Short film Essays

  • The Landlady: Film Vs. Short Film

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    In the short story “The Landlady,” by Roald Dahl and the short film, “Tales of the Unexpected” series, Billy Weaver goes to Bath, England where he meets an old landlady. Screenwriters change an author's work because they want to expand their ideas from a book into a movie. In both the story and short film there are many similarities to be found. For example, the story and short film the characters motives are the same. In both the versions Billy goes to England for a job, “Find your lodgings he

  • Gore Verbinski's Short Film

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    Verbinski was a former musician at an young age, than later becomes a filmmaker. Making short films in the early 1980’s and later winning two oscars awards. Verbinski started his actual film career by directing other known bands music video for a short period of time. His love for music is alway, but secretly applied in his movies. Than Verbinski moved on from music video directing to commercial directing. That was also short lived because he started to make his first movie Mouse Hunt. Verbinski from here

  • Cathedral Short Story And Film: The Cathedral

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    The Cathedral short story and the film went two different routes when telling the story. In the reading, I felt as if the husband was being a jerk, jealous, and ignorant about the blind man and the relationship between his wife and the blind man. I could tell that the husband was not too fond of the blind man by reading the first three paragraphs. The way the husband started off the first sentence with “this blind man” as if the blind man did not have a name and. On the other hand, in the beginning

  • Short Film Analysis: A Patch Of Blue

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    Samantha, your review is amazing, you felt the main note an idea from the movie and also were able to describe exactly to the point all characters and what they express and convey to the viewer. I really like how settled and condense your review was in the same time covering enormous specter of social and moral topics. I could not agree more with you about the exceptional perfection of the character of Dr. John Pritchett, played by Sydney Poitier. He was SO PERFECT that for me felt

  • Witness For The Prosecution: Film Vs. Short Story

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    keep audiences intrigued and engaged on what will happen next. “Witness for the prosecution”, originally written by Agatha Christie, is no different in the sense that both the short story and visual adaption keep the audience on the edge of their seat as the apprehensive story unfolds. Although the storyline for the short story and movie adaptions both follow the same repertoire, there are a vast number of significant differences that keep the audience entertained and in suspense of what is to come

  • Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Short Film

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    Tim Burton is a film director who has produced some very well received movies. Early in his life he add many influences two of whom were the Grimm brother’s and Roald dahl’s stories.Early in his apprenticeship Burton produced Vincent a Short film that shows Vincent a small child who dreams of playing as actor Vincent Price in Edgar Allan Poe's stories. After Vincent he started working on films as a director. Director Tim Burton's Style is a darker more suspenseful style, as shown in his movies Charlie

  • Review Of The Short Film 'Our Time Is Up'

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    After viewing the short film "Our Time Is Up," I believe that it has a structurally sound plot. The exposition introduces the surroundings, characters and the norms. In the beginning of the film, we see a man who wakes up promptly. The film establishes his routine, his demeanor, and his profession. He has a very dull wardrobe, he reads the morning newspaper, he drinks black coffee, and he is a psychiatrist. The doctor is not very social with his gardener or other people. He even declines a younger

  • Overcoming Obstacles In The Short Film 'Lost Property'

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    Lost Property The short film Lost Property, by Asa Lucander is a unique love story. The film is built around an elderly man that has Alzheimer’s disease. The man’s wife would bring him pictures of miscellaneous objects in order to bring back little parts of his memory. Her plan remains unsuccessful until he catches sight of their wedding ring. Lucander is expressing the fragility of the human mind and the importance of memories. Through faith and persistence true love will overcome any obstacle

  • The Big Short Film Analysis

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    to watch a popular movie called : “The Big Short” It is an historical drama film directed by Adam McKay and written by McKay and Charles Randolph. The main actors are Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell. This movie focuses on some of the financial professionals who predicted the crisis and used this advantage in order to profit from the 2007-2008 financial collapse. This movie is a cinematographic adaptation of the book : The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis

  • Bullying In The Short Film For The Birds By Pixar

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    The short film “For the Birds” produced by Pixar, cost 5000-10000 dollars. They had to hire 30-50 people to produce this film about bullying. Many people probably think that it was a waste of money, nevertheless, bullying is a worldwide problem. The author wanted the world to know bullying is a problem and we all need to try to stop it from occurring Bullying causes many people to commit suicide and is a growing pain in our society..It is important for people to understand bullying and know that

  • The Idea Of Positivity In The Short Film Post-It

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    must develop here a positive vision” this quote by the Dalai Lama provides insight on how positivity can be developed by one’s own actions. This quote insinuates that the best way to bring one’s self happiness is to have a positive mindset. The short film “Post-it” effectively displays this idea throughout its plot. The main character, Elroy, has recently lost his mother and is in a dejected attitude towards life. However, while waiting on a bus he encounters a stranger named Clara. Clara’s outgoing

  • Sybil: A Short Film Analysis

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    media has begun to incorporate a variety of illnesses to entertain to their audience. However, many have questioned if the media is accurately portraying these mental disorders. I chose to compare two popular movies Frankie & Alice and the 2007 version film Sybil. Both movies describe the progression of two women who were both diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorders. According to Comer (2015), “people with dissociative identity disorder, once known as multiple personality disorder, have two or

  • Steve Cutts Happiness Short Film Analysis

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    In our society today, every individual’s ideas can be exchanged in various creative forms. The short film medium, being a form of social commentary, is a pertinent driving force behind shifts in personal values. Thus short films as a textual form have great value and impact to society due to their versatile delivery. Steve Cutts’ Happiness (2017) is a satirical film whose fast-paced nature prioritises meaning over matter to critique the constant pursuit of happiness in misplaced interests. Erez Tadmor

  • Life In The Seafarer

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    During the tenth century, life for men and women was short and infant mortality rates were extremely high. Life for the Anglo-Saxons was exceptionally unsafe, as they could die at any moment as a result of disease, starvation, a small feud, a war, or capital punishment. Entire kingdoms would collapse, buildings were burned to the ground, and rulers were assassinated as a result of power struggles between neighboring groups. Humans observed the strong presence of death and destruction surrounding

  • Short Film Analysis: American Sniper

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    Psychology Film Analysis: American Sniper Symptoms Observed: The film touches briefly on Chris Kyle’s childhood the relationship with his family as highly religious and aggressive. His father is emotionally abusive, if not physically abusive to his sons. He glorifies aggression and male dominance and talks about the analogy of the wolf, sheep, and the just sheep dog who is aggressive and strong. Kyle appears to identify with this sheep dog alias at which point he begins to show ‘Hero’ or ‘Savior’

  • The Kite Runner U Shaped Structure Analysis

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    Brief Introduction The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, was published in 2003 and considered as a contemporary classic, receiving a huge success worldwide. Set in Afghanistan and the United States. The Kite Runner illustrates the similarities as well as the differences between the two countries and the two vastly different cultures in a well-rounded manner. As a typical initiation novel, it is the story about friendships, relatives and master-servant relations, and it is a novel about right

  • Economic Crisis In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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    Following the roaring twenties era, due to many factors, an economic crisis occurred. This crisis has now been named the Great Depression. Dust storms and bank foreclosures displaced people from their jobs and homes. In an attempt to start over and get far away from their now ruined lives, tens of thousands of landowners from the southwest fled to California. John Steinbeck writes about this conflict in his novel, The Grapes of Wrath. Published in 1939, The Grapes of Wrath follows a family from

  • The Castaway Poem Analysis

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    twothings that are very different from each other but have a common characteristicshared between them. A metaphor emphasizes the mutualcharacteristics, without a verb such as appears and a connective such aslike,of terms that areliterally mismatched. In short, two contradicting object compared due to a single common feature. The first poem that I shall analyze is The Castaway (1799) by William Cowper. Itis a depressed account of a sailor, who has been abandoned by his shipwhen he fell overboard in a vicious

  • Use Of Discovery In Robert Frost's Short Film 'Be My Brother'

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    be evoked by curiosity or necessity and often leads to unpredictable outcomes. This process is exemplified in Robert Frost’s ballad ‘The Tuft of Flowers’ as it explores a spiritual unity among individuals. In a similar way, Genevieve Clay-Smith’s short film ‘Be My Brother’ represents an unexpected discovery of the perception of people. Frost’s poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ reveals the realisation of one’s purpose, emerging through an unexpected event in the woods. Drawing parallels, George

  • Anthropomorphism In Animated Films

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    combines visual modes, modes of dramatic action and speech, music and other sounds [2,p.1]. An anthropomorphiс personifiсation is a phenomenon endоwed with human form and personality, which is often seen in animated films. The important role of anthropomorphic personification in animated films is to validate relationship between non-human objects or animals and the value system that people cherish. There with the help of multimodality and different forms of personification a unique