The Fame Essays

  • Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Research Paper

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    Gwen Stefani plastic surgery Gwen Stefani is an ever-green celebrity with ever-changing appearances. She is a popular and widely appreciated singer and songwriter. Besides singing, she also earned great fame for being successful actress and fashion designer. Her career was started in the eighties. In her band named “No Doubt”, she was the lead vocalist. Her solo album named “Love Angel Music Baby” was launched in 2004. The album was greatly successful and more than 7 million copies of this album

  • Mariah Carey Research Paper

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    has accumulated copious awards such the Grammy’s, Billboard, World Music Awards and many more. She is considered the second most successful female artist in the history of Billboard. Also in her honor, she was award a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her vocal capabilities have influenced many people around the world including the music industry. Next on my list is Deborah Cox. Ms. Cox is a Canadian-American singer. She began her singing career at the age of 12. She was discovered by President

  • Alfred Hitchcock Rear Window Analysis

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    With Rear Window (1954), Alfred Hitchcock proved himself to be one of the best directors of suspense thrillers filled with mystery and humour. He himself called the film his most cinematic one because it was told only in visual terms (Morrow), but it was also a challenging “editing experiment” as the entire film was shot from one place, Jeff’s apartment that overlooked his backyard. The Film follows L.B. Jeffries “Jeff” (James Stewart), a photographer confined to a wheelchair in his apartment after

  • The Consequences Of Ambition In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    could go against nature and create a manmade creature to attain fame. The fact that Victor did not think of the consequences leads him to suffer the aftermath. In the end, nothing was gained out of searching for knowledge as Victor and the monster die from suffering from one another. The suffering initially starts off when Victor becomes ambitious to search for knowledge so that he can create his creature. Victor’s goal to achieve fame is what leads him to search for knowledge. His obsession is not

  • Amy Winehouse Substance Abuse Case Study

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    Life Orientation Task Term 2 Substance abuse Monique Kloppers My task will be on Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore. Amy Winehouse Who was she? Amy Winehouse was a Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter from England. She was famous for her deep singing voice and many genres of singing consisting of rhythm, blues and soul. She was known for her songs ‘Rehab’ and ‘You know I 'm good’. She died on the 23rd of July in 2011 due to a heroin overdose and alcohol poisoning. Impact Substance

  • Song Analysis Of The Song: Unwritten By Natasha Bedingfield

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    The song that I chose was “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. It was released in 2004, and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. It also hit number five on the Billboard Hot 100. Natasha Bedingfield has another popular song “Pocketful of Sunshine” and was really only popular in 2004-2006. You can find her songs on multiple 00’s playlists. I chose this song because I have listened to it since I was a child. I remember hearing it played on the radio frequently

  • I Enjoy A Good Life Analysis

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    2 Enjoy Good Life Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth. – Martin H. Fischer (1920 – ) a Swiss-American biochemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1992 for describing how reversible phosphorylation works as a switch to activate proteins and regulate various cellular processes. The show begins – there you are, in the front row, at the center – the most memorable moment on Earth. But you are not intelligent enough or swift enough to enjoy the full view of the show. Life is

  • Lady Gaga Research Papers

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    You do not have to be pop-cultured or familiarized with todays mainstream media to know the song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. The song was an instant hit amongst millions when it debuted in 2011 and presently the song is considered to be an anthem to countless LGBTQ community members worldwide. If you are not familiar with Lady Gaga’s music, you may recognize her for her remarkable fashion sense. The international pop star is well known for her unparalleled fashion, who could forget the time she

  • Celebrities And Fame

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    a professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University wrote “Supernovas: The Dialectic Of Celebrity In Society” Goodman discusses how being a celebrity is easily achieved by accessing the social media. The term fame completely differs years ago and now. Comparing fame years ago than today, fame lost its definition and sense. In addition, “Media Burn: What’s in a Name?” by Tom Weinberg, an adjunct professor at Columbia College, In his article, Weinberg discusses the celebrities fake their personality

  • Character Analysis: The Whale Rider

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    Who said that life was easy? Sometimes, -almost all times- life pushes us to the limit and presents itself with many challenges. But what do we do when we are faced with a new challenge? Some people might take challenges as if they were just burdens in life -behaving negatively about them- while others tend to consider these experiences as if they were the way of pushing themselves to the limit. They probably seek to transcend themselves and become better persons. In order to do this, people seem

  • Film Authorship Theories

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    Q1: MacCabe and Caldwell both analyze film authorship as a collective process ad a collaborative effort, but this does not mean that their ideas are interchangeable. Compare and contrast one key difference and one point of significant overlap between MacCabe and Caldwell’s theories. Film authorship is a fascinating topic for discussion because it had an enormous influence on the development of the industry. MacCabe and Caldwell propose similar film authorship theories that highlight the importance

  • Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill

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    Alanis Morissette is a well known name in the musical industry. She has brought a passion for self expression into every song that she produces. Her musical career began in Canada in the early 90s and with a two-album recording contract with MCA Records; she released two successful dance pop albums Alanis and Now Is the Time. After producing these two albums she wanted to take her career to the next level but that was not the direction of the recording company. So they parted ways, and Morissette

  • Fame In Boethius The Consolation Of Philosophy

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    Boethius examines different factors that prompt people to desire fame throughout The Consolation of Philosophy. The passage selected focuses on fame, which is aimed towards providing a realistic view of the disadvantages of celebrity. Although the common fear of human insignificance can drive people to chase after fame and focus on the finite, greater happiness will be found in this life and the next when they transcend what is worldly and look to everlasting life. Preceding the passage, Boethius

  • Impersonation: A Phenomenology Of Fame

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    impersonation as a step to fame/popularity, impersonation as a career, impersonation as a talent, impersonation as a form of comedy acts, and impersonation as a tribute to a celebrity. Impersonation as a step to fame/popularity, it all begins in the idea of celebrity and fame. As to the informants, impersonation is possible because of celebrities we admire. This can be reflected from the study of Donna Rockwell and David C. Giles (2009) entitled “Being a Celebrity: A Phenomenology of Fame.” They concluded

  • Hall Of Fame Monologue

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    "Hall Of Fame" by The Script (feat. Will.I.Am) and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck share the same motif of dreaming. “Hall of Fame” by the Script is a song that tells about how to never give up, always chasing your dreams and dedicating yourself to get there. “Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself standing in the hall of fame” (The Script). The Script is stating that if you dedicate yourself and chase your dreams, you will achieve them and find yourself where you want to be (hall of fame). This

  • Fame And Ambition In The Iliad And Beowulf

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    How the themes of Fame and Ambition appear in The Iliad and Beowulf Do heroes and warriors truly crave the attention they gain, for showing acts of bravery and heroism? In The Iliad and Beowulf, there are several moments we see how elated the warriors get from fighting and winning battles. Both Beowulf and Achilles describes how powerful they are. From slaying many in the Trojan War, or by defeating sea monsters and dragons, we can tell both men are the greatest warriors of all time. While similar

  • Argumentative Essay: The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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    The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a very special place that visitors love to adore. When a celebrity passes away, they place flowers at the star. If there is an accident, fans come to pray together at the Hollywood star. When controversy strikes there is a situation on Hollywood Boulevard near the star. However, Wednesday was the first time in a long time where a star was so mutilated that charges will be pressed. A man took some sort of tool and allegedly decided to dig up Donald Trump's star for legal

  • Hall Of Fame Actor Essay

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    10 Best Dressed Hall of Fame Actors We appreciate the movies we are watching because of the story. However, we appreciate it more because of the persons who are playing the characters. However, it was not easy to be called as good, better or best actor especially when it comes to Hall of Fame. Actors need to put more a lot of effort for them to be known not just only in U.S. but also internationally. Actors who are one of the Hall of Fame had dressed up nicely in front of the cameras, reporters,

  • Wall Of Fame Sequence Analysis

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    In the sequence, the wall of fame plays a major element of the narrative. There are two ways in which the narrative in the sequence tells the audience its importance for future references in the movie. First, compared to the rest of the film, the usual narrator, the camera, does not drip off. Second, the fact that Buggin’ Out notices only in this sequence that the wall of fame does not have black people in it makes the sequence stand out. Then, as a whole, the sequence has on its own a very basic

  • Fame In Rena Korb's The Awakening

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    Fame and fortune is not attained in an instance for most people. Even great work doesn’t receive attention immediately. Kate Chopin’s rise to fame came from “The Awakening.” It wasn’t until several years after Chopin’s story, “Désirée's Baby,” received the praise it deserved. Rena Korb’s essay clearly and eloquently gives its audience a brief background on Kate Chopin as well as a detailed analysis of the story’s plot and its characters. Near the end of her essay, Korb shares her personal ideas and