Southern California Essays

  • The Importance Of Water In Southern California

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    Due to a shortage of water in California, the governor has proposed a diversion system to move water from the Northern California to Southern California. As for this will probably help since there is more farming, and more climate changes in Northern California. This will make a big bad and good difference. First, it will be a bad situation because then the farmers will not have the water they need for their crops, animals, etc. But at the same time farmers should have a limit of water they can

  • Personal Narrative: Going To Southern California

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    Going to Southern California, no one would think of packing an umbrella. Why would they? California is in the middle of a drought. When someone thinks of California, they think of baby blue skies and palm trees along the streets. But, of course, the weekend my family decided to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld is the weekend Southern California experienced what the local news called a “tropical depression.” After driving five hours from San Jose to Los Angeles in a compact Honda

  • Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To Southern California

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    This past summer, my family took a road trip to Southern California to visit family and friends. While we were there I was able to hear stories of when I was younger, as well as a few about my parents. California was in the middle of a large drought, which made the air excruciatingly hot, so we visited the beach to cool off. I walked out onto the very edge of the wave break, the waves pounding against the rocks and spraying me with their salty drops. As I looked towards the horizon, I was reminded

  • Top 10 Places To California Essay

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    Top 10 Places to Visit in Southern California Southern California, one of the top visited places in USA, attracts millions of tourists every year. The beautiful city is known for sunny weather, entertainment, rich Hollywood life and enigmatic Pacific coastline. Close to San Diego which is known for surfing and massive Balboa Park, this Southern part of California is a must to explore. Gorgeous beaches and abundance of attractive places, Southern California is blessed with places that are worth exploring

  • Joan Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem Summary

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    Review on Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem In her memoir titled, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion includes a collection of essays that focus on her experiences in California during the 1960’s. By combining true historical facts, with a keen eye for gothic imagery, Didion narrates a felt experience from the perspective of a participant and an observer— calling into question the values of her own generation, while simultaneously embracing them in order to create a palpable narrative

  • California State Water Project Research Paper

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    California State Water Project Systems Engineering, Integrated Water Supply Planning and Management Caio Fernandes Pereira Santos Global Water Resources Geography 318 University of Wisconsin-River Falls Fall 2015 Instructor: Dr. Ruth Baker Introduction California’s water system is large, complex, and interconnected. Most precipitation falls in the sparsely populated northern and mountainous regions of the state during the winter, whereas most human water demands occur during

  • Pebble Beach Vacation

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    California is a diverse state full of nature reserves, rugged mountain ranges, and pristine beaches; consequently, California residents express different sentiments towards Northern and Southern California. The divide between both halves of the sunshine state has been debated; hence, going back and forth on whether or not one side is better than the other are at a constant battle. However, when it comes to planning an outdoor vacation, Northern California undeniably fronts a much greater variety

  • Monclair Research Paper

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    Justin Flores Language Arts Honors Period 4 1-18-17 Montclair 's History The history of Montclair, as with other communities in Southern California, is rich and colorful. Serrano Indians were the earliest known inhabitants of the land that is now Montclair. In 1774, Captain Juan Bautista de Anza named that sycamore tree-lined creek "Arroyo de los Alisos," the Stream of the Sycamores, later renamed San Antonio Creek. Up until the 1890s, Montclair was little more than grazing

  • Brush Fire Linda Thomas Analysis

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    that flourish on the vast valleys of California. These winds are unstoppable. However, it seems as if many refuse this idea in hopes that the land in california will become untouched by the dry winds if humans decide to build. It seems as if no one realizes that the ash from last year will be buried under tar at first, but soon enough the winds will take over the land and a new layer of ash will settle.. This is a reality among the people of southern california when the Santa Ana winds take over.

  • Jedediah Smith's Major Accomplishments

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    the party that reestablish the South Pass, a passage to the North west through Wyoming. Two years later, he and a trading party left Great Salt Lake and crossed the Mojave Desert to southern California, becoming the first Americans to enter California from the east. Blocked by the weird Mexican governor of California, Smith altered his plan to go north into Oregon. Instead, in

  • Best Places To Visit In California Essay

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    in California California is a developed state in Western US and is close to the Mexican border. The place is known for its cliff-lined beaches and dramatic terrains that attract adventure tourists the most. Redwood forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park and many more are the attractions of California. Like every other state in US, this state too enjoys gorgeous coastline, deserts, shopping locations, vibrant life and other aspect that makes the trip much enjoyable. California is

  • Salton Basin Research Paper

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    current salinity is around 48,000 milligrams per liter, or 37 percent higher than the Pacific Ocean which allows only for salt-tolerant fish and birds to survive (2). The Salton Basin of Imperial Valley is one of the most biologically diverse areas in California with over 400 species and subspecies found there (2). Common mammals that can be found in the Imperial Valley are raccoons, coyotes, striped skunks, desert pocket mice, Merriam 's kangaroo rats, desert cottontails, Valley pocket gophers, and Round-tailed

  • Water Shortage In California

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    The water issue in California is growing every day, especially in a time of drought. However, we are thinking about the water usage in California all wrong. As stated in Michael Hiltzik ‘s article, “The Wrong Way to Think about California Water”. California 's revenue is greatly dependent on agriculture, which is the biggest water consumer. Although, this is all the media focuses on as the cause of water depletion, especially California 's almond crops. As Hiltzik states, “ Perhaps the best-known

  • Texas A & M: A Short Story

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    moved to College Station from my home in Salinas, California but once you read my story you’ll realize that move isn’t as random as it seems. My mom grew up in San Antonio Texas, but lived in several different places in her younger years because her father was an Air Force Kernel. She attended Texas A&M University in College Station and was a part of the graduating class of 1980. After college my mom moved by herself to Los Angeles, California and after a couple years met my father there. My

  • Fort Point National Park Research Paper

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    Go inside a building or vehicle for protection if possible. Park behind large structures and get as low as possible. Encountering The Bears Of California What to do when encountering a bear: Stay far away from the bear and respect its space by staying out of sight. Don’t take selfies with the bear because this popular activity can turn deadly (Yes, this happens). Get far away from the bear as

  • John August Sutter Research Paper

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    John Sutter divorced his wife and left his four children in Germany and headed towards California to seek fortune and land. After

  • Mexican Border Conflict

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    Mexican state of Chihuahua into the U.S. state of New Mexico. Eventually the Spanish established the city of Santa Fe. The eastern side went through modern day Texas and led to the establishment of San Antonio, and the western side went through California and Arizona which led to the establishment of San Diego and Los Angeles. The U.S has a little different story. The U.S gained independence in 1775 after the American Revolution. After that the Americans started to expand west. But when Mexico gained

  • Salinity In The Salton Sea

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    In 1905, engineers were working on an irrigation canal wall on the Colorado River when a rush of water burst through and began to fill a nearby basin. For eighteen months after the incident, water flowed freely into the basin eventually filling it to form a lake. Hence, “The Accidental Sea,” or better known as the Salton Sea, was born. Because the Sea has no natural input of water, it is fed mainly by agricultural runoff from the Imperial and Coachella Valley. Furthermore, when the water evaporates

  • Arguments Against Racial Segregation

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    that is so widely known but yet no one wants to talk about the issue. As I began to research this issue the Huffington Post showed that Detroit Michigan is the least integrated city in the US and Priceonomics showed that collectively that Oakland California is the most integrated city. When the data showed me this result I began to look at the why factor and how come these two cities could be so different. These two cities are more that 2,000 miles away from each other and their population being just

  • The Chumash Revolt

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    Deana Dartt-Newton and Jon M. Erlandson in their academic journal entitled Little Choice For The Chumash: Colonialism, Cattle, And Coercion In Mission Period California argues that the Chumash Indians had a abundant amount of oak groves, chaparral, and riparian communities, large estuaries, a mosaic of sandy and rocky shorelines, and had extensive kelp beds to provide them with a wide variety of resources (416-430)