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  • Milgram's Experiment: The Legitimacy Of Authority

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    Obedience is a form of social influence where an individual acts in response to a direct order from another individual, who is usually an authority figure such as a policeman. There are several explanations as to why people tend to obey others, for example; The Agentic State. This is when an individual goes through an ‘agentic shift’, where they shift from autonomy to ‘agency’. This means they are now said to be an ‘agent’ who is following the orders of another individual, thus making them feel as

  • Legitimate Authority In The Secret Sharer, Antigone

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    What makes authority legitimate or illegitimate? When putting your life and trust into someone else or a government and submitting to their authority, you better make sure they are legitimate. I believe that authority is legitimate when it is knowledgeable, has the ability to coerce people in unity, and to be morally just when doing so. The Secret Sharer, Antigone, and Gattica all have examples of a legitimate or illegitimate authority. The first aspect of a legitimate authority figure is that

  • Four Types Of Authority In 'Who Should Govern?'

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    “Who should govern?” (Skogstad 955) Grace Skogstad proves in her article, “Who Governs? Who Should Govern?: Political Authority and Legitimacy in Canada in the Twenty-First Century”, the response to these questions is quite complex. There are four types of authority; state-centred political, expert, private (market-based), and popular. The article explores these types of authority, their purpose and degree of effectiveness, as well as the conflicts that arise between each of them in decisions regarding

  • Similarities Between Martin Luther And Machiavelli

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    Machiavelli and Luther: An Examination of Authority in the 16th Century Written in 1513 Florence, Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince aims to serve an educational purpose, enlightening those in power on ways to secure authority and hold onto it. Separating ethics from the acquisition of power, Machiavelli essentially lays forth a guide to achieving and maintaining ruler status with emphasis on sustaining an adequate military force and establishing a rapport with the populace. In 1520 Saxony, Martin

  • Max Weber's Point Of Political Analysis

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    right, we can describe the relationship as one of authority (Lukes, 1974). Assumptions and beliefs that are embedded in the culture teach us learned responses to various problems of survival in any given society (Schein, 1992). In this regard, in 2006, Cuff and Francis discuss Karl Marx’s concept of alienation in which he suggests that those who are in power design cultures in a way that will only benefit them, leaving the others in a state

  • Authority, Authority And Authority In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    Animal Farm: Authority, Power, Propaganda “It is not wisdom but authority that makes a low.” Thomas Hobbes’ quote reveals that the world is all about authority and how powerful people are. In other words, to be able to rule, wisdom is not essential. However, authority is crucial. This quote relates to George Orwell’s Animal Farm as it represents the theme of power by the pigs that use propaganda, intimidation and false informations to take over the farm and to control the animals. Napoleon in the

  • Who Is The Conch In Lord Of The Flies

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    William Golding's “Lord of the Flies,” tells the story of a group of English boys forsook on a tropical island. Golding's novel demonstrates the battle between good v.s evil, civilization v.s savagery and law v.s anarchy within human society. As time continues to pass the boys descend further and further down the path of savagery, ignoring societal norms and expectations. Throughout the book, the author places numerous symbols that reinforce aspects of civilization. Three of which being the conch’s

  • The Power Of Inhumanity In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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    When you hear someone talking about the lottery, a positive image of a winner normally comes to mind. When you participate in the lottery, the worst thing you can lose is just some hard-earned cash. If only this was the case in Shirley Jackson’s story, “The Lottery.” In Jackson’s story, the lottery is not a prize that people want to win. The lottery in Jackson’s story is an annual tradition in which a name is randomly chosen and the winner is “awarded” with a death by stoning. Jackson uses the theme

  • Vivie's Profession: An Analysis

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    On the other hand, Vivie challenges her freedom by challenging the traditional female role. Vive, as an educated woman, seeks for independence towards her freedom in opposition to the relationship Frank seeks out. By challenging Vive states her position as an independent woman when she explains, “I must be treated as a woman of business, permanently single and permanently unromantic” (Shaw 1822). Vivie seeks for her freedom when she prefers to take care of herself before committing to a relationship

  • Empowerment In Thelma And Louise

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    Thelma and Louise, released in 1991, was a female buddy motion picture which marked the evolution from a traditionally male genre to the appearance of female road movies, presenting women as the only protagonists. Casting Susan Sarandon as Louise and Geena Davis as Thelma, the movie not only became a commercial success, it also sparked criticism on its stereotypical portrayal of women and men and discussion on feminism embedded in the film. While some has been long stated that Thelma and Louise is

  • Essay On Corruption Of Power In Macbeth And Doctor Faustus

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    characters of these two books and other real life cases show that how the notion of having absolute power ends up with catastrophe and destruction. Macbeth and Doctor Faustus illustrated different types of power: The first one is related to the political authority and the other one is connect to knowledge. The paper also highlights how these tragic downfalls stem from human weaknesses. We also examined how a common person could turn out to be a villain or how he

  • George Orwell 1984 Individualism Analysis

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    effects of no individualism through totalitarianism, love/sexuality, loyalty, and identity shown among individuals and society. Firstly, 1984 portrays a society that is run by totalitarian authority. Totalitarianism in a manner permits no individual freedom and seeks to lower all aspects of individual life to authority. One

  • Negligence In The Medical Profession

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    Every act or omission by a healthcare professional can have dire results on his patient. Medical negligence is mainly the application of the general law of negligence on to the medical profession. The elements of negligence are the duty of care, breach of that duty of care, causation and actual damage to that person or property1. The same principles applies in medical negligence, however specific to this area, more attention is paid in the areas of causation and the level of standard of care that

  • What Role Does Money Play In Macbeth Essay

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    ”But screw your courage to the sticking-place, and we’ll not fail.” (1.7) Lady Macbeth taking authority over Macbeth and she is not going to let him give up. She wants this too much, she wants the power and status and riches. She wants Macbeth as King. ”Sit, worthy friends : my lord is often thus, and hath been from his youth : p;ray you, keep seat;

  • Family Genogram Essay

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    Genograms are a great way to organize different subtypes of your family. You can organize a genogram with generations, authority, power, and age. When I organized my family in these groups I realized that age sometimes does not correlate to how much power the family member may have. I thought I knew everything about my family members and their roles but, after doing this assignment it made me make better conclusions why some people have more say than other do in the family. Genograms also helps make

  • Prison Officer Self-Legitimacy

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    Tankebe (2014) hypothesises that the further one climbs downwards on the rungs of an organisational structure, the greater the energy, time and intensity required for the confirmation of claims to authority. Liebling (2011) argues that fair and just interpersonal relationships contribute to prisoners’ perception of the fairness of the prison regime and influence prison officers’ opinions regarding what prisoners think of them, which consequently influences

  • Slave Resistance In Pseudolus And The Cane

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    tricksters; slaves must endure unfair punishments even when circumstances make it impossible for the slave to prevent it, such as the boy who is unable to buy Ballio a present; and subordinates must unconditionally carry out selfish desires of authorities, as exemplified in The Cane. With such difficulties present in slavery, forms of slave resistance seem like reasonable ways to preserve what little autonomy slaves had. However, the form of resistance a slave chooses may depend on the degree of

  • Power In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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    have to survive the challenges of nature, and themselves. This book strips down how humans function in a society. It shows us that what really makes an individual powerful is their ability to manipulate, keep a cool head, and to be able to hold authority over others One of the more important factors that place a person in a position of power is the ability to manipulate others. This can be seen when Jack, one of the older boys on the island, manipulates

  • Authority And Authority In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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    William Golding created with his book the Lord of the Flies. He made a scenario where a group of schoolboys are stranded on a deserted island with only themselves. With this story William Golding proves that isolation from rules,responsibility,and authority from civilization will change man into animals. Without rules the boys will change their morals for the worst. The boys didn’t regulate that each one of them have equal rights like what civilization offers to humankind. The boys didn’t regulate

  • Anna Perera Guantanamo Boy Quotes

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    ‘Guantanamo Boy’, written by Anna Perera, is a young-adult novel which deeply explores the concept of Authority and the Individual that being the interaction one has with bodies of governing and local authority. ‘Guantanamo Boy’ endeavors into the realm of changing views of authority over time, abuse of power, and the conflict between personal autonomy and the various types of authorities. At the beginning of the novel, and in the opening chapters, Khalid’s parents exercise expert, referent and