness could suggest death and by the man placing his hand on hers suggest that they are in this together. It seems that the narrator has created an idea that the old couple is bracing themselves for a very painful death, which they wait for with anxiety. The speaker does this by the use of aggressive language and a painful interpretation of death. This is not the case as seen through the window, that the couple seem very peaceful and seem to be ready to die together. They do not seem to be full of anxiety with the thought of death and rather wait for it to

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