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  • Sitting Bull Thesis

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    Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota chief and holy man, born in 1831 in present-day South Dakota. Son of honored Sioux warrior Returns-Again, Sitting Bull idolized his father and wanted to be exactly like him, but he struggled initially in skill; he lacked natural talent for violence, and thus was deemed “Slow” in his early years. A few years later at fourteen, he would assist in war against a rival tribe. He would be given the new name of “Tatanka-Iyotanka”; a Lakota phrase meaning “a buffalo sitting”

  • Sitting Bull Essay

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    Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake, or Sitting Bull, the notable Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux holy man with audacity, was a Native American who endured the years of resistance to United States government policies. The result of this phenomenon was the overpowering conquer of United States army officer George A. Custer. This also included his 7th Calvary at Little Big Horn. During his strife for survival on the North American Great Plains, Sitting Bull was known to amalgamate with other tribes, such as the Sioux. From all

  • Teton Indian Chief: Sitting Bull

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    Sitting bull Sitting bull was born in 1831. Sitting bull was a Teton Indian chief. Sitting bull joined his first war at age fourteen and earned a reputation for bravery in battle. In 1868 the Sioux accepted peace with the United States government, but when black hills in the late 1870 's a group of white prospectors invaded Sioux lands. Sitting bull was probably one of the most famous Native American. When sitting bull was ten he killed his first buffalo. In June 1863 he took arms against the United

  • Pledge Of Allegiance Analysis

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    What does the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance mean to you? Land of the Free? Is America the Land of the Free? This has been a question that has been uprising lately as everyone is thinking about the importance of standing for the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance recently. Do you have to stand for the National Anthem? Are you not allowed to emphasise any part of the Anthem and sing the anthem how it is? Are you allowed to do what you want? Ever since the infamous kneel by San Francisco

  • Early Childhood Education: Theoretical Perspectives

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    Early Childhood Education: Theoretical Perspectives Abstract Studies confirm that high-quality education early in a child’s life leads to continued success in school, at work, and results in a healthier well-rounded student who is emotionally and socially strong. In most early childhood programs and schools, technology will be part of the learning background of the future. To make sure this new technology is used effectively, we must confirm that teachers are fully trained and supported. In this

  • National Anthem Rhetorical Analysis

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    Why do you stand during the National Anthem, some people stand out of pure respect, other people sit because they are “oppressed”. Colin Kaepernick started a controversial protest during the preseason football game on August 14th. Many people agree that it is for a good cause, but he is not choosing the right time to protest. People believe that standing during the National Anthem is a sign of respect and gratitude for your country, but people like Kaepernick chose this time to sit or kneel to get

  • Nursing Reflection: The Gibbs Cycle In Nursing

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    INTRODUCTION Reflection is a holistic experience that allows the person participating, to evaluate the event both after and during the course of the incident (Johns 2006). Reflection facilitates the understanding and determining of the contraindications that may have occurred throughout the practice from what is required (Johns 2006). There are many models to aid in the process of reflection (Boud et al 1995, Boyd and Fales 1983, Mezirow 1981 cited in Johns 2006). I have chosen the Gibbs cycle (1988)

  • Personal Narrative: The 4-H Demonstration Contest

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    Everyone, at some point in their life, has a proud moment. Something that the memory of just fills them with pride. As I sit in my 4-H lawn chair, watching the Scarecrow Fest parade, I am reminded of the time I won the 4-H Demonstration Contest. It was a warm summer day, and I was about twelve years old. I had been practicing my speech for weeks and now the big day was finally here. I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and could barely choke down any breakfast. The 4-H Demonstrations Contest

  • The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy

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    Chapter 3 – Socializing your puppy What does socialization mean? It means learning to become part of society. When we speak of socializing our puppies, it means assisting them to be comfortable as a pet involved within the society of human beings. This human society includes people of different types, environment, noises, sight, smells, different animals and other dogs. Socialization may not be a concept, but it is one of the most vital things you can do for your puppy. It is important to expose

  • Kneeling During The National Anthem Essay

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    Kneeling during the national anthem is a form of peacefully protesting instead of choosing to stay silent and not have a voice. Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick who is currently a free agent brought the attention to “kneeling during the national anthem” when he decided to take a knee during a preseason game. Him kneeling brought an uproar of people who believed he was being “disrespectful” and “unpatriotic”, others believed he was being “brave” and a “hero”. Kaepernick had a reason for doing so

  • Why Is Color Important In The Great Gatsby

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    Everyone has a favorite shirt, they adore the way the color complements their skin tone or 1their hair or eyes. Maybe the shirt is even their favorite color, or a mix of colors. Since people have been wearing clothes, painting pictures, or decorating their homes and objects; colors have been involved. The blending of dyes and the mixing of pigments creates beautiful patterns and expresses people’s personalities and emotions. The use of color plays a big part in the story The Great Gatsby by F. Scott

  • Benefit Dog Training Essay

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    Benefit Dog Training Is Right Here By authors asa Dec 25, 2011 Dog training takes place for many reasons. Some dogs are hunting dogs, some are trained for protection, while others learn nifty tricks. Dogs are eager to please their master. This can make this them an great pet to have. Here are some tips that can make training your dog a snap. Keeping your dog mentally engaged will ensure your pet stays healthy and happy. Chew toys with a treat inside and walks in new areas will excite your dog by

  • Sitting Bull Leadership Qualities

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    was a Lakota Sioux leader who fought to protect his people. All of the phrases above described Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull was a Native American leader who should be respected because he was brave, generous and responsible. First, Sitting Bull was a brave warrior. He went on his first buffalo hunt when he was 10 years old. He was the only boy in a group of skilled warriors. It was a success and Sitting Bull brought down a young buffalo. Among the Sioux, the most powerful Indian Americans on the Great

  • Analysis Of Sitting Bull's Speech

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    Choosing Home I had chosen Sitting Bull’s speech he gave for he was honest and true in every word he spoke that is why it is a short speech he went straight to the main ideas. In Sitting Bull’s speech, “The life my people want is a life of freedom” he explains why he and his people wish to live freely. Bull also explains his beliefs as a Native American from the Sioux nation he believed that he was put here on earth for a reason. Bull’s speech compares his people to those of white color. He expresses

  • The One Sitting There Rhetorical Analysis

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    Written post World War II, in a time when mourning soared above all else, Joanna H. Wos wrote the short story “The One Sitting There”. Written to aid her in mourning of her sister’s death due to starvation in war, Wos takes on a childlike bitterness in her writing. This bitterness stemming from her abundance of food juxtaposed with her sister’s lack of food explains her stubborn refusal to throw the food away. Wos presents a child-like tone through her syntax of telegraphic sentences. Furthermore

  • The Wallowa Massacre

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    In April and May of 1877, Joseph and his brother Ollokot met three times with General Howard and others trying to convince them that although the Nez Perce did not want to fight, they had the right to stay in the Wallowa Valley. However, on May 14, 1877, formerly sympathetic General Howard had now grown impatient, and decided that ‘reasonable time’ was up. He gave the Wallowa band 30 days to move to the reservation. ‘If you are not here in that time,’ he said, ‘I shall consider that you want to

  • Dance With The Wolves Analysis

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    The movie, Dances with the Wolves, reveals Lieutenant John Dunbar’s wild life. He experiences an injury in the beginning and embarks on a quest when he gets healthy. He discovers Fort Sedgwick and meets Native Americans. Kevin Costner directed and produced this long lasting movie that almost continues for four hours. Throughout the film, John learns many skills from the Indians,including; a different language, different types of war strategies, life skills, and friendship/relationships. During

  • Ishi The Last Yahi Analysis

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    Ishi the Last Yahi, 1992, directed and produced by Jed Riffe and Pamela Roberts, is a documentary on the life of a native American named Ishi, the timeline from when he was he was captured by white settlers to the time of his death. The film used many pictures, voice recordings and still clips to engage the audience. Ishi’s friends and family were killed by white settlers, disease, and starvation.  Before Ishi could die of starvation, he left his home and went to California where he captured and

  • Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Case Study

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    In 2014, President Obama visited the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. While there, he read aloud these words from Chief Sitting Bull: “Let’s put our minds together to see what we can build for our children.” Today, it is the children of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who have put their minds together to help envision a safe future for themselves and who are leading an international campaign to protect their drinking water — and the drinking water of 17 million people downstream — from the threats

  • Sacred Spirit Music Analysis

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    When we were in the barracks, we used various levels, such as kneeling, sitting and standing to capture the feel of what it was like in the barracks. We also used facial expressions to show our character; one person who was particularly good at this was Patrice, who played a Sioux picking fruit. She used her facial expressions