The Chocolate War Essays

  • Conformity In The Chocolate War

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    made by Jerry to Goober at the end of The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier sums up Jerry’s experience in not conforming to the expectations of his school and his peer group. It is easier to follow the crowd than to stand up for what you believe in. Robert Cormier uses Jerry’s experience in refusing to conform and participate in his school’s chocolate sale to highlight the consequences of nonconformity. When Jerry first refuses to sell the school’s chocolates he is seen as a

  • Reputation In Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War

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    Robert Cormier explores the unavoidable ideas of reputation, manipulation, power and violence through his captivating teenage novel “The Chocolate War.” These four components of the novel are deeply analyzed and scrutinized through the protagonist and antagonist in order to leave the reader thinking about their lives and the world around them. Cormier uses the idea of reputation throughout his novel to highlight both the emotion of which the protagonist, Jerry endured whilst he contemplated “disturbing

  • Psychological Manipulation In Archie Costello's The Chocolate War

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    to a person to hurt them the most and in the case of Archie this talent is used keep the Vigils in line, as well as the entire student and staff body. He is able to perceive how to gain the upper hand on Brother Leon during the beginning of the chocolate war by analyzing the Brother himself and discovering what he had done in order to try and make himself look good. After securing virtual amnesty from his crimes by manipulating Leon, he uses the secret society of the Vigils in a textbook cult fashion

  • Corrupted In Cormier's The Chocolate War

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    The Chocolate War follows the events that Jerry Renault must face the consequences of his actions after he ponders the question “do I dare disturb the universe?”. Jerry’s school is governed by a corrupt principal and who seeks helps of the violent gang who carries out the arrangements of the principal. When the gang assigns Jerry to sell the candy that was bought with stolen school money by the corrupt principal, he stares at a poster that reads “do I dare disturb the universe?” and he decides that

  • The Chocolate War Analysis

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    The chocolate war it’s about a first-year student named Jerry Renault. That in spite of his mother’s death wants to make quarterback at Trinity High School. In this high school there is a society called “The Vigils”. Archie and Obie members and “masterminds” of the society are looking for boys that will be doing the “assignment” that they, the society, will give them. Then Brother Leon a teacher that ordered the chocolates twice as the quantity last year wanted to make sure that they will get sold

  • Bullying In The Chocolate War

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    handle the bullies. Bullying is a global issue and people need to be informed and aware of bullying and how to deal with it. In the book, The Chocolate War, written by Robert Cormier, the main character, Jerry Renault, attends a Catholic school called Trinity High School and is being bullied and attacked for deciding not to participate in the school’s annual chocolate sale. The bullies are relentless and bully Jerry physically, psychologically and verbally to get him to do their bidding and sell

  • Individuality In The Chocolate War

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    named The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier the main character Jerry has to deal with reality that it 's not so easy to go against the grain. The novel does an excellent job highlighting how his individuality affects his social, personal life, and the power of societal pressures and bullying are leveraged against Jerry. The first thing The Chocolate War highlights are the effects individuality has on the protagonist Jerry Renault throughout the story. After Jerry decides to not sell chocolates there

  • Fear In The Chocolate War

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    people that use fear to control others. It is important to be aware of because parents, teachers, and coaches may do it to teach right from wrong. However, a bully will do it maliciously. Fear is used to control the characters in the book The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. Cormier uses a teacher and a group leader to show how fear is used to control other people.

  • Robert Cormier The Chocolate War

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    Robert Cormier not only shows the battle of power and evil, but also how the 1970s and 1980s impacted his life the most in The Chocolate War. Understanding a little about Robert Cormier will help understand how he came to be as a writer and how it influenced his novel. Cormier

  • Character Analysis: The Chocolate War

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    nature is two things; greedy and cruel” In the novel The Chocolate war, one of the antagonists named Archie Costello has quoted this statement. This quote was referred to characters in the book, but it can also be talking about people in the real life. Because of what goes on in the modern day, greedy and cruel are just some words to describe the natural behavior of human beings. First off, in The Chocolate War, the whole purpose of the chocolate fundraiser was to raise money for the Trinity high school

  • The Chocolate War Power Analysis

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    Abuse Of Power People abuse the power that they happen to have all the time no matter if it 's a little thing or a big thing it happens all the time. In the book The Chocolate War the Head person in charge at Trinity High school is a good example of how power is abused. Brother Leon 's abuses his power my hitting a student, watching another student get beat up by another student. The first example was when Brother leon called up Bailey to stand in the front of the classroom to question Bailey

  • Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War

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    Robert Cormier wrote The Chocolate War, inspired by his son who refused to sell chocolates in a school sale. The book was published in 1974 and garnered critical acclaim and notoriety. It was so reputable that a film adaptation of the novel followed in 1988. Although the movie was not as renowned as its literary counterpart, the two were destined for comparison as the author’s message was lost in the film adaptation of the novel. The book was more believable than its film adaptation because the movie’s

  • The Chocolate War Character Analysis

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    can see. One would be a mental change, which includes a different outlook on life and how a person thinks of himself. Another example of change would be a physical change such as sitting at a new spot at the lunch table. Throughout the book “the chocolate war” Jerry changed very much. All the changes Jerry went through helped him find who he really was. To really change things people have to go through difficult paths but without the change Jerry had he would still be living the life he did not want

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Chocolate War

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    just because it was considered “inappropriate”? I believe that The Chocolate War should not be banned anywhere and all middle schoolers should be free to read it. I think so because middle schoolers are old enough to read it, it was written to be read by others so it shouldn’t be kept from people, and kids can learn valuable life lessons from it. First of all, middle schoolers are definitely old enough to read The Chocolate War because it is meant for that age, they know not to repeat any of the

  • Jerry Renault In The Chocolate War

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    A person's individuality makes life more fascinating. Jerry Renault, in the novel The Chocolate War, is a high school freshman trying to fit in Holy trinity high school that has an annual chocolate sale that everyone participates in. Jerry decides to not sell the chocolates which allows for him to express his individuality because he is breaking a tradition of every student in Holy Trinity. His decision is influenced by the bullying and abuse of the Vigils and the monotonous routine of his father

  • The Chocolate War Robert Cormier Analysis

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    up. And when people feel their way of things is being tempered with they can get a bit extreme meaning you better prepare for the worst. “The Chocolate War” by Robert Cormier has many examples of that like how Jerry starts being targeted by the Vigils because he chooses to continue to not sell the chocolates after his assignment to not sell the chocolates for a week ended.

  • The Chocolate War Should Not Be Banned Essay

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    just because it was considered “inappropriate”? I believe that The Chocolate War should not be banned anywhere and all middle schoolers should be free to read it. I think so because middle schoolers are old enough to read it, it was written to be read by others so it shouldn’t be kept from people, and kids can learn valuable life lessons from it. First of all, middle schoolers are definitely old enough to read The Chocolate War because it is meant for that age, they know not to repeat any of the

  • Analysis Of Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War

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    The Chocolate War was written by Robert Cormier. Robert publishes The Chocolate War in 1974. When it was published in 1974 this novel Chocolate War, some population felt offended and annoyed that used to form the vocabulary and offended certain social class. Robert Cormier is famous because of this novel The Chocolate War and other novel. Before The Chocolate War, Cormier published a couple of adult novels. The Chocolate War tells the story of Jerry Renault, a freshman at Trinity, an all-boys Catholic

  • Character Analysis Of Jerry Renault In The Chocolate War

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    Jerry Renault is the most memorable character in the Chocolate War. Jerry is a freshman in highschool and is one of the new kids who has to fight for his spot in school. Jerry is a kid that has to fight for his spot on the football team as being the quarterback of the football team. The football players pick on jerry during practice because the coach is testing him to see how much he can handle. Jerry is a shy kid but he has the determination to fight. Jerry doesn 't stick up for himself and gets

  • Milton Hershey's Accomplishments

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    September 13, 1857 in Pennsylvania. Hershey was a confectioner who changed the future of milk chocolate. He created the Hershey Chocolate Company and persisted to make a thriving candy company. Although he illuminated the world with inexpensive, delicious milk chocolate. Hershey had many other accomplishments during his lifetime (“Milton Hershey,” 1999). Milton Hershey created the world-famous Hershey Chocolate Company. Even though it is an international company now, it didn’t start that way. After